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Hello, my name is Jackson, and I am currently nominated for 14th in Stars 300.

In a relationship with Brandonator ♥
4/4/13 - Forever

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Obscurity's Survivor:
Season 1: Japan (Survivor8)
Season 2: Arabia (Patrick319)
Season 3: Greece (Yaxha)
Season 4: New Zealand (AndThenThereWasOne)
Season 5: Madagascar (Ghoul)
Season 6: All-Stars (Stering_butter)

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  1. heyvote
  2. i feel likevote
  3. when people you hatevote
  5. hey
  6. fuck that probst blog was deleted
  7. i never understood
  8. stars support
  9. stars support
  10. hey
  11. someone find out baylor's birthday
  12. samoa is 4/4 on female wins
  13. i am applying for season 33
  14. i feel so bad for people who dislike the twinnies
  15. fuck casuals
  16. i dont want to live in a world
  17. lmao wes nale
  18. Survivor contestant I'm most like: Parvati
  19. "we don't like it that way"
  20. full cast reveal

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