Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is jed... jeddybear to some :p

I am a real boy

Life will never be the same again

I ✅ spam as long as you aren't gross, you can send it to me 100 times if you want, but I can only plus it once.

let me know if you read all of this profile cause if you do, then woah SHUT THE FRONT GATE!!!

Evaa1996 ♥♥♥ is my queen

This site is closing in less than a year omg make the most of it people

I just realised something today and i was shocked

I named myself iamremedy cause there was a song that I was obsessed with called remedy nothing more than that.

I am autistic and it cracks me up when people use the term as an insult, like that's the lamest insult ever, I personally dont like labels and think it doesn't matter cause at the end of the day we are all still human.

Dreamdoll is where I get my friday afternoon entertainment from, I mean for real she is a nightmare but she is so funny and you can hate her all you want but (I am not) sorry haters maybe if you didn't judge her straight off and got to know her, you would see that she is actually a sweet girl, love you boo

and feel free to send me a message, I like getting random mail.

alicebee 1 min ago
remedy your making me feel like my brain has smashed into a pole

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  1. TYSM for the gift
  3. nobody will see this cause i am red nosed
  4. lmao swadles you are fried
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  7. I love you ♥️♥️♥️
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  10. when nobody has tg mailed me this year
  11. YAS12th
  12. omg I am the Top Fashionista lol
  13. why am I trending?
  14. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  15. I LOVE YOU <3
  16. anyone like this as a full avi?
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  18. the gifting process on this site is honestly so..
  19. me always missing hunger :(
  20. Thank you15th

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