Devin's Group games lawl

season 1 - stars - PrinceBacon
season 2 - PartnerShip - no one yet because you all suck.

Partner ship rules
1. 15 people enter and must find a partner. in order to select your partner, you must mail me your partner. if two people send me each other, they are partners
2. everyone without a partner is deemed partnerless and is up for elimination. if there is 3 or more there will be a poll. if there is only one person without a partner they will be auto out
3. the teams do a challenge. last place team is on the block and the group will vote one of them out of the game. (partnerless people are immune)
4. repeat by choosing a new partner.

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wow so much hate
2 postsCreated by devinwithparasites on 1147 days ago
My designs har har
3 postsCreated by devinwithparasites on 1347 days 7 hours ago
1 postCreated by splozojames50 on 1538 days 6 hours ago
Last post by splozojames50
1538 days 6 hours ago
Free Veto
2 postsCreated by devinwithparasites on 1560 days 2 hours ago
Last post by Dusty12910
1558 days 4 hours ago
and the first evicted is tegan
3 postsCreated by devinwithparasites on 1623 days ago
Last post by TeganH
1622 days 8 hours ago

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  1. me getting nommedACTIVE1085 days 2 hours ago
  2. Who Shall Win?????1477 days 9 hours ago
  3. Evict for 4th!1478 days ago
  4. Evict for 5th!1478 days 3 hours ago
  5. Evict for 6th!1478 days 13 hours ago

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