0 jojo7784, Dec 19, 2014

lexibear =]


welcum bak

0 semajdude, Dec 19, 2014




3 cherrycola, Dec 19, 2014

when ya fucked up and ya try to remember yo night like opps i hooked up with my ex lol


I have very sad news :(

2 Hakim, Dec 19, 2014

As you all know baza76 is one of my closet friends irl and about 2 hours ago he was reprted dead at a local store on the local news ;(
I am very saddened by this he was an amazing person
Please give your condolonces



2 Steel, Dec 19, 2014

who the fuck is Elvira


You cant

1 mastropola, Dec 19, 2014

say a date you were here before in a noob test, and then only list things from that era. :|
I mean I really dont care all that much, but it really had no variety of when things happened.
Twatever, Im not going to rage over this site, so I said my part , comment whatever you want bye.


It's been like a year

0 ricktworick1, Dec 19, 2014

since the release of A Great Big World's "Say Something", yet the song still makes me feel so emotional. Magical.


I've Got An Idea

4 Yoshitomi, Dec 19, 2014

For a perhaps less "AMG HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A NOOB!" version of Pepperdude_is_back's noob test.
It will be long though and even though I've been here since 2008, I've left this site for months and may have missed some staple Tengaged historic events.
Especially around 2010-2011.
Post which events you think it should include, I already have a lot written down, but most of what I have are the technical things, not the community things.
I suppose I'd call it the Veteran's Test. ;)
But if you post an event I missed, I'll tag you in the blog. :)


Is it good

1 Delete2544, Dec 19, 2014

To have 3 keys on day 2 of a castings?



1 BostonRob_, Dec 19, 2014

Currently laying in some random bed. I got too drunk last night and dont wanna go downstairs.
Checked FB for an hour; got bored now im blogging on here.
What up bros


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The Noob Test (Post Your Score)

123 Pepperdude_is_back, Dec 18, 2014

Below are a series of criteria and a rank to see how much of a noob you are, count how many of these apply to you:
1) Was on the site before 2010
2) Was on the site before 2012
3) You Remember Biodork's antics
4) You remember when Pepper was top of the merge streaks
5) You were here when Emmaleigh was top of the HoF
6) You were here when BBDamian was top of the HoF
7) You were here before advertisements
8) You remember the ruined marriage
9) You remember Josh Gotti
10) You were here before Bluestar
11) You remember stars screenies
12) You were here when Randomize actually took this website seriously
13) You remember when there was more mods than..


