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Hello, my name is Nick

"Ohana means family; family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten"

If anyone needs any help at all let me know. Tengaged is a big family and if anyone just wants someone to listen to them, or help with suicide prevention, please feel free to message me.

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  3. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked
  4. Luna and Xenophilius
  5. Fuck the girl scouts
  6. I'm trying to see the dress
  7. How could it possibly
  8. The dress is clearly
  9. Please don't get it confused
  10. ISIS are freaking barbarians
  11. If the bible said to suck God's dick would you do..
  12. I want to do something "bad"
  13. Brantsteele being down is actually
  14. Ignore this: for when brantsteele comes back xx
  15. Can Brantsteele please get fixed
  16. The detour was not fair at all
  17. Oh yeah
  18. If I were Carolyn
  19. He must be bellow average intelligence
  20. I hope So cuts Joaquin's throat right away

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