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Hello, my name is Nick

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  1. We from Texas we can do what we wantvote
  2. This is a real classicvote
  3. It's likevote
  4. When your spelling mistakevote
  5. Who do you play as in Smash Bros?vote
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  7. Who won HoH?vote
  8. There's nothing wrong with abortion
  9. Derrick screams out
  10. Grodner is clearly
  11. Do you think if Vic started now
  12. What they should have done
  13. Why does't Vic
  14. Nicole has a strat
  15. Has a woman ever won this comp?
  16. Feeds already back on
  17. No one has ever cried this much
  18. Oh no please don't cry
  19. Ariana Grande got more
  20. BB is on the CW btw

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