Big Brother and Survivor online game.

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"If nothing goes right, go left"

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"The sky is the limit, so don't go to space"

Group Game Stats---------------------------------------------------
Kyle's Survivor: Japan (10/17)

Fasting: 1st (2 times)
Casting: 1st (2 times)
Frooks: 1st (1 time) (6-1)
Rooks: 3rd (1 time)
Survivor Merges: 1 (1 time)
Hunger: 12th (1 time)
Starz: 10th (1 time) #427

Ranked Blogs (1st) (2nd)

Me Slaying BrantSteele (Winner/16) (Winner/15) (Runner Up/16) (6th/16th)(Coaches) (8th/18)

3rd-Coco- By far the best player in this game. You had your hand in everything and definitly deserve the win. Shocked you didnt win final Hoh or it culdve been us :( (Yung_Snipz)

5- coco my bro ddue tbh your a beast the only reason i voted u out was for mostly game because i knew if u got out astone would have a better chance of winning both so gg and gl i was loyal until i could no more gg though good iob on making it this far when everyone wanted u out (Eric_136)

5th- colin it was nice working with you man i was amazed how long you stayed off the block. the only reason why i voted you out was because you probably beat me in the last pov i hope we can still be cool (astone929)

My Games 243 games played

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16 Jan, 17
Day 4
15 Jan, 17
Day 1
13 Jan, 17
Day 8
13 Jan, 17
9 Jan, 17
8 Jan, 17
8 Jan, 17

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