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If Lana actually names her album

0 JGoodies, Feb 20, 2017

"Best American Record" I will literally cry that's such an awful name


The boogyman wont go to Mexico

0 XxLoveWakizaxX, Feb 20, 2017

because all the beds are on the floor


Let's address your point so then shall we

0 MrPokeguy9, Feb 20, 2017

At the end of the game, I'm not mad about your trying to ruin my charity. I'm annoyed at the fact people said shot about you, I decided not to let that into consideration and make my own opinion on you and decide your a good person until you decided to ruin my charity over a veto.....it's pathetic
Secondly. The reason people can't  take your jokes is because you don't make them look like jokes, make your jokes funny then people will laugh and not think your a sarcastic, backstabbing, deluded twat.
Thirdly, "If you guys are ever on tengaged, stay the fuck out of my way because I'm not gonna pity dickhead little boys."
Last time I checked Danteman453 asked you to join my charity, you didn't have to join it so that statement above makes you look like a compelte hypocrite because you had the choice to stay away but you didn't so don't act like you've done nothing wrong.
Also to anyone that bet on me. I am going to do my best to ensure I don't go when I'm nommed, so keep your bets safe because I'm about to let a deluded, self-absorbed, concieded twat ruin this game that my other mates have joined to help in


i already hate myself

4 SurvivorFreak13, Feb 20, 2017

why kick some1 when they r down


Total drama branstelle part 38 pahkitew..

0 scooby0000, Feb 20, 2017

Week #1:
Head of Household: Scarlett
Nominees: Shawn and Jasmine
Veto Players: Scarlett, Shawn, Jasmine, Rodney, Amy, and Topher
Veto Winner: Scarlett
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Shawn and Jasmine
Evicted: Shawn (6-4)
Week #2:
Head of Household: Dave
Nominees: Topher and Sugar
Veto Players: Dave, Topher, Sugar, Sky, Rodney, and Ella
Veto Winner: Sky
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Topher and Sugar
Evicted: Topher (5-4)
Week #3:
Head of Household: Sugar
Nominees: Dave and Samey
Veto Players: Sugar, Dave, Samey, Sky, Ella, and Scarlett
Veto Winner: Dave
Veto Used: Yes on Dave
Replacement: Jasmine
Final Nominees: Jasmine and Samey
Evicted: Jasmine (5-3)
Week #4:
Head of Household: Ella
Nominees: Leonard and Sugar
Veto Players: Ella, Leonard, Sugar, Rodney, Dave, and Scarlett
Veto Winner: Leonard
Veto Used: Yes on Leonard
Replacement: Scarlett
Final Nominees: Scarlett and Sugar
Evicted: Scarlett (4-3)
Week #5:
Head of Household: Dave
Nominees: Sugar and Beardo
Veto Players: Dave, Sugar, Beardo, Amy, Leonard, and Samey
Veto Winner: Leonard
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Sugar and Beardo
Evicted: Sugar (3-3)
Week #6:
Head of Household: Amy
Nominees: Beardo and Samey
Veto Players: Amy, Beardo, Samey, Sky, Dave, and Rodney
Veto Winner: Beardo
Veto Used: Yes on Beardo
Replacement: Ella
Final Nominees: Ella and Samey
Evicted: Samey (5-0)
Week #7:
Head of Household: Ella
Nominees: Leonard and Amy
Veto Players: Ella, Leonard, Amy, Beardo, Sky, and Dave
Veto Winner: Beardo
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Leonard and Amy
Evicted: Leonard (3-1)
Week #8:
Head of Household: Sky
Nominees: Beardo and Rodney
Veto Players: Sky, Beardo, Rodney, Amy, Dave, and Ella
Veto Winner: Amy
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Beardo and Rodney
Evicted: Rodney (3-0)
Week #9:
Head of Household: Ella
Nominees: Beardo and Amy
Veto Players: Ella, Beardo, Amy, Dave, and Sky
Veto Winner: Ella
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Beardo and Amy
Evicted: Beardo (2-0)
Week #10:
Head of Household: Sky
Nominees: Dave and Amy
Veto Players: Sky, Dave, Amy, and Ella
Veto Winner: Sky
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Dave and Amy
Evicted: Amy (1-0)
Final HoH:
Part 1 Winner: Dave
Part 2 Winner: Sky
Part 3 Winner: Dave
Final Nominees: Ella and Sky
Evicted: Sky
Finalists: Dave and Ella
Winner: Ella
Fan Favorite: Beardo



