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Hello, my name is rip simba2001

my name is cooper, 13, i like skateboarding

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Cooper, or from what I know you as first…. _simba_ i haven’t known you to long, but i know so much about you. U are the sweetest and smartest person that i ever met or ever will meet. Much more time to spend with you! I think we bonded so much when we first started talking about football and madden 17. Much love and respect for you bro. You’re the best cooper! - TrYhArD1441 aka Zack xD

Cooper <33. I fell in love with you ever since I met you. You have been a great friend to me. I love that we have so much in common, and our skype chats! We will always be besties < 333 - Memphis :)

koolcoop is one of the kindest, gentlest people you're likely to meet. He genuinely cares about others and would likely give his left arm to help someone in need. This dark, cruel world could use a few more koolcoops in it.

Coopy <3 we have been friends ever since i joined the site when i was just a noob. I still remember one of the first castings (i think the one i met you in) where that frat of like 12 people were all negging us cuz they were jealous :( but that was one of the funnest castings i ever played tbh and still remember it to this day. Ily and i'm glad we are still good friends <33333

Cooper- You are one of the sweetest people on this site that I've ever met. You have this wide eyed innocence to you and it's just so endearing. Ever since I met you almost two years ago, you have turned into my son. I am so protective over you and you have grown so much as a person since I first met you with Shane. I will always look out for you and your best interests and consider you family. With your kind personality and your acceptance of others you have an amazing future on Tengaged and in the real world. Ireland and I will be at your side if you ever need us, keep being kool!

Cooper is legit me when i first joined the site. Playing a castings with him i saw a competitive nature and tbh he would say anything he feels about u to ur face. I admire that, as most tgers are fake af! Coop thx for the big stars support you really are a great and loyal friend, and hopefully remain that way. Love ya bro!

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  1. its 72 f here
  2. hiya xD
  3. whos winning
  4. i was the original simba of tengaged so hiya..
  5. Memphis_Grizzlies
  6. stupid question but i want to know
  7. which should i get
  8. hiya if anybody is home xD
  9. school sucks
  10. cant believe hes still talking about this
  11. i have a question
  12. cause again ur 17 now and still have it
  13. u still have it and ur 17
  14. come on dolphinssssss
  15. stars support
  16. im a hero
  17. going to bed
  18. updated
  19. updated
  20. pyn for a compliment5th

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