Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is jenz ✯

That's right ho, everyone saw you scheming.
You do not fucking fool me, I know what you are all about bitch.
Because I do the exact same shit all the time, BAY BAY!

JENZ40BENZ40 ❤❤❤


[11:56:47 AM] Cesciie: jenz
[11:56:52 AM] Cesciie: ur my angel (hug)

[6:18:27 PM] Cesco: guys
[6:18:31 PM] Cesco: jenz is off
[6:18:32 PM] Cesco: i wanna cry
[6:18:50 PM] Cesco: toffy be my jenz when shes off

[12:57:09 PM] Cesciie: First of all
[12:57:17 PM] Cesciie: You are 100x better than anyone

[6:38:39 PM] Cesco: Jenz is the best in general
[6:38:44 PM] Cesco: idk what id do without her

[5:25:51 PM] Cesco: shes not worth ur time
[5:25:54 PM] Cesco: look at u
[5:25:56 PM] Cesco: then look at her

[8:58:38 PM] Cesco: Jenna,
[8:58:57 PM] Cesco: I think you're beautiful and funny

[12:32:46 AM] tofutime: idk what i would do without you

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