Whos this tribe

0 Lucinda, Sep 16, 2014
Like must of us when we name a tribe we're like Kez's tribe or suzy's tribe.
can it be cesco's tribe :\


3 more people

0 diarzibari101, Sep 16, 2014

left for castings guys pls join


Tamara and Winston broke up (or never dated)

0 MelihV, Sep 16, 2014

#bbuk15 that lasted long! (!)


My professor spilled her energy drink

0 coreyants, Sep 16, 2014

All over my backpack! How kind of her! And then she wanted someone to read this poem and she says "isn't there anyone theatrical" and everyone looks at me because I am a theatre major like no thanks. So I just told the professor I am not a fan of poetry, so she goes "oh well what about Shakespeare" and I hate classical theatre LOL


2 gift giveaways!!

0 BrendonByrne, Sep 16, 2014

Plus then MAIL ME that you did!
This is REAL these people have already won!
Thank you !!!!!!!!!


My Hair Is 50 Shades Of Pink

0 AlanDuncan, Sep 16, 2014

Away from Frankies, brb shaving it off (pic)


Big Brother 16 Cast Rankings

3 lassidoggy, Sep 16, 2014

I'm gonna do them now, because this season is basically over. We know who wins and we know who wins fan fav.
1st- Nicole
2nd- Donny
3rd- Jocasta
4th- Devin
5th- Brittany
6th- Hayden
7th- Joey
8th- Paola
9th- Amber
10th- Victoria
11th- Derrick
12th- Caleb
13th- Christine
---Rosie O'Donnell---
14th- Cody
15th- Zach
16th- Frankie


It's hard to believe

0 wumblebee, Sep 16, 2014

that I've never been Fashionista, right??????????


Learn from my mistakes

0 kwiens18, Sep 16, 2014

I started playing this game a couple weeks back and thought it was so fun that I got my brother playing.  We were not aware that you had to email the admins about your siblings and we were subsequently banned.  My profile has been unlocked but despite numerous email pleas my brother was not so fortunate.  Do not make this mistake as it keeps potential players from playing on this site.  Just thought I would spread the word.


If you ain't got no money...

