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Hello, my name is Thirteen

Thirteen: "Why do you want me gone so badly, Avalon? Am I a threat to your happiness and peace of mind?"
Avalon: "Yes you are, you're a hypocrite and a very low key manipulative man :3"
"Why r u so mental?"

"Are you bipolar?"

"Why are you always so serious? You speak in full, complex sentences, you do things such as mourn dead people in a fun online game and it really seems like you don't have a fun bone in your entire body"

"Do you have something mentally wrong with you? Or are you just a complete fucking creep?"

"and thirteen you creep me out literally there is something wrong with you"

"Thirteen is so dumb. He actually thinks I care about what he thinks. He's always stalking me, what a creep. He totes loves me. Srysly Thirteen shut up Loser #Loser"

"I see thirteen..
In about 5 years being the start of the Investigation Discovery channel. Killing and spilling blood.
I see him being a serial killer in the future with his own mask and logo any everything.. I am so scareeeddd"

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  1. He hates horror
  2. She is terrified of
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  10. You useless snakes
  11. Burn, Witch, Burn!
  12. The Season of the Witch
  13. The End of the American Witch

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