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Hello, my name is Streak of 13 ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT



"The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference, and if you hate me, it means that you still care, and we are still connected, and I still have a chance."

Ongoing Movie List w/ Descriptions:
First 45 movies finalized August 2015 with The Killing Game.
Second movie list, 1 movie so far.

Lets have a garden party!
Lettuce Turnip the Beet!

Girl you should sell hot dogs
Aug 30, 2014 by labobble
Because you already know how to make a wiener stand

Im like pizza
Aug 30, 2014 by labobble
If I dont cum in 30 minutes the next one is free

"I wanna just say thanks cause your hate is what gave me the strength"


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Oh yeah, and the most important people to me...

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Best Skype game I ever played:

A_La_FacThe only wet noodles hitting me are the wet noodles that are penetrating my asshole.

ShayyBayy was shot dead by Aquamarine

That time I whooped Alexclow345 in Pokemon:
The time Chansey slayed the faves in Showdown:
The time I #rekt AshleaEvans:
The time with a twist at the end against #LuigiTheDude

To the person reading this:
What are you like now?
Did you become who you wanted to be?
For starters, what was the person you wanted to become even like?
I don't know, but it would be wonderful if you could boast that you're living each day to its fullest.

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