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Hello, my name is Skyler but you can NOT call me Nachos for short lol p.s. Colton is my king ♥

*** NOT a fan of spam btw (so if idk you or we don't talk, then don't spam me, kty.)

Hey guys, so I have met some pretty cool people on here along with some people I don't particularly care for. It's a trade-off I guess. But hey, I am always excited about meeting more awesome people haha. If you ever want to talk then feel free to message me. I love talking lol. If you ever want me to play with you in a game then just let me know. Hmm I think I'm done now so yeah bye haha

TV Star #540

Placed 2nd in Stars 415 -->

Placed 3rd [Morgan/Balboa] in Esquiff's Survivor Season 7: Pearl Islands (first group game ever!!! lol)

Forget about the Abercrombie male models and H&M male models, Liam is my favorite male model of all time! :) He's going to be HUGE one day! I feel fortunate to call him a very good friend of mine (so proud of you hun, ily!)

ich liebe my little munchkin Harry ♥

Señor Evans es mi mundo < 3

***08/13/16♥*** I Love You BabyGirl - C

Sky, I am that quirky guy with bad jokes that you laugh at for two reasons 1 they’re actually funny and 2 you may laugh because you know I need it. I am without a doubt so appreciative for you babygirl like you make me happy like no other. I love that we were close friends first because our foundation was pretty solid if you ask me. I am smitten by the way you just completely be yourself with me. I LOVE IT ^-^ as much as I love the way you make me feel. I am so happy you took a chance on me because I love who we are when I think of us as a “us”. Every night I think of a million way of how I am the luckiest guy ever! It always points back to you gorgeous! It’s always been you for me I just was too scared to make a move :p Looking back now I don’t even know what I was afraid of .-. ily [:

I love it when you call me daddy xD - ;) you know

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