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Hello, my name is JΣNZ †

Kanye attitude with Drake feelings ✌


✔20 merges #TribeOneArmed

[6:38:39 PM] Cesco: Jenz is the best in general
[6:38:44 PM] Cesco: idk what id do without her

[11:35:53 PM] badgalcandy: Jenz is up until 3 AM crying to old Drake songs
[11:36:09 PM] Bry: We've all been there

[12:09:00 AM] Karim: wats ur fav candle scent
[12:09:27 AM] badgalcandy: She just ordered one called "Drizzy's Boxers" heard it smells rlly good

well bitch if you could go 5 minutes without taking a selfie maybe it wouldn't be that way.
Sent by Picnic_Bunny,Jan 29, 2016

[8:27:14 PM] tofutime: halfway through my second bottle of wine huns
[8:27:23 PM] jenz: r u drunk
[8:27:30 PM] tofutime: yah
[8:27:44 PM] jenz: wud u makeout with me then tofu
[8:28:00 PM] tofutime: yes when im sober too

[10:50:07 PM] tofutime: i can never remember which side of a cigarette ur supposed to smoke

[12:24:24 PM] Nic|Rawr25 ♥♥♥ Mikey_Elite: omg we have gotten so close recently its so cute
[12:24:36 PM] Nic|Rawr25 ♥♥♥ Mikey_Elite: now i realize how gross u actually r <3


When you're actually prettier than Kylie Jenner #JenzieProblems
Sent by ElectraViv,Mar 14, 2016

[10:15:21 PM] Viv: That's an inside Millz joke
[10:15:37 PM] Viv: When you start sleeping on the inside of the mansion instead of our front lawn you'll find out

[9:22:45 AM] jenz: NIC I MERGED AGAIN
[10:34:25 AM] Mikey Elite ♥♥♥ Rawr25: Bitch you always fucking merge. You're not fooling anyone when you pretend to be nervous

We teach our queen jenzie and she will visite our beautiful beaches and eat paella. You don't.
Sent by sandym89,Jul 30, 2016

[10:09:36 PM] Claud: Jenz and I are synchronized farters

wash your mouth for talking about jenzie
Sent by Almonds,Aug 6, 2016

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