Leli's Survivor Series

Welcome to my Survivor series, called “Leli’s Survivor series”

Winners of the series:
Survivor: Tasmania - Won by Ash (Remajakl)
Survivor: Mauritania - Won by Jake (TheGreatJake)
Survivor: Venezuela - Won by Hestia (Hestia)
Survivor: Maluku Islands - Won by JoJo (Andie3Palmer)
Survivor: Bali - All Stars - Won by James (jamesatsonga)
Survivor: Cameroon - Won by Dono (donosaurus_rex)
Survivor: The Caribbean - Won by Jayshawna (BBlover96)
Survivor: Azores - Won by Christian (HipposUnite)
Survivor: Vietnam - Won by Dexter (thedarkpassanger)
Survivor: Peru - Friends vs. Enemies - Won by Dono (donosaurus_rex)
Survivor: Patagonia - Won by Dave (dfalc7)
Survivor: Comoro Islands - Won by Ethan (Ethan000)
Survivor: Uganda - Second Chances - Won by Mearl (Mearl)
Survivor: Kiribati - Won by Jimbo (sahmosean)
Survivor: Zanzibar - Won by JB (_JB_)
Survivor: Socotra - Trial of Trust - Won by Shadi (Chastain)
Survivor: Grenada - Won by Andrew (turney1805)
Survivor: Congo - Won by Stoner (Gaiaphage)
Survivor: Siberia - Won by Morgan (Snake)
Survivor: Saint Croix - Heroes vs. Villains - Won by Natalie (OhNatalie)
Survivor: Uzbekistan - Won by Mel (me2013)
Survivor: Ardennes - Won by Lindsey (Emotion)
Survivor: Kyushu - Unfinished Business - Won by Rhys (AndThenThereWasOne)



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Never forget
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Never forget
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never forget
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Leli left the second he got the perfect winner
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Live reading of the votes + Reunion
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