Shadow Stories

*Not finished*

This is called Shadow Stories,every season a new group of people will encounter a different fear/problem for the group.But what they don't realise is that among them is a cold-blooded killer.

A group of teens go into the thick woods to celebrate a birthday.Something strange happens,and when the group notice some of there own are missing.Its a fight for survival as the killer hunts them,but who should you trust? Could the person running with you be the killer?


Andrew Hutham 19 (Spinfur)
Alex Smith 21 (MaggieWong)
Zach Black 17 (Tuter32)
Melanie Landa 23 (Glinda)
Klaus Mott 24 (Imprincearthur)
Noah Hartman 21 (Loopycoco1)
Nick Newman 21 (Nnewman3)
Amber Remirez 21 (PoisonIvy22) (MAY BE DEAD)
Janet Krime 16 (Jkjkjk15)
Tyler Kelly 17 (Tylerk5)
Daniel Monroe 22 (texty)
Zyler Ashford 20 (MJFJUNE)
Luna Mystique 18 (xXHeroX)
Ryan Angeles 15 (Prada)

Supporting cast-

Mac Anderson 19 (Macda27)
Kate Anderson 16 (Macda27)
Sam Thompson 16 (Macda27) (BROKEN ANKLES)
Blair Field 20 (Macda27) (MISSING)
Lily Watermelon 17 (Macda27) (MISSING)


Kelly O'Neil 17 (Macda27) Shot and fell into the creek
Bob Watermelon 17 (Macda27) Pushed by the killer into the freezing cold water and died


Episode 1-Party in the Woods (In process)

Everyone gets a text to meet at the highway,and Bob leads the group into the woods,they party for a while until "accidents" start to happen....

Featured Players 15 playing

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Shadow Stories Forest Episode 1 "Party in the..
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B4 the premiere...
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Shadow Stories Forest apps
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Shadow Stories

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