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1BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!504Points72Members
2#RackCity#RackCityby dav_o_79100 Deep, V.I.P, No Guest List.504Points38Members
AffinityAffinityby OliviaxoxoA frat for friendship ♥ 497Points49Members
4The Beer Society!The Beer Society!by StraightLoonieBeer? Yes Please!!!!470Points47Members
5SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind400Points34Members
Heroes :DHeroes :Dby yr_2007We believe in frat loyalty & honesty:-)371Points74Members
NumptiesNumptiesby BlueStarJust a bunch of numpties and plebs <3 364Points29Members
8Survivor Group GamesSurvivor Group Gamesby Survivor233A Place For Players And Hosts360Points51Members
9ARTPOPARTPOPby gagaluvWe Could We Could Belong Together <3352Points39Members
10HomoErectUsHomoErectUsby markuskausUn groupe formé par Etienne et Markus.319Points38Members
11The Lion's PackThe Lion's Packby lanikaiThe Lion's Pride293Points38Members Lemjam6~C.Y. <3290Points25Members
1350 Shades of Blonde50 Shades of Blondeby cluelizKeeping it Classy .... not Trashy!266Points20Members
14The lrrelevantsThe lrrelevantsby kasey2011Are you lrrelevant? Then Join :)257Points39Members
Magoo's AngelsMagoo's Angelsby SheenaAll hail Mama Magoo and her children.230Points21Members

Previous Frat Game Summary

  1. Megan from ACTIVES stole the star slot to 50 Shades of Blonde 1 day 8 hours before end
  2. Ireks from 50 Shades of Blonde stole the star slot to K.O.F 1 day 10 hours before end
  3. FighterMan from K.O.F stole the star slot to The lrrelevants 2 days 4 hours before end
  4. Wiseman from The lrrelevants stole the star slot to K.O.F 2 days 4 hours before end
  5. FighterMan from K.O.F stole the star slot to The lrrelevants 2 days 5 hours before end
  6. DrIcicle from The lrrelevants stole the star slot to Revolution 2 days 8 hours before end
  7. tkoblazetko from Revolution stole the star slot to Survivor Group Games 3 days 16 hours before end
  8. SurvivoroftheTocans from Survivor Group Games stole the star slot to ACTIVES 4 days 23 hours before end

New Fraternities

  1. Squidward Smells Squidward Smells
  2. Chance Chance
  3. The Bellyflopping Dummies The Bellyflopping Dummies
  4. G.T.O. G.T.O.
  5. The Mafia The Mafia
  7. Popptarts Popptarts
  8. Wasted Wasted
  9. Music Crew Music Crew
  10. Sam Smith Sam Smith
  11. R.A.M. R.A.M.
  12. Donut's Sprinkles Donut's Sprinkles
  13. Lonely Stars Lonely Stars
  14. Certified Divas Certified Divas
  15. 1989 1989
  16. The Church Of Thumper91 The Church Of Thumper91
  17. Scotland Scotland
  18. Elite-ists Elite-ists
  19. #BooBooUnite #BooBooUnite
  20. Winehouse Winehouse