Guigi really?

0 LittleBrother123, Sep 30, 2014

First you tease me with a gift.
Then you steal away my rookies win.
guigi @ guigi @ guigi


Lamia irl

1 MelihV, Sep 30, 2014

(pic) Lamia


Homophobia in my Class!

3 Aeon, Sep 30, 2014

There are a few different cliques in my class. A big one and then several smaller ones. I'm in the big one and usually people outside of the big group don't really talk to anyone else in the class as they think they're weird. But I am friends with one of the people in the smaller groups and recently they came out as Bisexual possibly gay. I asked them if it was okay if I told my group and they said they didn't care. My group had already been suspicious since we found the gay person's secret twitter and they made some... revealing tweets. So after telling the rest of my group I was shocked at how people took it, one of the girls said she was scared to be in the class with the girl who came out since she was scared of them liking her (These people are the populars so they have an ego) and a boy said that if he ever had a child who was gay he would shoot them. I myself am straight and up until now I didn't really have an opinion on gay rights but now I feel disgusted in my class's behaviour and I did tell them that that's their opinion but it isn't fair to discriminate and I hope someday they do learn that gay people and straight people can live together happily!


100 Player Competition

0 SurvivoroftheTocans, Sep 30, 2014

#casting the game where having the numbers is not so easy xD
the goal is to survive the polls.
there will be 5 teams of ten. the challenges are polls. the 4 teams with the highest percentage win immunity. The remaining team must face the dome where they will vote to eliminate someone. the person with the most votes on the poll is sent packing


I can't believe there are people..

4 Simplyobsessed, Sep 30, 2014

..who choose to accuse me of 'faking' my transition. At the end of the day we are NORMAL every day people, just because i have kept up a mask for a long time doesn't mean i am 'faking it'. If you are one of the people accusing me of faking it, then you are one of the reasons i had to keep the mask up in the first place. im actually so upset rn


JMaze's Sloppy Seconds: Sixteen Songs for..

0 Graneceffect, Sep 30, 2014

#4 Davyprentiss
On mountain tops
In craggy caves
And about cloudy cliffs 
Gather the rope dancers
Like the salt lake below
Absorbing atmosphere
Polluted streams
Coalescing preparing to spill
Down to their depths
Saturating ripening harvests
Stagnating finally
Moving outside themselves
Something sailing toward the Sun
Toward mountain tops.


What are other websites to play

0 mastropola, Sep 30, 2014

games on?
Im rlly bored right now and there's nothing to do


if some1 RLLY wants

1 tofutime, Sep 30, 2014

ill use they/them pronouns to refer to them even though it's grammatically incorrect but no i will not call you "xe, xem, xyr" sorry no


sits back

3 Funnehliner, Sep 30, 2014

staring at the people who believe Simplyobsessed


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BB Queens Of Survivor 2 - Week 2

163 Gemma17, Sep 29, 2014

With Francesca quitting, and Crystal getting evicted, it was time to crown a new HOH for the week. In the end, it was Morgan who came out on top, becoming HOH right after surviving the block.
At the HOH Ceremony, Morgan explained, "I have nominated you, Erinn and you, Tasha. I'm sorry but I have to pawn two people who were campaigning against me. I want one of you to win the POV, so we can spice this game up a bit. Good luck!"
At POV, it was Natalie who won. After deliberating, Natalie chose to use her POV to remove Tasha from the block. With a rumor about Sierra already having the hidden immunity, Morgan chose to name her the replacement nominee, explaining, "This has..


[Just in Case I'm Nominated for 12th]

14 Yoshitomi, Sep 30, 2014

Yes...yes...yes...I'm suffering from Stars Paranoia as well. XD
If I'm up for 12th, this is what my blog would say. If I'm not, then I can chill out at work.
I made a video yesterday in case this happened's not uploading very well. The video is 3 minutes 40 seconds, but only 47 seconds is uploading.
I've tried everything, nothing is working. It does 21% and then it says it's done. O_O looks a mess...but enjoy 47 seconds of terrible video editing.
(The arm swing goes with the "real life comes first" bit)
I basically explained how everyone has been really nice and I've chatted to everyone..


Why "Tengaged" is banned from..