0 joey65409, Feb 20, 2017

Some people


Neither of them are big

1 iYBF, Feb 20, 2017

I know from experience


Survivor Skype Game 1 Results

3 TotsTrashy, Feb 20, 2017

I had a fun two hours hosting this on-call Survivor Skype game.
Check below for spoilers and who won the gift...
Congratulations to Renny( Renny10) on winning! I will gift you as soon as possible.
Official Placements of Survivor: Africa
[16]: Caleb {1st Voted Out, 4-3-1}(Samburu)
[15]: Hunter( minnie) {2nd Voted Out, 4-3}(Samburu)
[14]: Max( EmilyThorne) {3rd Voted Out, 3-1-1-0*}(Boran)
[13]: Mario {4th Voted Out, 5-1-1}(Boran)
[12]: Austin( wildboy12) {5th Voted Out, 5-1}(Samburu/Samburu)
[11]: Dylan( BrendaMeekz) {6th Voted Out, 4-1-1}(Samburu/Boran)
[10]: Michael {7th Voted Out, 6-3-1}(Samburu/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[9]: Ethan( Bigbrotherlover12) {8th Voted Out, 4-3-1-1}(Boran/Boran/Moto Maji)
[8]: Cray( Crayadian) {9th Voted Out, 4-3-1}(Boran/Boran/Moto Maji)
[7]: Nolan( mysterygame2) {10th Voted Out, 3-2-2}(Samburu/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[6]: Stuart( ClassiCaz5) {11th Voted Out, 2-2-1-1/3-1}(Boran/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[5]: Bryan( FrozenShadow09) {12th Voted Out, 3-1-1}(Boran/Boran/Moto Maji)
[4]: Jacob( BigBrother_78) {13th Voted Out, 2-2/Eliminated}(Samburu/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[3]: Romeo( alwaysvictorious) {14th Voted Out, 1-0}(Samburu/Boran/Moto Maji)
[2]: Adam( adelelover) {Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Boran/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[1]: Renny( Renny10) {Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win}(Boran/Boran/Moto Maji)
Chart: http://imgur.com/a/pl4H5


Jerking my big fat monster cock

0 Imthtawesom, Feb 20, 2017

Getting kinda close, anyone wanna see the finale?;)


jerking my big fat monster cock

0 Tigger, Feb 20, 2017

getting close to the finale, anyone see me shoot my load?



1 mathboy9, Feb 20, 2017

this is the second nude scandal notnicky333 has gotten involved in and he's only 13. iconic


I've lost my innocence....

1 NotNicky333, Feb 20, 2017

mastropola did bad things to my trust ;(


it still stands today

4 RightToCensor, Feb 20, 2017

in Blood Vs Water Ciera was Tyson's biggest threat to the million dollars and had she made it to final 3 she would have won.


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Amanda blindsiding Alexis

10 Steven999, Feb 20, 2017

Was the most iconic Survivor moment next to Wentworth's idol play. That bitch had it coming tbh #Survivor


Janelle Pierzina (+/-) BB6, BB7 &..

5 Kaseyhope101, Feb 20, 2017

Janelle Marie Pierzina was a houseguest on Big Brother 6 with her secret partner, Ashlea Evans. Janelle is remembered for being a part of the Sovereign Six alliance and her conflicts with The Friendship. She finished in third place, being evicted by the sole vote of Ivette Corredero over the eventual winner Maggie Ausburn.
Pierzina returned to the house in Big Brother All-Stars, being reunited with three members of her Sovereign Six allies. In this season, Janelle set the record for most individual competitions won in a single season, with 9 (4 HoH's & 5 PoV's). Once again, she placed third. She also developed a flirtmance with Will Kirby..


