Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Beth Greene/Dustin. But you can call me Queen D.

*Inventor of Limited Post!* Not 13 or 52, but you get x amount of post per game. Nobody thought of it before:) Did it right after 13/52

I'd love too:) I'm destroying my record/KPG but IDC:D I love helping people! That's why my frookies record is very bad!!

Hi I'm Dustin! I live in Seattle, Washington:) Right now I'm getting ready to study in Nursing and get my BSN! WOO! I also plan on joining the Navy as a HM! Woo! I want to work in the Critical ICU, ER, NICU, Flight, and Oncology. In my spare time I love watching Big Brother and Survivor! Hope to be on it one day.
*Stars* GAME #88385 AND #109110

Proud member of District 13=)
R.I.P March 31st, 2013

Spam me whatever, whenever! Plusses for all of you! I'm not gonna neg, but I may not plus. So nothing or plussing:p

Skype: dustin.tengaged1
Tengaged B day: Jan 15th, 2010.

* Favorite Tengaged-Related Hunger Games Quote*
Where’s lover boy? Oh, I see. You’re gonna help him, right? Well, that’s sweet. You know, it's too bad you couldn't help your little friend. That little girl. What was her name again? Rue? Well, we killed her. And now we’re gonna kill you.

314th...moved up almost 200 ranks!!!!!!!!! During the #TengagedApocalypse

My fair highest ranking: 393rd at 1774 karma:P

If you see we have the same karma, MAIL ME=)
Karma twin- June 21st 2010, dragonberry+ dustin24688642
Karma twin- November 2010, Snowflake3
Karma twin-Youssarian found as of July 5th 2010-july 18th
Karma twin- cubzfan 10/14/10 =p- 10/17/2010
Karma twin- AlexRyder 1/10/13- 1/13/2013- 885 karma
Karma twin- Jogon 2/17/13- 1125 karma
Karma twin- Zbase4 3/18/14- 1774 karma
WTF red -nosed for nothing on july 20th 2010 - july 31st

Red nosed again 10/3/10 For having a friend log on by facebook, still have this red nose today
It got off the 12th or 13th i think of November '10
Banning of TM- 8:49 PM pacific 12/16/10
Banning of TM #2 by #Biodork- 5:54 PM pacific 4/2/2013

Banning of me - Account not available
Temporary Banned: 3 days Reason:Referred to a user being a pedophile - This is a defamation of character
4/16/2013 10 PM- 4/19/2013 10 PM
( Biggest, shittest ban EVER. People who got me banned: Dav_o_79 and Aquamarine

Banning of me 6/18/13 - 6/21/2013
Said the country that looks like the N word -_- Woops.
People who got be banned: Prince_Eric

Banned 2/7/14- 2/21/14
Told someone to die in the hunger games, then got on my OLD account (Not Multi!) and then got permed! Then 3 days later it changed to 14 days! Yay!

Deal or No Deal:
Wheel of Fortune:
Match 3:
Guitar 1- Clocks:
Guitar 2- Hot N Cold:
Guitar tiw:
New Numbers:

More time for Lineballs!! -

Omg loves people who gift=) Anyway i have 24 designs. 13 i bought and 11 were gifted. =)
These are my gifts and buys in order:

ID Necklace: First gift from a amazing person, jenani. Thank you so much.=D

Foxy: Another gift, thank you so much
pink03Angel for that gift give away=)
Named him Cisco, after the user Cisco2010 =)

Male hair with Villains buff: ianfitz0012 THANKS SO MUCH i love it i wanted hair!!!=)

bad a chima: Umm, its bald=P I caught it as a 1 t though!=P

Lady's polo outfit: 78 t's, why not..wanted a shirt=P It looks okay=)

The Duel top: Bought it and loved it for 249 t's=)

Cowboys: Thanks Jenani for ANOTHER gift after that fail alliance we had in that SUPER old rookies;)

Fressshhh Mickyyy: 52 t's, Like it a lot wear it sometimes, =)

Red eyes: WONDERLAND EYES! Thanks so much, philliesfan09

Eevee hoodie: Bought it for 850 t's! Love it a LOT=D

Blue jacket with undershirt! I got it 9/13/2011! I LOVE IT=D 305 t's!=)

Stitch Hoodie: Got Jun 19th, 2012 for 411 t's!