17 rohanchaubey, Sep 30, 2014

Today, I had a lengthy conversation with a Wikipedia administrator on my talk page. She took the time to explain to me why exactly an article about Tengaged is not allowed on Wikipedia. They have a very complicated vocabulary set on Wikipedia, but I would like to explain in simpler terms why exactly we're not allowed to put a Tengaged article on Wikipedia.
In order for an article about a website to be allowed, the website must meet at least one of three requirements (Note: These are paraphrased for simplicity):
1. The website has been written about in multiple published works. (The small blurb/paragraph about Tengaged on reality TV sites do not count.)
2. The website has won an..


Nominated for 13th Vlog

19 asz9191, Sep 29, 2014

First vlog felt like this called for it.  Not too sure what happened.  Thought we had the votes.  I'm going to try to make sure dylan goes up.
I wasn't going to try to get him up this early.  His whole alliance knows he's the easiest scapegoat cause they're throwing him under the bus.  But, it's the only thing that would make my 13th worth it.  So, I hope I'm saved anyway here I am.
Anybody will tell you I've been better lately.  I've said some truly awful stuff to some good people on this site.  My hate is totally warranted.  However, I think anybody will tell you that's all past me.  I kind of considered this site similar to playing Madden against somebody online.  You don't see..


No title

39 je7467, Sep 29, 2014

Scoderk believes in teamwork, and together, we will have a team, to hopefully eliminate bias and ensure every user is given a fair chance. We do not believe in bans for minimal cases. We will be introducing a controlled supervision program where, you will be able to stay on the site, but you will be monitored and if you break a rule, you're ban will go into effect, if you have a perfect behavior record while on controlled supervision, what you did before will not be on your record.
These are the levels of power, please post below which one you are interested in, if you are interested in any. (Logical answers only will be considered, if you are 13, you will most likely not be an admin, if..



5 Robinhood99, Sep 29, 2014

What an unlucky number if you ask me? Anyway, I've been targetted/countered for 2-3 times now and it really sucks since I'm not really know when there are these really popular people in stars. If you wanna ask anyone about how dumb these sets are, ask halloween cuz he's been pushing really hard to get me out xD. I'm one of the few that actually talk in minority, cuz we would be even more of a mess. If you save me, I'll be sure to keep up the good puns and make it really far... PLZ give me a chance to stay < 3
Vote me here:



63 Valdamien, Sep 29, 2014



Rockos Modern Life is closed

8 broncman789, Sep 29, 2014

After saving several weeks I was finally able to get a shop so I could gift a bunch of people. I was able to successfully gift most of the people I wanted too. With that said I have to thank all the people that let me used there designs this week, we all know I cant design.  Thank you _Aria , Lucinda , Dalagninja , Foxox , and ZIMY . Now its time to thank all the people that helped me gift:


I've been hiding this for a long time.

17 Simplyobsessed, Sep 30, 2014

I hope you don't judge me for what I am about to reveal.
For the last few years I have been living the lie of being a gay man, I have always known that I am actually a woman. I have began the process of making the physical transformation from male to female.
Hoping people here support me. x



51 Valdamien, Sep 29, 2014

How many designs do I have all together?
The winner will get gifted when this blog expired
*1 guess per person



13 jsylvia76, Sep 29, 2014

I just want to say hello to all you wonderful people out there!
I been really busy but I miss all my friends especially
and anyone i missed
i love you all and miss you like crazy
These special people also get my love and shoutouts
A huge shoutout to
skyler1822 i miss you..


Applications for Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol..

1 TolisKalkas, Sep 29, 2014

For those of you that don't know this group, and wonder ‘how is it different from the other 50 Idol/X-factor groups,’ this group is different because we don't use celebrities or famous people. TENGAGED USERS compete in this singing competition! SO IF YOU SIGN UP YOU WILL BE SINGING!
YOU DO NOT NEED AN AUDITION PIECE! I just need to see how many people intend to join. The next week is Hollywood week where the contestants will be broken up into groups and perform for the judges.
Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol 12's theme is "Your Choice." How this will work is that most of the decision making will be YOUR choice! Tengaged will decide most of what happens this season. Your first..