Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is lionsden121



What I need for full avatar
shirt that doesnt include wings

people i cant play frookies with:

people that cheat in survivor and hunger games thus i hate because they cant handle losing

Favorite Survivor season (until i rewatch HvV): Cambodia
Favorite Survivor players: Rob C./Rob M.
Favorite Big Brother Season: All Stars
Favorite Big Brother Player: Dr Will (i love his gameplay)

Highest I've gotten
fasting 1st
casting 1st 4 wins
frookies 1st 13 wins
rookies 1st 3 wins
Survivor Merges: 5 Top Merge Streak: 2
Stars: 4th
Hunger games: 8th (got cheated against)
1 charity frookies win for gold/250th
3 charity rookies wins for silver sky and blood

Frookies Wins
5-2 against HaydenNicole
5-2 against XxLoveWakizaxX
5-2 against Papibadd
5-1 against SimplySweet
4-3 against LoveLife
4-3 against Sebby
4-3 against Fishingguy22
4-3 against Badboyy2699
4-1 against Sarah48
3-3 against Joshbb17
3-3 against Colehausman271 (back to back algo wins)
3-3 against Alyxandra
3-2 against Puakai

Stars Polls

Stars 412

Nommed for 13th
lionsden121 49.7%
YasGaga 50.3%

Nommed for 10th
lionsden121 47.3%
XxLoveWakizaxX 52.7%

Nommed for 9th
TayBear17 59.7%
lionsden121 40.3%

Nommed for 7th
lionsden121 43.3%
GentlemanG 56.7%

Nommed for 4th
jojo7784 40.0%
lionsden121 60.0%

Survivor competitions that I've competited in:
Survivor: Yangudi Rassa (held by coolnarwhal88) 13/18
Survivor: Khao Sok (held by coolnarwhal88) 1/18 5-2
Survivor: Yakushima - All-Stars (held by coolnarwhal88) 10/20
I & N's Survivor: Brazil (held by islandsurvivor & praknasty) 1/20 7-2
I & N's Survivor: All Stars (held by islandsurvivor & praknasty) 6/18
Hot Rods survivor India- b v b v b (held by rodrigues75) 1/18 4-2
Nano's Survivor S3 Romania(held by marthean) 6/16
Jorge's Survivor: Greece(held by Sunfire) 2/20 2-7
WANJ Survivor Estonia(held by WANJ) 4/18
WPF Survivor 17: Caicos Islands 9/18
Survivor: Maldives (held by Birew34) 1/21 9-1
M&M's Survivor: Greece (held by mudndawilderness) 8/20
M&M's Survivor: All Stars (held by mudndawilderness) 8/24
BENLINUS' Survivor: Nigeria (held by BENLINUS) 5/16
BHDS Season 3 Survivor The Amazon (held by BestHeroD) 8/19
Kyle's Survivor: Japan (held by Kyle12212) 8/17
Kyle's Survivor: All Stars (held by Kyle12212) 7/15

Big Brother Competitions I've competed in:
CJBB 2: EVIL BROTHER(held by Connor_) 5/16
M7's Big Brother S5: House of Secrets(held by m7md26) 6/26
Big Brother survival of the fittest(held by me2013) 5/20

Other Group Competitions:
Endurance Season 1 (held by legend_of_link) won it with rabbaj
THE IMMUNITY GAME Season 1 The Savior(hosted by VegasBoy94) 15/19
THE IMMUNITY GAME Season 4 Bloods vs Crips (hosted by VegasBoy94) 6/18
THE IMMUNITY GAME Season 5 All-Stars (hosted by VegasBoy94) 3/20 5-4-1

Vegas's Fast Games (hosted by VegasBoy94)
Season 9: Redemption Island 1/10 2-1
Season 10: Idols 1/11 3-1-0

What people said about me
"My problem was the second you told me about the new plan to get rid of Zed. And to achieve that, you pulled in Kolby and Duffy even though we were on totally opposite sides after Brandon's boot. The fact that you were able to achieve that in such a short amount of time was very alarming to me, because it proved to me how easy it was for you to stick your hand in everyone's cookie jar and that you could potentially go from almost being the merge boot to being on top of the totem pole lickety split. And that if I stuck with you the whole time, you probably would have the momentum to dispose of me at any time. And even if you weren't going to do that, I probably would have been seen as your sheep so it would be a lose, lose for me. Combined with that and your history as a competition beast, I just felt that it was in my best interest to get rid of you now. This wasn't personal Tim and I love you as a player and as a person, but I came to win and you unfortunately stood in my way." -timtimeytim

"lionsden121 impacted this game tremendously and deserves credit for making Yangudi Rassa post-merge the clusterfuck that it was. He hit the ground running when he entered this game. He went completely rampant creating cross-tribal alliances like crazy and dragging everyone into a great web of confusion. And even when he was long gone, the legacy that he left behind continued to change the game. I truly don’t think the merge would’ve been nearly as crazy if lionsden121 was not part of the cast. It takes a madman to create post-merge chaos in the pre-merge phase. lionsden121 was that madman. Not only that, but he was also a highly entertaining player within his tribe too. He was a beast at challenges and helped to make Tigray the absolute behemoth that it was. All in all, lionsden121 was a good guy who just bit off a little more than he could chew. A little more. Okay, a lot more." coolnarwhal88

"It is very clear who played a much better game, lion played this game with his heart and his soul. red? not so much. Lion 100% played a better strategic, social, and mostly physical. carrying us in most of the premerge challenges. lion deserves to win 100% more then Red and I hope that you all reward the better player by giving him the win"-s73100

"Josh you have been absolutely manipulated by Lion the entire season. ... In reality this isn't a final 2, this is more of a final 1 since there might as well be only one person here since lion basically duplicated himself."-Novamax243

"I targeted you because I know your a big threat and I respect the hell out of you you've dominated this game and will get my vote should you make it to f3 I never spoke to you because I had that fear in my mind that you would back stab me...again, your a top 5 player imo and your a great person! The others (As upset as I am to say this) can't win against you we all knew that and targeted you because of your outstanding play" - pikaplayer

Group Awards
Best Pre-Merger Award - Survivor Yangudi Rassa
Host Favorite (Tie) - I & N's Survivor: Brazil
Challenge Beast - I & N's Survivor: Brazil
Fan Favorite - Jorge's Survivor: Greece
Villain of the Season - Hot Rods survivor India
Villain of the Season - WANJ Survivor Estonia
Villain of the Season - WPF Survivor 17: Caicos Islands
Hero of the Season - Big Brother survival of the fittest
Second Chance - Big Brother survival of the fittest

My Best Town of Salem Game: (im not the guy with the facecam)

My Games 394 games played

Day 12
17 Jun, 17
21 Jun, 17
17 Jun, 17
16 Jun, 17
14 Jun, 17
13 Jun, 17
9 Jun, 17

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