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[IN PROGRESS] Casting Shirt 2.0

0 RobiLee, Jul 29, 2015

I just having issues making arms and making sure the changes the skin since you guys points that issue out to me :)



0 Supahhero, Jul 29, 2015

To be assigned a character from the iconic 90's cartoon Recess.



0 spinfur, Jul 29, 2015

Bored again any calls and anyone wanna chat?
Skype: Wcplays



3 Petro, Jul 29, 2015


was there a takeover tonight

0 yolo, Jul 29, 2015

or is that just not a thing anymore


You can be mad all you want...

6 MrMinaj, Jul 29, 2015

But last time I checked you used to constantly call Icing a man, until you realized you might lose all possible chances of getting designs hun. oops
jenzie & ElectraViv


BB Hogwarts takeover anyone?

0 Sackeshi, Jul 29, 2015

The actor of Dumbledore announces that they will play a game of Quiddich for a secrete power The winning team gets to vote for who gets the power. The winner gets to make one of the 4 nominations but no one knows about it and will think that the hoh nominated them instead.
The other twist is that the have nots and losers of the BOTB must move on a broom stick for the rest of the week.


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I'm Done

31 IRandomal123, Jul 29, 2015

I've stood up for you, I wasn't afraid to call you my friend, I always hoped that you saw me as a friend too.
I'm facing reality now and I realize that all you see in me as was just a worthless puppet in your games just to help you out.. you never cared about me, but more for the Karma. The way you treat people is the mark of your own insecurities.. and you always ask for forgiveness from people but your truly mean to people.
This blog isn't out to get you or to attack you in any single way just because of a dumb game. I don't take games seriously but I'm always honest with people in them.
I can't handle anymore lies about what I am to people anymore. I..



67 jenzie, Jul 29, 2015

honestly bewildered at a 30 year old man who has a daughter himself, calling 15 year olds on this website "sluts". great example of an adult you are, especially such a classy father figure!!! but what do you expect from a grown ass man sitting on his rolling computer chair playing frookies 24/7 insulting girls
another slut added to the mix
Sent by HUmanMustard,Jul 29, 2015


Stars Coupon Event - 29th July

9 Johneh, Jul 29, 2015

This week's competition is a simple Tengaged Treasure Hunt! I have hidden groups of letters throughout the website - 3 different places. These letters when combined produce a word. The first person to mail me the word AND the 3 locations (links) of the letters WINS!
So where are these locations? Every 10 minutes I will edit this blog and provide clues, the longer it goes on the more obvious the clues will get. :)
The clues will be VERY vague to begin with.
I won't reply to your mail if you're wrong.
The letters are all in capitals and are in a single post. Trust me, you'll know when you've found them.
- - - LOCATION #1 - - -
Hint #1 - Tengaged Staff
Hint #2 - Not me



19 Lights, Jul 29, 2015

After numerous day changes of making moves while simultaneously keeping my name out of peoples minds, it finally caught up with me. When I found out I was a counter for this daychange, I tried to keep myself off the block, but I guess it wasn't enough. Unfortunately, you can't FORCE people to lock in with you, and if they have their mind made up, it can be nearly impossible to change that. I really am enjoying the chance to get to play stars again after such a long time of not playing. I really hope that Tengaged gives me the opportunity to stay in the game, so I can keep giving it my best. I'm not ready to go home and if I stay, I'll most certainly continue trying my hardest to make it all..


Watch out for a cheater?

32 IceBeast, Jul 29, 2015

In hunger kruzer attacked me so he had attackers advantage, mace, and 8xp (12.5 xp total). I had 8 xp and a knife (9xp total). I was already basically dead and I knew if he missed one note, I would win if I got a perfect, which I did.
After consulting with my friends, they told me he cheated.. which makes me very disappointed.
1057  x 1.38% = 1458.66 (perfect with 12.5xp bonus)
1057 x 1.27% = 1342.39 (perfect with 9xp bonus)
Final scores: 1519.0 vs 1342.4
I'm not saying that he cheated for sure because idk how this all works, but if he did this is..


The Power Struggle

143 dsradine, Jul 29, 2015

Comp 4
Please tag the user you'd like to see safe this week!


Every Multi Stars winner

15 TheSexiestDude990, Jul 29, 2015

Basically, everyone that's won multiple stars. If someone's won on multiple accounts, I'm counting both. Let me know if I missed any!
Emmaleigh (15, 24, 33, 59, 95, 139)
Phenomanimal (117, 165, 201, 291, 315)
ZEEnon (82, 120, 131, 182, 235)
BbDamian (99, 142, 280, 302)
Maggie (38, 42, 73, 89)
Etienne (122, 160, 252)
Gaiaphage (256, 276, 296)
Jakel0vespicklerr/Jakel0vespickler (9, 14, 237)
Jenzie (211, 251, 269)
Karim (37, 77, 171)
LiteCitrus/Yoki (113, 176, 228)
Lonlee (44, 70, 101)
NoelSarah (8, 13, 58)
Survivor8 (126, 217, 231)
TheSexiestDude990 (225, 271, 300)
Uskyld/Sebbers (46, 98, 219)
Vh1luvr15 (191, 203, 249)
2008girl (91,..


Gift Giveaway !!!!!!!!!

56 Piddu, Jul 29, 2015

I will be posting a Rhino Vest in my shop but Rhino doesn't want it so I am going to instead be gifting a user who has little to no gifts #CharityByRhino (and hopefully future people who also post a rhino design do this too).
So PYN if you meet this requirement or post the name of anybody who does.
The Vest will be one of the two in the picture.


TG Meetup Vlog lol

36 jacksonjoseph99, Jul 29, 2015

yeah so im meeting black0ut247 on Thursday (how wacky right) so if you have any questions just comment down here



63 KingGeek, Jul 29, 2015

And I'll predict your placing on Big Brother.
#harrywasnak - 8/16
#Maxi1234 - 2/16 #RobbedGoddess
#Pineapples - 14/16
#Survivorgame1 - 6/16
#Willie_ - 7/16
#FighterMan - 16/16
#DanielleDonato - 3/16
#Kaseyhope101 - 4/16
#Bluestar1367 - 13/16
#Arris - 7/16
#hotandcold - 15/16
#DeathIsGreat - 1/16 #Queen
#ghrocky100 - 9/16
#pleaseletmestay - 10/16
#garygbs2nd - 16/16
#Darriusdabest - 2/16
#NotNicky333 - 6/16
#Mattyc964 - 11/16
#Guigi - 1/16
#Anoreoz897 - 9/16
#Gkinn1234 - You got ejected before the show started. Sucks to suck right?
#IceIceBaby - 3/16
#QueenMichelle - 8/16
#HipposUnite - 1/16
Wade03 - 16/16
Jinxx -..