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Hello, my name is maybe it's that Virginia in you ;)

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工 レo√乇 ㄚo∪ BigBrotherFanGirl09 (Sister IRL) ツ


My bad ass son who I love so fucking much Eric_136♥

My little brother whom I adore ♥ ghrocky100
You mess with him, you mess with me ツ

♡I Pʟᴜs Aʟʟ Sᴘᴀᴍ♡

Analiese- Virgie, I wanted you out from the moment we started this game. I have to applaud you for doing an absolutely incredible job. You slayed comps and were incredibly resilient, even without multitudinous allies. Great job making it here.

EliOrtiz1234- VIRGIE< 3 you're probably the nicest person on this site and i love u a lot <33 idk how i met you i think it was because i spammed you and you started talking to me LOL but im so glad you did. you're so sweet to EVERYONE on here like idk how you can do that with some of the crazy people. I love u virgie! never change :) i wish we had more people like you on here

cswagger- My queen. Ur so sweet and always take one for the team. Ur loyal to a fault ily

Arris<3 You honestly make TG a better place! You're sweet, funny, loyal, cute and I could go for whole day complimenting you. tg needs more ppl like u < 3

Arris<3 You're perfect inside and out ! I'm glad we started to talk more and clicked so fast , like I feel that I can trust you with things and stuff... You're a party animal and you're hot can't wait 4 our party (;

PureEssence- you are so sweet! youre one of the kindest people on this website for sure :) youre absolutely beautiful inside and out < 3 i remember i kept getting you mixed up with someone called like vivivoom numbers LOL and i thought you were an annoying genderfaker at first :X but now i know the difference and youre always so so kindhearted to everyone but you stand your ground when you need to < 3 love you girlie

Mathboy9- i love how sweet and real you are. you are so much fun to talk to!

Nick24678 virgie88 - Queen of everything

ohheydudeski- at the end of the day, you're an honest and kind person, however you love your frookies wins and you'll do whatever it takes to win lol

virgie. you were the biggest threat in the game. I've seen you play before and you were amazeballs. I have no words on how amazing you are at this game

Brandt69- OMG MY MOTHER < 3 You're so fucking sweet and nice and i love it! Im really glad i got to be friends with you :) I love Skype games with you and the calls we had together are so much fun! love u! xox

from TDDawnFan just wanted to say, I'm such a big fan <333 your avi is so cute <333

[8/8/2016 5:42:34 PM] Misunderstood Romeo: I always thought u were a queen and I was sad to dislike you
[8/8/2016 5:42:43 PM] Misunderstood Romeo: I was like 'ugh she's so iconic, I hate her'

Marwan- You're so fucking awesome!!!! XD!! and ur a strong, independent, good hearted person which we need more of in this world!! my heart skipped a beat yesterday when u were in a frooks game and someone accused u of being in a premade and u said "I ride solo, I don't need no premade" I WAS LIKE YESSS VIRGIE!! That's my bestfriend, that's my bestfriend! ur so independent and strong and I just LOVE YOUUUU <3

CHEYSHIFFLETT- virgalicious
CHEYSHIFFLETT- make them boys go loco

Turn your haters into motivators ツ

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