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Obscurity's Survivor:
Season 1: Japan (Survivor8)
Season 2: Arabia (Patrick319)
Season 3: Greece (Yaxha)
Season 4: New Zealand (AndThenThereWasOne)
Season 5: Madagascar (Ghoul)
Season 6: All-Stars (Stering_butter)

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  1. me during tonight's TCvote
  2. episode 2 rankingsvote
  3. this season is so badvote
  4. idk likevote
  5. gilmore girls is finally on netflixvote
  6. alright let me know when this endsvote
  7. 16 year anniversary of baby one more time
  8. hey
  9. is lights' new album good
  10. honestly i never do those
  11. okay
  12. they actually made an intro yay
  13. why cant i just fucking have a cat
  14. honestly if you are saving thumper you have..
  15. reading jakehou's blogs like
  16. when someone asks what grade you got on a test
  17. LMAO ciera dragging her mom yet again
  18. when reed gets voted out
  19. honestly though
  20. i hate dale so so much

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