Mittens' Survivor: Albania

Located in southern Europe, Albania is an ancient land that boasts magnificent mountains, serene beaches and a diverse culture dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Steadily beginning to recover from its war-ridden past, Albania is rapidly developing due its rich natural resources and growing economy. Sixteen people from around the world will be marooned on the Albanian coast, forced to build a new society. It is the ultimate challenge, a group of strangers forced to work together while battling the elements and each other. They will have to learn to adapt or they will be voted out of the tribe. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. 39 Days, 16 People, One Survivor!

2 are left, who will be the Sole Survivor?

Shqiponja (Light Gold buffs):

16th: Rodney/RodneyRules1219 [Elbasan] 1st Voted Out (5-3)
15th: David/Davidftw123 [Lezhë] 2nd Voted Out (6-1-1)
14th: Jax/JacksonWalsh [Lezhë] 3rd Voted Out (4-3)
13th: Elizabeth/TDBigBrotherLover112 [Lezhë] 4th Voted Out (3-2-1)
12th: Noah/Noahh [Lezhë] 5th Voted Out (5-0)
11th: Jamie/MarthaSpeaks [Elbasan] 6th Voted Out (4-1-1-1)
10th: Nick/survivingreality [Elbasan] [Shqiponja] 7th Voted Out (7-3)
9th: Katherine/JosephinaAlexis [Lezhë] [Shqiponja] 8th Voted Out, 1st Jury Member (5-3-1)
8th: Jenn/jdd94 [Elbasan] [Shqiponja] 9th Voted Out, 2nd Jury Member (5-3)
7th: Dana/TotsTrashy [Lezhë] [Shqiponja] 10th Voted Out, 3rd Jury Member (4-3)
6th: Seb/Sebby [Lezhë] [Shqiponja] 11th Voted Out, 4th Jury Member (4-1-1)
5th: Morgan/MrPokeguy9 [Elbasan] [Shqiponja] 12th Voted Out, 5th Jury Member (3-2)
4th: Roger/RogelioWii [Lezhë] [Shqiponja] 13th Voted Out, 6th Jury Member (2-1-1)
3rd: Dustin/survivor525 [Elbasan] [Shqiponja] 14th Voted Out, 7th Jury Member (Jacob's vote)
-Final 2-


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