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Hello, my name is Arris

delete2544 < 3

♛JasonXtreme is my brother from another mother♛

Probably will care more about his hair than his future children
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau

[03:52:12] Jeffrey | bowkane: he knows PEDANTIC
[03:52:14] Jeffrey | bowkane: but not subpar
[03:52:19] worthless trash nick//eeyore: LMFAO PEDANTIC
[03:52:37] Arek: I'm not alpha & omega, all right :(
[03:52:43] Jeffrey | bowkane: you are to me!
[03:52:44] worthless trash nick//eeyore: ugh I love arek

*Stars 335*
15th 54.9% (to Tayloror)
*Stars 344*
12th 49.3% (over CutieAmy)
8th 56.4% (to AustinRules6969)
*Stars 366*
15th 43.2% (over ItsAustin)
10th 48% (over FlamingJojo)
5th 47% (over bigbrotherlover7)
FINALS with Aristotle & Shabootyquiqui3
1st place with 35.7%
*Stars 386*
13th 51.2% (to saraj10)

useamint - FIRST OFF, before actually getting to know you I thought you were a pretty cool guy just cause you were mutual friends to the people I was friends with such as Liv, Lewis and Calvin etc. Secondly, I was a little jealous cause you were getting really close to them while I was distancing myself because again I'm a socially awkward person and ppl like to think I'm mute etc. Thirdly, after getting to know you, you are honestly one of my favourite people on this website just for the sheer fact, that you embody someone who is nice, sociable and fuck I can't think of another adjective. Fourthly, we got a lot closer after I joined #TheFam / Affinity.

What else can I type hmm. Our binb days were so fucking dope. Holy fuck I remember joking with you about all you did when you were young is just stare at the TV and watch MTV cause your a fucking cuck who knew all the songs to BINB <3. Those were the good summer days. Hmm what else could I type about, lemme see a huge thank you for getting me to ally with Vlad in Stars cause I defiantly wouldn't have allied with him from the start because I'm socially deprived. I don't know if he split nommed me for 8th or not but I don't really care and I realize it was YOU who got me 8th place in stars cause w/o you god forbid I would have been up for like 14th or some shit. I really appreciate you saving me in stars even though I'm an irrelevant fuck <3. I'm glad we got a little bit closer during my time in stars but the odds of me signing into skype again is like 1 / 50

Lamia - arris a sexy bitch who never sends nudes

CutieAmy - I am so grateful for bumping into you that day in that skype chat. I never thought I would ever make a close friend again. Then I met you. You changed everything for me. You quite literally make me happy. You make this place worth logging into. You are the reason this site has a meaning. Thank you for that.

skyler1822 - ' Arris, I swear you are like the king of selfies on here rofl. I hope you know that I think you're a nice guy who is upfront and well-rounded so keep doing you. I think you're lovely'

eliseorse - Arris - 'What a cutie, seriously my first thought of you when I first saw you. Your blogs are really funny sometimes, and we've snapped back and forth a good amount of times. You seem like such a sweetheart and dollface, we definitely should talk more often or something :D'

virgie88 - 'Arris I absolutely no doubt love you as a person inside & out. I LOVE talking to u, because u know how to put a smile on my face. You already know your HOT as FUCK & I would snatch you up in a heartbeat< 3
Favorite song: Hold you down by Dj Khaled'

Acyuta - 'Arris - You are one of my favorite ppl on this site for sure! I love talking about movies with you.. our likes and dislikes are quite similar and whenever I watch a good movie/trailer, I message you :D My favorite movie critic :P'

pureessence - arek! you are a sweetheart :) i always enjoy going on binb and with you, you have a really interesting taste in music and i find myself bopping to whatever you play! you're a really nice guy with a big heart and anyone would be lucky enough to call you their friend :)

YasGaga - 'Arris youre mega cute and youre like an icon but ive never actually spoken to you so idk :(( '

JasonXtreme - AREK! One of the BEST guys on the site right here! Yo we actually go way back all the way to when I first joined Affinity! I'll never forget those chats we used to have every night with Carla Michael and u! Those were great times and I'll never forget those times! Also honestly I feel like we grew up together as users on TG we both eventually reached where we are together and at a good pace like my mess of an avi and ur White haired avi haha! But ya ever since we've had SO many great memories like honestly ur probably the guy I trust the most on TG and I can always talk to no matter what! Thanks for being such a good guy, always being there for me! Our friendship is truly something I value and enjoy havin bro! Also we need that sparring sometime!

semajdude - 'arek, i'm glad we were able to become close in stars and eventho I backstabbed you I have learned my mistake and apologized. Everyday talking to you is a blast, and I love trying to kick ur ass in binb which we all know i cant do because ur amazing. I only joke around with you because I am lucky enough to call you a close friend, and I dont know what this side hoe would do without his god.'

