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Hello, my name is abrogated

You look like a fucking deformed ET. so stfu
you said btw my clothes are nice few days ago.
i don't need to neg u (im red nosed btw) because i already feel sorry for u .
Ur a sad, ugly , pathetic excuse of a human being.

Ugly cunt hope u die
Sent by nenalalala

Have you found a boyfriend yet? Looks like poor Abrogated will be all alone tommorow, just sitting on his ass and going on tengaged to rant about people. I, on the other hand, have a lot of plans. Me and my friends are going out to have some fun, not sit at home and try to get fatter and fatter like you're doing right now. You're literally the definition of obesity, I feel sorry for you and Thirteen cause he has to deal with you everyday and he can't do anything to change that. What's wrong? Your mother doesn't hug you? Well too bad, you're a bully and a terrorist so you don't deserve any live. You're so evil and wicked, you should be locked up in a cage away from all of us and away from your family

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  1. I can't be fake to you
  2. fuck you nasty bitch
  3. ugly bastard
  4. shut up bitch
  5. stars support
  6. honeyyyy
  7. I miss you
  8. he's the best on tengaged
  9. mmmm he's sexy
  10. roshy
  11. he's the best on tengaged
  12. pathetic vile bitch
  13. he's using fake images
  14. hi sexy James
  15. late stars support
  16. shut the fuck up bitch
  17. also
  18. sorry I'm on here less I've been
  19. I hate you
  20. you're a boring snake

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