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Hello, my name is Cedric/Black Fabio/The Dark Knight/quen of quens/Lucario Jacz/Mr. Irrelevant/Mr. Bunny


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teamjacz 12 min ago
This game looks weird Message me! I have a social disorder that prevents me from initiating conversation with people unless I absolutely have to.

SKYPE: Tengaged.freakazoid ADD IT
ZWOOP: Cedric
TownOfSalem: Cedric94 (Play as Dawn Moonchild, Cedric, teamjacz)
KIK: KikIsScary
Snapchat: Ceddyluvsquen (I can't do the put words on the picture thing so......)

Survivor Group Game History (Ones with multiple seasons played....that I can remember)

(MMMMM'S SURVIVOR)*Only person to compete multiple times to never be voted out*
-Runner-Up in Survivor: Greek Islands
-WINNER of Survivor: Samoa - Fans vs. Favorites as a Fav
-COMPETED IN Survivor: All-Stars, but was medically evacuated right before merge (because I left TG)

-6th in Cook Islands (Purple Rock'd)
-20th place in Heroes vs. Villains as Hero (actually, second voted out, first duel loser)

-4th place in Survivor: Cook Islands (1st time screwed from finals)
-8th place in Survivor: Brains vs. Brawns as a Brawn
-11th place in Survivor: Thailand
-3rd place in Survivor: Vietnam (2nd time screwed from finals)

-13th place in Survivor Peru (not my finest moment indeed)
-4th place in Survivor: All-Stars (3rd time screwed from finals)

-13th place in Survivor: Arafura Sea
- Runner Up in Survivor: Greece - Second Chances

4th Place in bingo21's Survivor: Scandinavia
8th place in (i forgot)'s Survivor: Columbia
9th place in Survivor: Pitcairn Islands
15th Place (rofl) in Janelle's Survivor: Tanzania (I was busy okay?)
14th Place in TTRS 26: Survivor: Laos
13th Place in LoganWorm's Survivor: Greece

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