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Hello, my name is JΣNZ †

Kanye attitude with Drake feelings


[6:38:39 PM] Cesco: Jenz is the best in general
[6:38:44 PM] Cesco: idk what id do without her

[11:35:53 PM] badgalcandy: Jenz is up until 3 AM crying to old Drake songs
[11:36:09 PM] Bry: We've all been there

[12:09:00 AM] Karim: wats ur fav candle scent
[12:09:27 AM] badgalcandy: She just ordered one called "Drizzy's Boxers" heard it smells rlly good

well bitch if you could go 5 minutes without taking a selfie maybe it wouldn't be that way.
Sent by Picnic_Bunny,Jan 29, 2016

[8:27:14 PM] tofutime: halfway through my second bottle of wine huns
[8:27:23 PM] jenz: r u drunk
[8:27:30 PM] tofutime: yah
[8:27:44 PM] jenz: wud u makeout with me then tofu
[8:28:00 PM] tofutime: yes when im sober too

[10:50:07 PM] tofutime: i can never remember which side of a cigarette ur supposed to smoke

[12:24:24 PM] Nic|Rawr25 ♥♥♥ Mikey_Elite: omg we have gotten so close recently its so cute
[12:24:36 PM] Nic|Rawr25 ♥♥♥ Mikey_Elite: now i realize how gross u actually r <3


When you're actually prettier than Kylie Jenner #JenzieProblems
Sent by ElectraViv,Mar 14, 2016

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