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You need TV Level to create a fraternity.
1AffinityAffinityby OliviaxoxoA frat for friendship ♥ 777Points67Members
SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind493Points44Members
3BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!449Points60Members
4The Beer Society!The Beer Society!by StraightLoonieBeer? Yes Please!!!!422Points40Members
5Error404 - Frat Name Not F..Error404 - Frat Name Not Pepperdude_is_backA fun frat :)420Points42Members
Bailey BadGirl ClubBailey BadGirl Clubby JustMe380Points37Members
#RackCity#RackCityby dav_o_79100 Deep, V.I.P, No Guest List.355Points26Members
8HomoErectUsHomoErectUsby EtienneUn groupe formé par Etienne et Markus.321Points32Members
9Survivor Group GamesSurvivor Group Gamesby Survivor233A Place For Players And Hosts313Points42Members
10ACTIVESACTIVESby Meganwe bring the drama :)299Points26Members
11owlb0nersowlb0nersby owlb0nedwe love owls and b0ners :)))))))))296Points26Members
12SymmachiaSymmachiaby mminervini219Friendly, Loyal, Competitive - The Alliance279Points43Members
The RunawaysThe Runawaysby JouixRunning away with the competition.273Points60Members
14After HoursAfter Hoursby TimefliesFirst time I saw you, I knew right away.271Points28Members
1550 Shades of Blonde50 Shades of Blondeby cluelizKeeping it Classy .... not Trashy!252Points19Members

Previous Frat Game Summary

  1. letsgojets6 from The Runaways stole the star slot to Raffle seat 18 hours 46 min before end
  2. Shalissa from Raffle seat stole the star slot to Loyalty 1 day 22 hours before end
  3. ClassiCaz5 from Loyalty stole the star slot to Cristina Yang's Minions 2 days before end
  4. Halloween from Cristina Yang's Minions stole the star slot to The Green Team 2 days 9 hours before end
  5. joshie1 from The Green Team stole the star slot to Sophrosyne 2 days 11 hours before end
  6. GrrrImABear from Sophrosyne stole the star slot to Bailey BadGirl Club 2 days 17 hours before end
  7. zachbbs from Bailey BadGirl Club stole the star slot to The Green Team 2 days 21 hours before end
  8. LilSteph95 from The Green Team stole the star slot to Dumb Ways to Die 3 days 12 hours before end
  9. DiamondsArentForever from Dumb Ways to Die stole the star slot to GingerNation 3 days 23 hours before end
  10. quackattack817 from GingerNation stole the star slot to Loyalty 4 days 6 hours before end

New Fraternities

  1. The Black Widows The Black Widows
  2. Camp Wawanakwa Camp Wawanakwa
  3. 90's Kids 90's Kids
  4. Strategy Strategy
  5. English ? NO Thx English ? NO Thx
  6. Hellhole 2.0 Hellhole 2.0
  7. S.Y.G. S.Y.G.
  8. Game-Of-Thrones Game-Of-Thrones
  9. Sluts~R~Us Sluts~R~Us
  10. The Click, LMAO! The Click, LMAO!
  11. Katie Hopkins Katie Hopkins
  13. MattyBRaps MattyBRaps
  14. Friendship Friendship
  15. Hoping for a Future Hoping for a Future
  16. Friends 'Til The End Friends 'Til The End
  17. The Runaways The Runaways
  18. Loyalty Loyalty
  19. Epic Aces Epic Aces
  20. The Funky Jam Dance Party The Funky Jam Dance Party