0 Simplyobsessed, Sep 16, 2014

...take yo broke ass home #StopBeingPoor


Big Brother 5 (All Stars) Week 3

1 Shadow0434, Sep 16, 2014

Dominic ( gloss13) (BB1-1st)
Nicole ( panda6785) (BB1-2nd) (BB4-2nd)
Alexandria ( lanadelrey_) (BB2-2nd) (BB4-3rd)
Porsche ( JackieSings) (BB2-1st)
Antoin ( Antoinfon) (BB3-2nd) (BB4-15th)
Jessica ( Kaseyhope101) (BB1-15th) (BB3-1st)
Jay ( jay28jay2) (BB1-16th) (BB2-4th) (BB3-12th) (BB4-1st)
Kevin (@kevinbryan22) (BB2-16th) (BB4-5th)
Ollie ( MrPokeguy9) (BB3-9th) (BB4-11th)
Blake ( LongedShorted) (BB3-3rd) (BB4-14th)
Connor ( connorfitz15) (BB1-8th) (BB3-4th)
Ceyda ( CeydaUzun) (BB3-11th)
JoJo ( MJFJUNE) (BB4-7th)
Guigi ( Guigi) (BB1-14th) (BB4-4th)
HoH: Dominic ( gloss13)
Nominees: Ollie ( MrPokeguy9) and JoJo ( MJFJUNE)
PoV: Ceyda ( CeydaUzun)
PoV Ceremony: Ceyda ( CeydaUzun) uses it on No-one
Final Nominees: Ollie ( MrPokeguy9) and JoJo ( MJFJUNE)
Nicole votes Ollie
Alexandria votes Ollie
Porsche votes Ollie
Antoin votes JoJo
Jessica votes Ollie
Jay votes JoJo
Kevin votes JoJo
Blake votes JoJo
Connor votes Ollie
Ceyda votes JoJo
Guigi votes Ollie
By a vote of 6 to 5 Ollie you have been evicted from the Big Brother House
16th – Edgar ( chibideidara) (8-4) (Against Porsche)
15th – Aspyn ( yellowunicorn) (6-6) (Against Guigi)
14th – Ollie ( MrPokeguy9) (6-5) (Against JoJo)
13th –
12th –
11th –
10th –
9th –
8th –
7th –
6th –
5th –
4th –
3rd –
~~~Final 2~~~
2nd –
1st –


I remember when nickgqc

0 staymellow, Sep 16, 2014

Tried scaring me by threatening to join every game I joined and get me out. All over a fastings. I laughed and haven't seen him since.


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Help needed for my dog!

26 pink03angel, Sep 15, 2014

Hey everyone! I know it has been awhile and I hope I have not been forgotten I just don't know how to un-become a skeleton that's why I haven't been on as much. Anyways I hate to bother everyone and I know it is a long shot but if anyone can help I am trying to raise money for my dog who got hit by a car this past Saturday and needs to have surgery soon. If you can help please click on the link to donate. ANY help is appreciated even $1! Thanks!


How many ARROWS in the HG

56 clueliz, Sep 15, 2014

What is the most arrows you have had in the Hunger Games
If you have not played....tag someone and tell me the most they have had :P
I hope u all are having an AMAZING day :P



13 Aquamarine, Sep 15, 2014
Anyone who donates $5 to this will be entered into a raffle for ONE GIFT FOR EACH $100 that is raised! Help pink03angel's dog get better!!! Just make your donation name your Tengaged username, I know Thumper91 and k4r4k have already donated!


If this blog gets +500

20 Rebelman2227, Sep 15, 2014

I will suicide in survivor.
If this blog gets +1000, ill take someone down with me.
Im so fucking tired of this streak and i want to leave the site, so if you hate me, spam your friends, if you like me, also spam your friends. Im ready to move on from this stupid site.
P.S. It will be next merge!
Let it be.


Gaiaphage's 'Nommed For 12th Blog

10 PrincessTeePee, Sep 16, 2014

Chris aka Gaiaphage is blacklisted, so I'm posting this on his behalf:
Hey y'all! So at the start of this game I predicted people would nominate me with Ridster or Justwannasayhi at Final 12 as we are labeled the "popularity threats"
People were throwing me under the bus nonstop since day 1 until now. And I don't mean like 2 or 3 haha. Nearly everyone was mentioned my name, making up stuff about me, and wanting me nominated.
Not to mention a decent amount of people have been just straight up ignoring me.
I'll be honest and won't BS y'all, it'll be tough. I mean there are 3 people left from the minority and these players are likely to start re nominating...


Asked my gf to homecoming (pic)

11 krissycx, Sep 15, 2014

Yeah I know its just home coming but I wanted to make her feel special so I spent a hour and a half with only a sharpie making this sign and a little notebook. (shes holding the sign)  The day after I took her out to the mall shopping and bought her lunch. I gotta go buy a dress soon. Ayee I love this girl. (ignore my bitch ass handwriting. I suck at bubble letters.)
EDIT: Added the pic again. sorry it didnt save
EDIT: omg didnt know I would get top blog


Want to know why this stars is..

13 andalarew_2231, Sep 15, 2014

Remember when Ray said he would try his best to make moves
[6:58:05 PM] #AndalaWhore < 3's Dalton (inlove): Grats on staying :D
[6:58:42 PM] Zach Rance (GentlemanG): lmaooo are u rlly talking to me? ar u ok?
[6:58:55 PM] #AndalaWhore < 3's Dalton (inlove): um hun
[6:59:05 PM] #AndalaWhore < 3's Dalton (inlove): want to know why i nommed u?
[6:59:28 PM] #AndalaWhore < 3's Dalton (inlove): or do u just not want to talk at all
[7:00:35 PM] Zach Rance ( GentlemanG): you're fake. You message me when the game starts and I message back and you just leave me on read. I'm not talking to you, don't ask me to nominate with your or anything. I don't like you. Good..


Got some french people on here?

37 Jilbert, Sep 15, 2014

il y a des français sur tengaged? ;D


Blog for Smi9127

26 turney1805, Sep 15, 2014

Trend yourself in this blog to give Smi9127 support
No current or past house guests of TTRS 29: The Glass House may comment. Also Sean may NOT trend himself.
ONE trend per person


Newest Gold Level --- PYN for an honest..

24 Brawley, Sep 16, 2014

crazybone5000 - bruh, I met you during your charity! I helped you with it and now we're great friends!
BengalBoy - I always here about you from JayElVeeIsBack. I think you're his idol xD
Marwane - I met you a long time ago from some long-term skype game that flopped. I never really played that much games with you, but you seem pretty cool!
OutthereElmo - I see you everywhere in the site and now you're in this charity that I am in right now. Thank you for plusing :D
magge555550101 - Dude, we had a rough past if you do remember and we always try to get each other out, but we had a few games when we..


Domarco13: "Nommed for 13th..

11 dubstar, Sep 15, 2014

If you're all reading this I have been nominated for 13th!!!Yay!
Getting me banned wasnt enough for them so they decide to make it their mission to get me evicted too!!! will TeamAmerica strike again? Hopefully Not!!
First of all i just wanna thank all the support I got yesterday on that blog and skype
messages!! Secondly id like to say I'm still playing the game! JUST CAUSE I CAN'T VOTE;
doesn't mean i can't play.
So let me explain whats happening in the game its been a complex one so far! So since i have
been banned i have been a counter twice (once day 3 once today day 5). On day three i managed  to get some people to split. On Day 4 i was meant to be in a set with..