Posting Pink Santa Hat

10 Lucinda, Dec 18, 2014

for public soon, if this makes top blogs :D
EDIT: There you go, merry xmas


~~~~My 5th Tengaged Anniversary is..

14 ZIMY, Dec 18, 2014

I remember when i joined tengaged. I thought it was weird and almost quit the first day. i felt like i couldn't even be myself or even tell anyone my real name. In fear that you all were stalkers or something haha.
Eventually i found my place here and made many friends. Some have come and gone. But i find that everyone i have met on tengaged have shaped or changed me someway. I am definitely not the same person when i joined. I graduated college, I moved out on my own,I lost over 30 lbs, I am a kick ass X-Ray tech (and proud of it), and I am an independent person.
And I cant forget how designing has changed me. I wouldn't say i am an artist. But playing around in Photoshop really has..


For every 20 points

12 Orlando652, Dec 18, 2014

I'll say something about me that most people don't know :)
20- my first friend on this site, was sweetheart95 and he's probably the only reason why I stayed at that time, I may have had a crush on him.
40- I actually lied about my age for a while on here, just by a year but it was dumb. I'm 17 for the people who still think I'm 18.
60- I think I'm generally a nice person, but at the same time I don't know if that's really me if that makes sense lol.
80- me and Vitamin share a really funny moment, but I swore I wouldn't talk about it.
100- it's extremely hard for me to make friends, the closest friend I've ever had is probably..


For every 50 points ill post something

5 DiamondsArentForever, Dec 18, 2014

dumb/fucked up/weird that robertguajardo has said over the past week or so!
50: me: “rob do you know who anne frank is?”
#robert: “yeah she came out of that movie... whats it called? oh the fault in our stars!”
100: "is bi-racial a black person mixed with an african?"
150: * eliortiz1234 and i talking about hitler for some reason*
#robert: "who is hitler? you guys talk about him a lot. is he banned or something?"
200: * cfff and i talking about our favourite fruit juices*
#brian: "rob whats your favourite?"
#robert: "my favourite is strawberry milk."
250: #robert: "whats pole..


#TBT to the stars chat

10 owlb0ned, Dec 18, 2014

[12/15/2014 4:21:12 PM] Black0ut247 -Alec: Hey so
[12/15/2014 4:21:21 PM] Black0ut247-Alec: um I'm usually labelled as the guy who plays really hard in stars
[12/15/2014 4:21:28 PM] Black0ut247-Alec: so it might be easy to throw me under the bus
[12/15/2014 4:21:33 PM] Black0ut247-Alec: and say i made the sets or what not
[12/15/2014 4:21:36 PM] Black0ut247-Alec: but in reality
[12/15/2014 4:21:54 PM] Black0ut247-Alec: i was at school from 7:30AM-3:30PM
[12/15/2014 4:22:08 PM] Black0ut247-Alec: and having sat tutoring from 4:00PM-5:00PM
[12/15/2014 4:22:12 PM] Carsonl: tell me when ur done talking so I can turn my notifications back on


pyn and i'll rate your gayness

31 Milkisgood, Dec 19, 2014

from 0 to homosexual to stoopkid95 to you're going to hell for being so gay
diamondsarentforever - a 12 like your IQ!!!
alanduncan - idk not as gay as Troy but somewhere around a donaam
robertguajardo - you're gayer than 2 of eliortiz1234 and half a suzycroatia
tetsuya - not sure so I'll say half a stary to cover all of my bases
phenomanimal - well let's just say there's a reason your name is Gayston
bamold1999 - somewhere in the middle between xryn0618 and..


♫ Top 50 Songs of 2014 - #13 ♫

14 Aquamarine, Dec 18, 2014

It's a bit late to be tagged in anything really since my list is kinda solid, also please stop commenting "this was from 2013". Most everything from 2013 is eligible, deal with it!
#13 - Counting Stars - OneRepublic
This is the second song by OneRepublic on my countdowns, Good Life being the highest at #10 in 2011.
Hint for #12: I think people will be disappointed its not in the Top 10.


this is on a pic of Jaclyn on FB

9 Etienne, Dec 18, 2014

"Christy Whelan Yes, this is what Survivor has become- plastic beauties and actors. Sad. Get some real people."
LOL, the cat ladies always talk about the show needing "real people" but what even is that??? An average-looking 45 year old single mom who's been divorced 3 times??? A fireman dad in his 50s from the south who spits everywhere? O wait, they had that this season


I got Sliver :)

15 Hassan_415, Dec 18, 2014

Tengaged newest Sliver Level -Its about dam time lol-
I've been waiting for this day for so long, I literary have been counting down the days. I'm so excited hopefully there are more level ups in my future.
Here are a few people who helped me get here


I'm pretty sure...

10 SurvivorFreak13, Dec 18, 2014

If Reed voted for Nat, Jac and Missy would each get 100k
but because he voted Jac, Jac gets 100k and Missy gets 85k.. LOL.


Funnehliner's Best Bits

7 BengalBoy, Dec 19, 2014

Funny Finner, Stars 306 winner, remember when he used to eat sardines for dinner
Are you trying to pull some Voodoo Witch shit on me over the internet? LMFAO pathetic
Sent by Funnehliner,Jul 17, 2014
[23:34:11] Fantastic Mr Bombastic: dk is a different case he has molested me over months
[05/07/2014 14:40:13] Dru: what were u banned for
[07/07/2014 05:31:17] Funneh aka Alex: I told DK to break his legs lol
[07/07/2014 05:37:03] Dru: were u wishing him good luck
[07/07/2014 05:39:32] Funneh aka Alex: LMFAO
[07/07/2014 05:39:37] Funneh aka Alex: No I genuinely wanted him to break his legs
[16/08/2014 02:48:13] Funneh aka Alex: [16 August 2014 02:48] Jessica Mckenzie: