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  40. My blinds broke....


13thFeb 16, 2017 by Ethan000
(Only doing this because benp428 is as well)

Okay so new shops are coming out tomorrow
Click on Ben's button

And comment either here or in the poll box comments when done
One lucky winner will win a gift from me :)
Gl :)


So you will gift randoms but you never want to gift me :(
Sent by hugatree343,Feb 16, 2017
hugatree343 D: I do want to gift you but Ben is using gifting people to get votes :/
Sent by Ethan000,Feb 16, 2017
Ethan000 If I save you do I get the gift? :O
Sent by hugatree343,Feb 16, 2017
hugatree343 If picks you!
Sent by Ethan000,Feb 16, 2017
Um okay......
Sent by hugatree343,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 16, 2017
Would have saved without a gift :*
Sent by vergi1,Feb 16, 2017
obv saved
Sent by EmilyThorne,Feb 16, 2017
So you will gift randoms but you never want to gift me :(
Sent by hugatree343,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by Christian_,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by Mitchkid64,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by Karatso,Feb 17, 2017
Sent by Ethan000,Feb 17, 2017

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