Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is RJ

I tend to be a bitch at times

realchance Idk if its just me but its seems that you like be friends with like 6-7 and at the same time you will b total so supportive and friendly for them. You are like th mommabear (did i spell that shit right ok w.e) and ur the to help them if they ever needed any sort of help. Ronnie keep being true to urself and dont let the haters bring u down. Love you !~CutieAmy<3

"Well you wont make the finals, Im sorry I had the balls to revolt against you. Im sorry that I wouldnt stoop to your level of immaturity, Im sorry that I am pretty. Im sorry that I am more liked. I mean come on Will I figured out why you dont like me. Your jealous of me."
Me to Will in CKS Survivor

I only met Swaggy a few days ago but I can say this. He is one of the most honorable people I have had the chance to get to know. Hes respectable which alot of people are not, I couldn't have asked for a better person to walk into my life at the current time.


~Week 1~ Hello

When I saw you in the auditions I thought to myself “this poor woman is not going to have a chance! Her team is going to vote her out the first chance they get!” But after seeing what you can do, your team would be fools to lose such a strong player!

~Week 2~

Beautiful song. Just beautiful.

~Week 3~ Tributes
My comment: I was not expecting this song from you, but it was a pleasant cover. I really felt the essence of the song in a different genre, bravo
2hill’s comment: Great spin on the song !

~Week 4~
My comment: Flawless.

~week 5~ Anthem
My Comment: This was heartbreaking, I loved it. It’s not exactly an anthem but still pleasant.
Loopy’s Comment: I also never heard of Reba before. I hate the vocals and singing abilities (wonder why she is even a singer). It had repeating lyrics, but it did not have a clear message. Excluding Amanda Brown, I think you had the worst song choice this week.

~week 6~ Tell me a story
My Comment: You definitely had the clearest story, but as far as “musicality” it wasn’t as strong as your previous performances. I am a little disappointed, this was right up your alley.

~week 7~ This is the remix (dance)
I don’t know if I wasn’t clear enough from earlier, but the challenge was either a remix, mashup, or a danceable track. I wanted everyone to bring the house down. That’s code for an uptempo, feel good song. This song would make the house cry at the mother and groom wedding dance. I’m sorry but this risk didn’t pan out for you.

~week 8~ Continuation Ceremony
My comment: I actually disagree with shabooty, I thought this was a nice submission, good work from me!
Shabooty’s Comment: All I can say is boring to be honest.

~Week 9~ TMW gives back

You understood the theme more than any of your competitors. Your song was the clearest, and it was everything I was looking for. That being said…

~week 10~ Top Charts
Splendid choice. You did very well this week.

~Week 11~ make me feel alive
You were right, this is a strong performance. You did very well.

~week 12~ Finale 1

~Week 13~ Finale 2

~Week 14~ Finale 3

WINNER 81.25 vs. 76.5

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