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1AffinityAffinityby OliviaxoxoA frat for friendship ♥ 942Points78Members
2#BlogPolice University#BlogPolice Universityby McBenjamin#BlogPolice Students Today, Protectors Tomorrow~ 496Points41Members
3HeartbreakersHeartbreakersby silas86Rule #1: You gotta have fun495Points71Members
90's Kids90's Kidsby ohheydudeskiChillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.403Points35Members
BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!394Points45Members
Survivor Group GamesSurvivor Group Gamesby Survivor233A Place For Players And Hosts367Points48Members
SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind366Points33Members
SymmachiaSymmachiaby mminervini219Friendly, Loyal, Competitive - The Alliance327Points47Members
9Judge JudyJudge Judyby ArcaninemasterCracking Down the Law!322Points32Members
Little Monsters RebirthLittle Monsters Rebirthby gagaluvPaws Up Bitches320Points32Members
cool gal groupcool gal groupby Nattiefresh from gods palm314Points26Members
12The lrrelevantsThe lrrelevantsby kasey2011Are you lrrelevant? Then Join :)314Points52Members
13HumanitariansHumanitariansby acyutaBe Humane, always and forever. Because that is what we are. 284Points26Members
14TNNA 3.0TNNA 3.0by LoveLifeThe past, present & future of tengaged271Points25Members
GingerNationGingerNationby ticofernandezfor gingers and ginger lovers255Points26Members

Previous Frat Game Summary

  1. TheEclipse from Sophrosyne stole the star slot to Symmachia 0 min before end
  2. Absol from Symmachia stole the star slot to Sophrosyne 1 day 20 hours before end
  3. Davidftw123 from Sophrosyne stole the star slot to Little Monsters Rebirth 2 days 7 hours before end
  4. matty1982 from Little Monsters Rebirth stole the star slot to Brits 2 days 16 hours before end
  5. knixuk from Brits stole the star slot to HomoErectUs 2 days 23 hours before end
  6. Etienne from HomoErectUs stole the star slot to GingerNation 3 days 7 hours before end
  7. quackattack817 from GingerNation stole the star slot to 50 Shades of Blonde 3 days 9 hours before end

New Fraternities

  1. ticket frat ticket frat
  2. Joe's frat Joe's frat
  3. #Stars  #Kappa #Stars #Kappa
  4. The Platypus Alliance The Platypus Alliance
  5. The 100 2.0 The 100 2.0
  6. Top Of The World Top Of The World
  7. The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club
  8. Britneys Bitches Britneys Bitches
  10. Good Boys Club Good Boys Club
  11. Heathers Heathers
  12. The Swift Alliance The Swift Alliance
  13. The Supremes The Supremes
  14. Hogwarts Hogwarts
  15. Where are my friends Where are my friends
  16. Stupid Girls Stupid Girls
  17. Mon Dieu Mon Dieu
  18. Pasta Phone Pasta Phone
  19. DMB! DMB!
  20. Alison DiLaurentis. Alison DiLaurentis.