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Hello, my name is Michelle

I <3 J.A.M

Started tengaged on July 28, 2015


I plus ya spam! But I dont always comment that I plussed
And if available can join charity's just ask

****Sick of being evicted in frooks for your multis placement I was in there first!!!!!!!!!

Things people have said about about me

Brandon Richie (yea I'm shocked to haha)
3rd (#Shellbelle) — THE COMP QUEEN! Even though our friend groups don't necessarily get along, I absolutely ADORE you. You're such a sweet girl, and we've really come a long way together. Thank you for staying by my side through everything. I always love playing with you, and we work pretty damn well together, don't you think? Stay perfect, beautipayouts

DUN DUN DUN HOW DARE SHE!~! i tried really hard for this not to happen, but it was inevitable ! You are Bae af and i will forever love you <3 You were one of my first ever friends on tengaged and together we have slayed so many fastings lol we have had our ups and downs but now a days its all loooooove babe

Shell you are amazing as always! I love playing with you even if we aren't working together

Shell- My queen of tengaged. Another robbed goddess. U definitely deserved payouts

Shellbelle - MEECH!! Literally my favourite lady on this site. You are amazingly fun to play games with and I know I can always put trust in you. You avi slays, your personality slays, your gameplay slays... you just slay in general. I love you, don't ever change, marry me?

James aka Fishingguy
#ShellBelle, My goddess, So glad to play frookies with you. You are an absolute amazing social player and I trust you so much in life and on tengaged. You were robbed right before payouts, thanks for supporting my bday charity as well! Love you.

JayBoyy 0 min ago
I personally would do a list like every other game does but since this was MY charity, I'm not doing that because ShellBelle had helped me get it together for a level up charity and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be winning this game. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much Shell, Law, Kriss, and Blue for doing this for me. It means so much to me. I love each and every one of you and always remember one thing. Remain nice and respectful. Again, thank you all so much and I love you all!!!!!as

from Alanb1
shellbelle WHAT A WOMAN! I love you michelle :) we started off sooo rocky omg like I was such a cunt to you but then I got to know you and you got to know me and we are good friends now! Wish we talked more tho!

From Thirteen
shellbelle -A nice Southern girl. I miss playing games with you and Jayglezst. They were always so fun. We should all join another someday.

8-7-16 Winner of stars. Nommed 4 times <3

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