Mouth 2, or know as a rawr mouth. Bought for 850 t's I think...Lot's of t's, but it's the last thing I need before nerd glasses and brown walker hair is a mouth.

Nerd glasses- I can't thank you enough, one of my favorite designs. Thank you SO much Superman11!!!!!!!!!!!

Brown Walker Hair: After 2 years with the buff, I got new hair! I still love my old survivor hair=) I've been wanting walker hair forever now! 562 t's spent on this.

Arbok Hoodie: 5651Omar! Thanks so much for #GiftMeTheGift gift game! DId not expect this! Thanks so much!

Blue eyes: 3/17/2013! I think it was time for a new eye color. 695 t's well spent, now I can change eye colors. yay!

Green Sweater from Mexus: 4/15/2013- YAY!=) tysm! I got a sweater now=) I love it! Thanks!!!!!=)

Blue Rhino Vest- Spent 680 t's, got 4/21/2013. Very nice. Now I got a vest also!

Grey Sweater- 400 t's. Like it:) Very classy!

Judd Shirt- 583 t's- LOVE it:D

Hunger Games- GIFTED from TheBlackBitch:) I love you so much<3

WinterJacket- GIFTED from theblackbitch again!:) Love you and grats on your shop:) I got to gift Jerard the coat and LewisC the grin also:)

Male Starbucks- SIX hours I got this before my first shift at starbucks LOL:) Thanks KittyTheEmolga and TheBlackDog:)
3/22/14 is a day I'll never forget! :)

*GIFTLIST* (Not in order, kinda)
TheBlackDog;) x31201312214
All the people who gifted me.
Diva1 ( This is a surpise, she deserves it Tengaged!)
SamSam14 ( Easter Egg Hunt Winner)

( Updates every so often, PM me if I owe you)

5,133 t's spent on designs=P

Trend: Check

Level Yellow-Check
Level Orange-Check
Level Light Green-Check
Level Green-Check
Level Blue-Check
Level Purple-Check
Level Red-Check
Level Brown-Check
Level Black-Check
Level Silver-Check
Level Gold- CHECK=)
Level Sky- CHECK!!:) 7/22/2013
Level Blood- Check! Urm Idk when! Ill get to that;D
Level TV Star-

Join stars: CHECK! 12th and 5TH xD WOO

Place well in the upcoming hunger games- 8th and in the first one. Killed by the person who won.. (Trust) hehe.
Also was never shot with a arrow=)

* Accomplishments*

I guess this can be one, went 1-9 in survivor twice now. Not to big, but it's like sole survivor so it's fun=P

Top top 1st place blog: YESS! =)

And another:

3rd in the first ever duel (Out of 12 people),
→ → → → → → → → → → →
8th in the first ever hunger games. ( Out of 30 people) And probably the hardest hunger games, I got over 50 mails asking what's going on and when its gonna finish and constant blogging to kill xD It was pretty funny=P

11th in my 2nd hunger games, or the 17th hunger games.
Could of made probably at least final 7. Power went out for 1 day due to a snow storm=(

9th in my 3rd hunger games, or the 31st. I had 17 XP and really could of won if I wasn't arrowed at the RIGHT time. Kudo's to them for doing so, or else I may of had that game. It was super fun and I was the most connected with this game then my other two to be honest!

18th in my 4th hunger games, or the 66th. I was in a good spot for a bit, but then got to high on the threat chart, and was arrowed out. Gah:( Gg shadowballer000 and phenoanimal.

4th in my 5th hunger games, or AKA the 74th! I basically teamed up with 3 guys and we made the end! Minus 1, who got backstabbed! Then I got backstabbed! Oh well, payouts and best I've done!

