Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Cedric/Black Fabio/The Dark Knight/quen of quens/Lucario Jacz/Mr. Irrelevant/Mr. Bunny


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teamjacz 12 min ago
This game looks weird Message me! I have a social disorder that prevents me from initiating conversation with people unless I absolutely have to.

SKYPE: Tengaged.freakazoid ADD IT
ZWOOP: Cedric
TownOfSalem: Cedric94 (Play as Dawn Moonchild, Cedric, teamjacz)
KIK: KikIsScary
Snapchat: Ceddyluvsquen (I can't do the put words on the picture thing so......)

Survivor Group Game History (Ones with multiple seasons played....that I can remember)

(MMMMM'S SURVIVOR)*Only person to compete multiple times to never be voted out*
-Runner-Up in Survivor: Greek Islands
-WINNER of Survivor: Samoa - Fans vs. Favorites as a Fav
-COMPETED IN Survivor: All-Stars, but was medically evacuated right before merge (because I left TG)

-6th in Cook Islands (Purple Rock'd)
-20th place in Heroes vs. Villains as Hero (actually, second voted out, first duel loser)

-4th place in Survivor: Cook Islands (1st time screwed from finals)
-8th place in Survivor: Brains vs. Brawns as a Brawn
-11th place in Survivor: Thailand
-3rd place in Survivor: Vietnam (2nd time screwed from finals)

-13th place in Survivor Peru (not my finest moment indeed)
-4th place in Survivor: All-Stars (3rd time screwed from finals)

-13th place in Survivor: Arafura Sea
- Runner Up in Survivor: Greece - Second Chances

4th Place in bingo21's Survivor: Scandinavia
8th place in (i forgot)'s Survivor: Columbia
9th place in Survivor: Pitcairn Islands
15th Place (rofl) in Janelle's Survivor: Tanzania (I was busy okay?)
14th Place in TTRS 26: Survivor: Laos
13th Place in LoganWorm's Survivor: Greece


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  1. Ugh antm saved itself tonight
  2. okay my mails are being stupid.
  3. ugh yes at the cutest guy at the grocery store
  4. She has always been one of my favorites
  5. if you have a dream about someone randomly
  6. how do I get health back up
  7. who is that yellow level?
  8. about this Ben guy
  9. Well fuck didn't survivor come on
  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎
  11. Don't ask me how or why
  12. My crush spoke to me twice today
  13. I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
  14. No title
  15. You know this season is boring
  16. Stop looking for attention Jourdan
  17. I want to convert to Rainbowism
  18. wow they make Brittany look bad
  19. I might replace Dawn as my all time favorite TDer
  20. Carolyn, you would post really good prices

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