Predator (S2)

Day 0-8 soldiers go into the amazon after reports of missing civilians there as a theory of ransom but their helicopter crashes,killing the pilot,the 8 are trapped and lost in the jungle it looks like everyone has a gun that works and must figure a way out of the jungle,but they are not alone......

Each day,you have the option of moving around rooms and tunnels in search of a way out of the jungle,the "Home Base" is where you will start,the map will be large and will take awhile to get from one side to the other.Work together,chat and BE CAREFUL and try to be 100% active

SEASON 1-Alien

Ashleigh (Miika)
Luke (Luke_100
Nate (FreeOwn)
Nick (nnewman3
Nick N (Thegreendragon193)
Rennac (Rennac)
Summer (SummerDreams)
Val (Vanille101)

Ashleigh (Alien sacrifice and inactvity)
Luke (Was given a 'headbite' and skull smashed and inactivity)
Summer (The alien's sharp tail impaled her neck and inact 2nd half of the game)

Val (Found secret room first)
Nick N (Nick and Val boosted him out of the caves)
Nick (Nick N and Val boosted him out of the caves)
Rennac (Used rope to climb out which he found)
Nate (Used rope Rennac found to climb out)

SEASON 2-Predator

Trantula (Beer)
Amanda (domarco13)
Me (me2013)
Sam (nnewman3)
Ephraim (Rennac)
Lily (Vanille101)
Hony (Loopycoco1)
Nathan (FreeOwn)

Sam (Went into area the predator was in and head blown off by plasma cannon)
Amanda (Sliced almost in half with the predators maul)
Nathan (Predator shot at all moving things with the plasma cannon,including Nathan's forehead,killing him)
Lily (Trapped by net and stabbed in chest with combi-stick)

WARNING:Your goal is to get out alive,you must work together and careful if you split up,the Predator WILL hunt you down so look around each room/tunnel.Try and get as many survivors as you can,the more you work together,the better the chance of you making All-Stars.

Future plans-
S1-Alien (Finished)
S2-Predator (In process)
S3/S4/S5-All-stars (The survivors or the best 8 will compete)
S3/S4-Alien 2 (Idea for future)
S4/S5-Predator 2 (Idea for future)
S6-AVP resurrection (A 2nd chance twist for killed players)
S7-Friday the 13th (A spin-off from the AVP franchise)
S8-Nightmare on elm street (Continuing from spin-off)
S9-Freddy vs Jason (Survivors vs Newbies style)
S10-Scream (A whodunnit horror game based on AVP and FvJ)

Featured Players 8 playing










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