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SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind603Points53Members
F.N.E.K SquadF.N.E.K Squadby iGolderPERIGO!!!!!!!!!!!413Points45Members
3Strawhat piratesStrawhat piratesby acyutaWe are the Nakama!372Points28Members
4BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!368Points36Members
5The lrrelevantsThe lrrelevantsby kasey2011Are you lrrelevant? Then Join :)345Points39Members
Party TutorsParty Tutorsby cswaggerrThe College Experience338Points28Members
HuntersHuntersby IceBeastHunt or Be Hunted320Points29Members
Midnight CrewMidnight Crewby EliOrtiz1234 :) 312Points25Members
Heartbreakers 2.0Heartbreakers 2.0by Icarus_MarkRule #1: Remember to have fun! 290Points30Members
10MPGISMPGISby beccajo16"Who the fuck are you?"287Points29Members
13 Reasons Why13 Reasons Whyby obey_meA frat based on the new Netflix series.286Points39Members
12The Kingdom of NutsThe Kingdom of Nutsby AlmondsAre you the fucking boss/king/queen?Join285Points28Members
13Team LoyalTeam Loyalby Lemjam6Loyalty is everything.261Points20Members
14Little Monsters LMLittle Monsters LMby gagaluvLuv Lady Gaga253Points19Members
15The Game ChangersThe Game Changersby GentlemanGGame changing moves, willing to change the game.251Points23Members

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  1. BlueBarracuda from The Beer Society! stole the star slot to wikipedia 16 hours 30 min before end
  2. Avalon from wikipedia stole the star slot to Heartbreakers 2.0 1 day 19 hours before end
  3. Bella1 from Heartbreakers 2.0 stole the star slot to Team Loyal 1 day 23 hours before end
  4. baza76 from Team Loyal stole the star slot to F.N.E.K Squad 3 days 17 hours before end
  5. Danielcchaves from F.N.E.K Squad stole the star slot to MPGIS 3 days 19 hours before end
  6. adelelover from MPGIS stole the star slot to Party Tutors 3 days 19 hours before end
  7. Hisoka from Party Tutors stole the star slot to Team Loyal 4 days 12 hours before end

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