Kidcool404 'Arris! I love your chats :D It was fun playing in this casting with you. I’ve gotten to know a frat mate a little bit better, that’s never a bad thing :D. You’re a great and loyal ally and I see you taking this one all the way :P You have soooo many keys and great scores, plus more than likely loads of checks ;P I wish you the best of luck! :D'

Oliviaxoxox - 'lol I remember meeting you in that casting with #lewisc #magge555550101 and #rebelman2227 and that was one of the funnest castings I played! I think it was like you’re first casting and I remember we all thought you were a multi because of your comp scores!! Im so glad we kept talking after that game because I think youre an awesome person to be around! You made me laugh in this charity when I asked you to use pov on someone and you said ‘no sorry they don’t deserve it they haven’t talked much’ and I was just like ‘oh ok’!!:p you sassy butt! But I love you for it! You always have your friends’ backs and you are such a loveable person! Im so glad we’re really great friends because you make me laugh and smile lots! Loveyoussss! ♥'

koolnes234 - I need someone to help me
not hinder
if I have an upcoming backstreet boys look alike competition I will call you

jenzie - AREK! probably one of the nicest people i ever encountered on here! always standing up for whats right and you've been nothing but loyal to me :) ur swag is out of this planet btw

Woeisme - Arris- My arch nemesis ;) hahaha. I love games with you, because your snarkniess and sarcasm always adds a bit more fun to the game!! I also like how you say what's on your mind, regardless of who it is you say it too. You're also one of the original members of affinity (If I'm remembering correctly???) and have been with it throughout everything. I admire that loyalty!! Also dude, you've seen like every movie ever made haha. I love movies and have seen a lot of them, so I'm kind of jealous that you got me beat there. All in all, you're a pretty neat guy, arris! I am however disappointed that you didn't throw your infamous wink in the comment ;)
woeisme 3 hours 33 min ago
king arris is unbeatable. look at his track record. all who have attempted to be him have failed! Listen, I used to live in a world where I thought I could beat arris too! Eventually I got real with myself and realized that I couldn't beat THE UNBEATABLE

tito: - Arris ♥ Hiii! I don't know your real name I really wanna say it's Arek but i'm not too sure.. but I think it's super awesome how your avitar matches your profile picture lol :) i always found you to be crazy attractive to be a tengageder (because most are like fugly) and i would lalalalaloovveee to get to know more about you and start a better relationship because i feel like we would be the BEST of friends!!! :D anywho, stay cool my dude

the moral of the story is that im bored and I snapped you (smirk)
[01:10:46] you look like this guy I saw on omegle yesterday :O
[01:11:05] Arek C: guess I just have one of those faces :$
[01:11:49] : the face of a model (inlove)
[01:11:59] Arek C: :$
[01:12:04] Arek C: okay im blushing in irl
[01:12:29] : LOL don't flatter yourself too much (kiss)

Latisha0987 - You always reply to me and making me feel something You're so ARRISistible. :)))))

iYBF - AREK! I absolutely adore you & while sometimes I used to wish you were gay (I KNOW), I'm glad that we can be friends even though you bully me on a daily basis.

Rizzo - I love it when you blog because it can be super relatable and I really like people who can do that, especially on a site like this where some of these blogs can be absolutely disgusting.

Haileyyy - Arris - It took me such a long time to read your profile because you have so many great friends writing awesome paragraphs for you! Maybe I'll make it onto that hall of fame some day! (Lmfao) and it's true your blog pic actually looks a lot like your avatar LOL! Anyways, you seem like an amazing person and I would love to get to know you more, so message me sometime!! Take care! :)

Eli - I think you're really nice and cool! i love playing binb or plug dj with you and having you in my chat :P

Ali: You sound like a slut.
Me: What you mean I sound like a slut? LMFAO
Ali: You sound like someone who has sex a lot.

[00:23:22] A-: Have you ever considered being an escort?
[00:26:47] Arek: Lmaooo no
[00:26:51] Arek: why do u ask me that
[00:26:52] Arek: (rotfl)
[00:28:30] A-: You got the image of any milf's fantasy
[00:29:42] Arek: lmaaao what is that image elaborate
[00:31:39 | Edited 00:31:44] A-: You look like a puppy they can squeeze under the sheets

haha loved those:

Spicoli - Arris you got that pretty boy lad swag

[09:07:02] Gweneegh: Ark i want to lick ur ballsack
[09:07:08] Arek: hawt
[09:08:21] Arek: this f3 is taking ages
[09:08:57] Gweneegh: i’ll jerk u off to make time pass

WannaBeeFriends - Oh Lawd, lmfao! Our relationship is so funny. You're so sweet and you've played 2 seasons of my Ultimate Stars. [flopped on the 2nd one but heyy] Lmfao. You're just too nice and c u t e!

Just thought this one was funny:
Paul41 - #Arris - I spoke to you on snapchat once, you seem cool :) Don't like that your avatar matches you inrl :P

from Carlo_Costly pyn
'lol man i really like that you look exactly like ur avi'

"Arris i kinda know u a little but ur a nice guy and i love ur avi how its almost like the real u most times lol"

some hateful comments to spice it up

Mastropola - 'Arris - 4. I think you play stupid and that's not really a good look. Imo you use your looks as a way to become superior which is kind of extra and unnecessary, but I might be wrong because we've never spoken.'

CeliaJones - 'Who the fuck are you to rank "dateability"? What makes you think we all want to date you in the first place? On the plus side, you may have the solution to the world's overpopulation problem. Because pretty soon your ego will be big enough for half the world to live on.'

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