Lmao danger r u ok

4 jenzie, Feb 20, 2017

Italians shower every fucking day and we even have this thing called bidet to clean our ass for good after we shit so please shut ur fucking mouth bc ur ignorant as hell


Spoons: Final 3

22 Vanili, Feb 20, 2017

3 players remain :)
** ATTENTION: EVERY PLAYER is required to get FIVE (5) saves!!! **
at f2 Tengaged will vote for a winner
You may choose ONE player to give a spoon by tagging them. Having FIVE spoons means that person is safe. The last PERSON to receive FIVE spoons will be ELIMINATED.
[[[ RULES ]]]
- anyone on tengaged may give a spoon EXCEPT FOR PLAYERS IN THE GAME
- can only give ONE person a spoon
- if you are a previously eliminated player, you can give a spoon
- multi comments will not be counted (only one save per person)
- if you comment more than once, i will delete comments after your first one
- if the person you comment has already been saved (received 5..


#SaveTengaged - Response

15 RaverKid, Feb 20, 2017

Well, I'm a little frustrated at the backlash I've received for proposing the idea of an optional subscription based perks system. But I also completely understand where you're all coming from; as someone who's grown up as a gamer, playing MMO PC games since I was like 7, I always looked at those subscriptions as a money grab and I've always been frustrated with them. Though, as someone who is trying to code and build a website; I now understand why they're there.
Obviously, tengaged wasn't making enough money to maintain itself. Or randomize wouldn't have left us. I need to find another way to monotize the website. I'm an 18 year old college student who works a part time job. The only..


plus this blog

8 Kelly0412, Feb 20, 2017

if Mastropola is a sad individual


James Rhine (+/-) BB6, BB7

7 Kaseyhope101, Feb 20, 2017

*my fave male in BB history ; my dad*
James Allen Rhine was a houseguest on Big Brother 6 who returned to the house in Big Brother All Stars. In both seasons James placed 7th. His secret partner in the Big Brother 6 House was Sarah Hrejsa. James is known as a member of the Sovereign Six alliance, whom he betrayed in both of his seasons.
James formerly held the record for the most Power of Veto wins with 4 in Big Brother 6, but the record would be broken by his Sovereign Six ally Janelle Pierzina the following season in Big Brother All Stars who won 5 Power of Veto competitions.
•James is the only male to win a veto competition in BB6.
•James is tied with Shane Meaney and John..


Classical Composers Movie Joke

7 islandsurvivor, Feb 20, 2017

Steven Spielberg wants to make a new action movie featuring classical composers. He gets Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the lead characters. He asks each of them which composer they want to play. Bruce says he'll be Mozart, Sylvester says he'll be Beethoven. Arnold says 'ill be..


PYN & I'll give you an honest..

24 Brayden_, Feb 20, 2017

EDIT: You're getting skipped if idk you
Arris - Somedays I think of you as a top 40 Gordie, you know 'cause you like Ariana and stuff. But other days I think of you as a really relaxed dude who just has a keen interest in pop culture. All in all, you're a real swell fella.
Blahblahblahblah - Hey, I promise that I'll eventually gift you, just like 40 t$ short at the moment. You seem nice, but can't be that nice if you're pals with brotherlittle.
Littlebrother123 - Speak of the idiot. I sometimes think you're a real funny guy with some of your blogs, but other times I think you're an even bigger douce than moi.
useamint -..


Kaysar Ridha (+/-) BB6, BB7

6 Kaseyhope101, Feb 20, 2017

*most overrated contestant in all of BB history*
Kaysar Ridha was a houseguest on Big Brother 6 and then returned to the house in Big Brother All Stars. In both seasons Kaysar placed tenth.
His secret partner in the Big Brother 6 House was Michael Donnellan. Kaysar is best known for being the leader of the Sovereign Six alliance. Kaysar was evicted on Day 33, but after a fan vote, he returned to the game on Day 40 following Sarah Hrejsa's eviction. Ultimately he gave up his HOH to Jennifer Vasquez during an endurance after a made deal, only to find himself betrayed and evicted for a second time. He later returned for Big Brother All-Stars, where once again he received tenth..