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teamjacz 12 min ago
This game looks weird Message me! I have a social disorder that prevents me from initiating conversation with people unless I absolutely have to.

SKYPE: Tengaged.freakazoid ADD IT
ZWOOP: Cedric
KIK: KikIsScary
Snapchat: Ceddyluvsquen (I can't do the put words on the picture thing so......)

Alanb1: Made tengaged worth coming on again after so long of being lost in confusion :)

Kikorus: I love ya OBVIOUSLY <3333

Robinhood99: My favret person for always existing even though I've known you since the dawn of time :p

TotsTrashy: Made a great bond with you in a game, something which had never occurred before. Love that!

Zed55: Someone I'm glad remembers who I am even though I'm the most forgettable person on tengaged. Love ya for that!

Aaronstevens4444:Had our ups and downs, and now we're really good friends and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

SomebodyAwesome: Really found another genuine person who has a great future ahead of them on tengaged. Just hope you remember me when you're T-famous.

Inkread: I will forever love being jealous of you, but never stop being your blog whoring self :D

Typhlosion37: Ryanz you're incredibly nice and generous and it hits me in a way I've never seen before. Plus, typhlosion is second best only to Lucario.

Zrtuy: Haven't spoke to you in a little bit, but still putting you here because I know you're amazeballs!!!

Supahhero: I forgot we also met and really bonded in a group game. You're really genuine and nice and I'm glad i know you.

Tyler93 0 min ago who's cedric?
Minie 0 min ago Who's Cedric?

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