17th in my 6th hunger games, or AKA the 107th! Basically nobody did shit so I attacked people and planned a arrowing against Xavier...put a target on my back...had 3 different final 4's.. ( One to get Lachie to win, one with my frat mates, and one with MattyBB9 and others.) Then Micheal shot me when I was low on health. Cry;(

6th in my 7th hunger games, or the 113th!!! Damn that was HARD but man I loved it!:) Love you Los Amigos frat and everyone who helped me get far:)

10th in my 8th hunger games! Or AKA the 117th! ( I think )
Basically collected 60 arrows and shot them at the end after I was shot! Hints, Lucinda, and Ricktiwork, and Vans were the reason I got this.

Average placing: 10.43 (10th)
Most REAL kills in a hunger: 3 (My 8th hunger games, shot LittleMix, SexGoddx, and Hints dead.)
Most XP: 18
Best placing: 4th
→ → → → → → → → → → →


Stars 233- 12th-
For 12th - dustin24688642 54.9% VS superman11 45.1%

Stars 272- 5th
For 10th - dustin24688642 42.0% VS meduncan 58.0%
For 5th- PrincessTeePee 44.1% VS dustin24688642 55.9%

Biggest Merge Streak: 6 Merges!
40 1st places! ( I think?) ( Counting all games and each survivor merge )

Made it to 8th without being shot by an arrow

Vice Prez for a frat ( District 13 )
R.I.P 3/31/2013

Doubled over 4500 t's in a non-charity ^_^

Got a design into auctions that sold for 735 t's

dustin24688642 from District 13 stole the star slot to Darkness 2 days 2 hours before end

8.95 KPG as of 198 games, 1774 karma.

11 min ago- #88385
Housemate dustin24688642 enrolled in Stars.
Paid: 290.2 T$

10 days 2 hours ago- #109110
Housemate dustin24688642 enrolled in Stars.
Paid: 325.3 T$

First: In the first DUEL, First in TheRazz SURVIVOR, Got the FIRST TV star neg ( On request!) , and In the first HUNGER games!
First person to be in duel and not go into the "Duel" ( Made final 3 never having to duel somebody)
/ \

Accomplished not being evicted by such a high %
dustin24688642 54.9%
superman11 45.1%

IN the 74th hunger games!

*******42 WINS*******
Castings: 2
Fastings: 2
Frookies: 0 lol ;(
Rookies: 7
Survivor: 31
Stars: 0
Hunger: 0
Duel: 0

~*~*~*Frats Ive been in~*~*~*~
Frat boys- This frat was top then died
District 13- Everyone started to leave, so I did.
Plop! ~ - President is inactive, and only a few members.
Tenacious Tengagers - Big die off in one day after months


0 months - 2 months = Baby
2 months - 3 months = Toddler
3 months - 5 months = Child
5 months - 7 months = Tween
7 months - 8 months = Teenager
8 months - 9 months = Young Adult
9 months - 11 months = Middle-Aged Adult
11 months - 12 months = Older Adult
12 months - 14 months = Elder
14 months - 16 months = Close to Death
16 months - 18 months = Death
18 months - 19 months = Ghost
19 months - 21 months = Zombie
21 months - 24 months = FATALLY SCREWED muhaha
- Me

I"D LOVE TOO:D I'm destroying my record/KPG but IDC:D I love helping people!

Just started doing it again so I'm gonna keep track from 12/26/13

F 12/26/13-
F 12/27/13-
C 1/9/14-
F 1/12/13-
C 1/28/13-

Algo Frookies that don't count in my mind:P

Duel Frookies :D

Frat Fastingss:D

Poop list:
Ladris ( Just a general ass)
Hints ( Thank's for trying to get me permed..)
CoreyAnts ( Stop trying to get me out of frookies, Shrek.)

My Games 200 games played

1 Apr, 14
8 Mar, 14
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  18. And weeeeEEE
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