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12/25/11 - Forever

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Amount left from original tribes
Cerulean: 6
Saffron: 2
Lavender: 4
Vermillion: 5
Pewter: 4

Indigo Tribe:
Jynx (Cerulean, Viridian, Indigo) Immunity wins 1
Growlithe (Saffron, Viridian, Indigo)
Vileplume (Lavender, Viridian, Indigo)
Lapras (Pewter, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Dragonite (Vermillion, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Nidoqueen (Lavender, Cinnabar, Indigo) Immunity wins 1
Alakazam (Pewter, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Pikachu (Lavender, Celadon, Indigo)
Paras (Saffron, Celadon, Indigo) Reward wins 1
Charizard (Cerulean, Celadon, Indigo)
Gengar (Cerulean, Celadon, Indigo)
Omanyte (Vermillion, Celadon, Indigo) Reward wins 1
Ninetales (Lavender, Fuschia, Indigo)
Jigglypuff (Cerulean, Fuschia, Indigo) Reward wins 1
Marowak (Vermillion, Fuschia, Indigo)
Beedrill (Vermillion, Fuschia, Indigo)
Horsea (Pewter, Fuschia, Indigo) Immunity wins 2

151st: Fearow (Cerulean)
150th: Muk (Pewter)
149th: Seaking (Saffron)
148th: Magnemite (Vermillion)
147th: Weezing (Pewter)
146th: Caterpie (Cerulean)
145th: Golbat (Lavender)
144th: Parasect (Vermillion, Purple rocks)
143rd: Wigglytuff (Vermillion)
142nd: Slowbro (Pewter)
141st: Grimer (Cerulean)
140th: Magikarp (Lavender)
139th: Weedle (Lavender)
138th: Wartortle (Pewter)
137th/136th: Sandslash (Saffron)
137th/136th: Charmeleon (Vermillion)
135th: Doduo (Saffron)
134th: Tentacruel (Pewter)
133rd: Lickitung (Vermillion)
132nd: Ditto (Cerulean)
131st: Spearow (Saffron)
130th: Krabby (Lavender)
129th: Dugtrio (Vermillion)
128th: Dodrio (Pewter)
127th: Nidoran (F) (Pewter)
126th: Nidoran (M) (Saffron)
125th: Kabutops (Vermillion)
124th: Hypno (Cerulean)
123rd: Pinsir (Cerulean)
122nd: Sandshrew (Pewter)
121st: Hitmonchan (Vermillion)
120th: Blastoise (Saffron)
119th: Exeggcute (Lavender)
118th: Victreebel (Vermillion)
117th: Pidgeot (Saffron)
116th: Meowth (Pewter)
115th: Drowzee (Lavender)
114th: Tentacool (Vermillion)
113th: Dratini (Cerulean)
112th: Clefairy (Saffron)
111th: Metapod (Pewter)
110th: Koffing (Lavender)
109th: Exeggutor (Vermillion)
108th: Venomoth (Saffron)
107th: Weepinbell (Vermillion)
106th: Abra (Pewter)
105th: Raticate (Cerulean)
104th: Ivysaur (Saffron)
103rd: Arcanine (Pewter)
102nd: Haunter (Saffron)
101st: Graveler (Cerulean)
100th: Scyther (Vermillion)
99th: Seel (Vermillion, Viridian)
98th: Slowpoke (Lavender, Celadon)
97th: Golem (Cerulean, Cinnabar)
96th: Zubat (Lavender, Cinnabar)
95th: Psyduck (Lavender, Fuschia)
94th: Gloom (Vermillion, Fuschia)
93rd: Shellder (Pewter, Celadon)
92nd: Clefable (Pewter, Celadon)
91st: Persian (Pewter, Cinnabar)
