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====Group Game History====
[1st] --- Js21's Survivor: Philippines --- Player of the Season (5-3-1)
[1st] --- Bingo's Survivor: Jordan (Fans vs. Favorites III) --- (5-3-0)
[1st] --- Bennett's Survivor: Santa Catarina --- (7-0)
[1st] --- Suitman's Survivor: Last Leap --- (5-2-2)
[1st] --- Winner and Prez's Survivor: Blood vs. Water --- (5-4-0)
[1st] --- Big Ben's Survivor: Blood vs. Water --- Hero of the Season (5-2-2)
[1st] --- Gaiaphage's Survivor: Turkey (Blood vs. Water) --- Player of the Season (6-3)
[1st] --- NBTTRS 2: Solitary
[2nd] --- Ghoul's Survivor: Easter Island --- Villain of the Season (4-3)
[2nd] --- Mana's Survivor: Greece --- Mana's Favorite (6-1)
[3rd] --- Cmack's Survivor: Malaysia (Heroes vs. Villains) --- (5-4-0)
[3rd] --- LiteCitrus' Survivor: All-Stars
[4th] --- Suitman's Survivor: Second Chances --- Player of the Season
[4th] --- Nat's Survivor: Puerto Rico
[6th] --- Ghoul's Survivor: All-Stars --- Hero of the Season
[6th] --- Will's Survivor: Indonesia --- Hero of the Season
[6th] --- Survivor8's Survivor: Hunger Island
[6th] --- Survivor8's Survivor: All-Stars (Maui)
[6th] --- RSF Series Gen 3: The Genius
[6th] --- Cmack's Survivor: Africa
[7th] --- Suitman's Survivor: Conqueror's Crusade
[7th] --- LiteCitrus' Survivor: Kornati
[7th] --- KidA's Survivor: Marianas
[7th] --- Gaia's Survivor: Eritrea (Fans vs. Favorites II)
[7th] --- Kono's Survivor: Dildo Island --- Most Strategic
[8th] --- Ghoul's Survivor: The Volcano Isles
[10th] --- Survivor's Survivor: Polynesia (Generations) --- Villain of the Season
[10th] --- Mana's Survivor: Pearl Islands (The Final Season)
[11th] --- Survivor: Bingo's Battalion vs. Suitman's Soldiers
[11th] --- LoganWorm's Survivor: Galapagos --- Fan Favorite and Hero of the Season
[11th] --- Leli's Survivor: Uzbekistan
[12th] --- Suitman's Survivor: Brunei
[14th] --- Survivor8's Survivor: India
[16th] ---- Winner and Prez's Survivor: Czech Republic
[18th] --- Will's Survivor: Spain (Fans vs. Favorites)

====Obscurity's Survivor====
Season 1: Japan (Survivor8)
Season 2: Arabia (Patrick319)
Season 3: Greece (Yaxha)
Season 4: New Zealand (AndThenThereWasOne)
Season 5: Madagascar (Ghoul)
Season 6: All-Stars (Stering_butter)
Season 7: Scorched Earth (XxHeroxX)
Season 8: Azores (LaFierceBrittany2)


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  1. why are female winners
  2. anti is still better
  3. what time does stars enroll
  4. i just watched the episode
  5. honestly
  6. so is the ponderosa vid spoiler
  7. i really am in tears
  8. i mean like
  9. aww yeah
  10. good night
  11. white guy wins
  12. disgusting
  14. Yellow level please
  15. Need a yellow level
  16. Cmacks Tengaged Rainbow
  17. jason is excellent
  18. get your frookies in while you can
  19. bernie sanders is a cuck

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