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Hello, my name is jed... jeddybear to some :p

I am a real boy

SNAP: iamremedy add me

I ✅ spam as long as you aren't gross, you can send it to me 100 times if you want, but I can only plus it once.

I named myself iamremedy cause there was a song that I was obsessed with called remedy nothing more than that.

nothing to read here but i may of forgotten to take my autism pills who knows?

Dreamdoll now Emmzx is like my rock, she always makes me feel better when i am down, and I mean for real she is a nightmare but she is so funny and you can hate her all you want but (I am not) sorry haters maybe if you didn't judge her straight off and got to know her, you would see that she is actually a sweet girl, love you boo

alicebee 1 min ago
remedy your making me feel like my brain has smashed into a pole

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  2. why are we talking about dead baby design again?
  3. pizzawithcookirs
  4. 30th yellowclaw
  5. mathboy9
  6. me when someone gifts themselves from my account
  7. I could of sworn
  8. that anxiety feeling
  9. 10 GIFTS
  10. Thank you all for helping me
  11. lol
  12. plz comment one of these in the comments LOL
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  14. TG ABC
  15. hi
  16. omg
  17. Dreamdoll was banned
  18. most likely to win tg miss universe
  19. I hope lorde
  20. TYSM for the gift

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