90th: Rhydon (Vermillion, Celadon)
89th: Kingler (Saffron, Celadon)
88th: Magmar (Cerulean, Viridian)
87th: Machamp (Vermillion, Viridian)
86th/85th: Pidgeotto (Cerulean, Cinnabar)
86th/85th: Tangela (Saffron, Cinnabar)
84th: Aerodactyl (Pewter, Celadon) MEDICAL EVACUATION
83rd: Rattata (Cerulean, Celadon)
82nd: Porygon (Saffron, Fuschia)
81st: Nidorino (Saffron, Viridian)
80th: Oddish (Cerulean, Viridian)
79th: Arbok (Vermillion, Celadon)
78th: Tauros (Lavender, Fuschia)
77th: Electrode (Pewter, Fuschia)
76th: Gastly (Cerulean, Viridian)
75th: Electabuzz (Vermillion, Cinnabar)
74th: Vulpix (Lavender, Viridian)
73rd: Omastar (Pewter, Fuschia)
72nd: Farfetch'd (Pewter, Cinnabar)
71st: Nidorina (Saffron, Cinnabar)
70th: Kakuna (Vermillion, Cinnabar)
69th: Voltorb (Cerulean, Fuschia)
68th: Geodude (Vermillion, Celadon)
67th: Dragonair (Pewter, Viridian)
66th: Machoke (Lavender, Cinnabar)
65th: Venonat (Cerulean, Celadon)
64th: Ponyta (Saffron, Viridian)
63rd: Cloyster (Lavender, Viridian)
62nd: Venusaur (Cerulean, Fuschia)
61st: Butterfree (Saffron, Fuschia)
60th: Snorlax (Lavender, Celadon)
59th: Poliwhirl (Cerulean, Fuschia) MEDICAL EVACUATION
58th: Mankey (Lavender, Celadon)
57th: Primeape (Saffron, Cinnabar)
56th: Ekans (Pewter, Cinnabar)
55th: Bulbasaur (Lavender, Celadon)
54th: Staryu (Cerulean, Viridian)
53rd: Bellsprout (Saffron, Viridian)
52nd: Machop (Vermillion, Viridian) QUIT
51st: Pidgey (Pewter, Fuschia)
50th: Poliwag (Pewter, Fuschia)
49th: Goldeen (Saffron, Fuschia)
48th: Charmander (Saffron, Viridian)
47th: Seadra (Lavender, Viridian)
46th: Mewtwo (Vermillion, Viridian)
45th: Flareon (Pewter, Cinnabar)
44th: Magneton (Lavender, Cinnabar)
43rd: Poliwrath (Cerulean, Cinnabar)
42nd: Chansey (Cerulean, Fuschia)
41st: Golduck (Lavender, Fuschia)
40th: Jolteon (Lavende, Celadon)
39th: Eevee (Lavender, Cinnabar)
38th: Rapidash (Saffron, Cinnabar)
37th: Kangaskhan (Saffron, Viridian)
36th: Zapdos (Saffron, Viridian)
35th: Cubone (Vermillion, Viridian)
34th: Moltres (Vermillion, Cinnabar)
33rd: Hitmonlee (Saffron, Celadon)
32nd: Rhyhorn (Vermillion, Celadon)
31st: Onix (Pewter, Fuschia)
30th: Mr. Mime (Saffron, Celadon, Indigo)
29th: Raichu (Vermillion, Celadon, Indigo)
28th: Starmie (Pewter, Fuschia, Indigo)
27th: Nidoking (Cerulean, Cinnabar, Indigo)
26th: Dewgong (Lavender, Celadon, Indigo)
25th: Mew (Lavender, Fuschia, Indigo)
24th: Kadabra (Lavender, Fuschia, Indigo)
23rd: Articuno (Saffron, Cinnabar, Indigo) Immunity wins 1
22nd: Vaporeon (Lavender, Viridian, Indigo)
21st: Gyarados (Pewter, Cinnabar, Indigo) Reward wins 1
20th: Squirtle (Vermillion, Celadon, Indigo)
19th: Kabuto (Cerulean, Viridian, Indigo) QUIT
18th: Diglett (Cerulean, Viridian, Indigo) MEDICALLY EVACUATED


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