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Immortal song

0 Arris, Jul 5, 2015

That was my JAM back in time 8))
Wha- wha- what did she say?
Mmmm, whatcha say,
Mmmm, that you only meant well?
Well, of course you did
Mmmm, whatcha say,


Its over And I can happily Say I succeeded!

0 mysterygame2, Jul 5, 2015

I just wanted to prove a bitch wrong. I mean I told people ahead of time that I was ggoing to be gone But Nope. Hes too obsessed With himself. Anyways Got Justice, thats what matters GG Westyman557 But sadly, No RE
Any posts on this blog will be deleted. I frankly dont have the time to deal with this right now, I'd pm him that But I dont feel like pming him 48 times...



0 ohheydudeski, Jul 5, 2015

lol at Audrey saying this to Clay: "Did you know that wearing your hat backwards is a sign of lower intelligence?"


I remember when

0 yoshicoolman, Jul 5, 2015

- I was a noob and I was loved because people though I was a multi from some super person
- I joined my first frookies and gave me right before jury because I went to walk my dogs
- I won my first casting
- I joined my first hunger and FrozenShadow09 and GoodAllan abused it
- I killed my first person, JayElveeIsBack and he said he "suicided"
- I made final 10 in hunger R.I.P Tadd
- I stole my first design from ImGonnaWin and died
- I stole from Jasper and he ended up [below]
- I got my first shop and got everything stolen besides 9 stock - Thanks to Jasper
- Joined hunger and got 6th because I made a final two deal with both JeffWinger and RazorClaw13
- More frookies meeting Seaking , Tetsuya , and others ;)
- Joined stars and had everyone hating on me since I played an Audrey game. There was a chat with everyone deciding to nominate me
- Made a VLOG about EyooMarcus mocking him w/ a fedora
- Making 6 VLOGS and only 1 getting ++s
- Got banned 7 times for "cheating" even though T_ModTEMP and Johneh knew I was innocent
- Made multis like #ForeverBeauty #NickFTW and #Stealer101 and getting banned for thirty days
- Tried to join stars but with the shut down, I can't
- Going for my second shop ;)
This has been done in two years. By my two year anniversary, in the beginning of August, I will be blood level and I am buying TV star with one of my best friends.


who wants to spam for gifts

0 CheapCheep, Jul 5, 2015

mail meeeeeeeeeee


Steve and Shelli

0 HotCake, Jul 5, 2015

= Ian and Britney < 3 obsessed!



0 2Beastly, Jul 5, 2015

is the season of spending ;( I need to marry rich. #meep


I was on the phone last night

0 Cornelia, Jul 5, 2015

and a massive ball of wax just fell out of my ear
it was well weird x


Kinda bored...

0 MichaelM099, Jul 5, 2015

Hey tengaged people!!
If anyone wants to talk about anything u can mail me in game
Or kik me: Mike_Merkle09
Or snapchat me: michaelmerkle00
I hope some do cause I need friends..


BB17 Audrey

4 OhNatalie, Jul 5, 2015

In a Facebook Survivor game:

You MUST watch. She's slaying at this Tribal Council!



1 jadennator1, Jul 5, 2015


I remember back when

4 5651Omar, Jul 5, 2015

• Stars was still 2 digits.
• Everyone was devastated when Wonderland's Wondershop closed
Jubbzy was awesome and gave us BSG
• The Duel first opened (an idea by that guy associated with JJJJ ; EDIT ABROGATE!)
• Pokemon hoodies were the shit
• Skin first came and everyone was like "the fuck TrishyTrash?"
• Stars enrollment was closed and myself (w/15 others) used inspect element to enroll.
• The Duel was closed, but myself with 11 others used inspect element to enroll.
• @BioDork & @BlackWidow were a fling but like not?
Emmaleigh was the QUEEN (still is)
2008Girl & Diva1 being undefeated in stars
Diva1 gifting everyone
Ev32 & BrendonByrne having like 3 shops at once
• everyone losin their shit when JetsRock12 ? Was having a baby
There's so much more ... But yeah... I'm just going to stop
Holder & Je7467 created charity games because we were in a crisis xD - first HOH wins
• It only took 80T$ & Black to join stars #THESTRUGGLE
• New color levels were born and we all freaked
• When LaQuawnda was the best user to ever come onto Tengaged #QUEEN


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+ for Liz & Julia

20 Glowzer, Jul 4, 2015

Plus if you're a fan of Liz & Julia


Throwback to when

15 DanielKennedy111, Jul 5, 2015

Dusty12910 thought he was muted
but in reality, he was masturbating on call. The moans were real.
#TakingAShower #AhhchooEE


prom was so good:)

10 skye10, Jul 5, 2015



Don't judge a book by it's cover

18 Silverhook, Jul 4, 2015

Hi everyone! This is my first ever Vlog & blog! Hope you like it!

(English isn't my first language so excuse me) no hate! & as the video says, I nominate my IRL BFF marwane & his gf pureessence to do the same.


short hair or long hair?

47 k4r4k, Jul 4, 2015

so every few years i tend to get bored and chop my hair off into a short bob and donate my hair to "locks of love." i'm getting bored and have been going through lots of personal changes...so is now the time to cut my hair? it seems guys love girls with long hair, but short hair is so much easier and i look more professional with short hair :s
please let me know your thoughts!



13 jdog, Jul 4, 2015

Thanks for all the support all week I love you all
and thanks to everyone who saved me last..


New Blog & Poll Game - GIFT Prize

36 jason_2_12, Jul 4, 2015

So my predict stars blogs haven't been able to result in a winner after 7 attempts therefore I will be stopping that game. However I will be hosting a game which has a guaranteed gift at the end!
Duel Stars! I'm looking for 16 people who will be active in playing!
PYN to play!
If more than 16 want to play then I'll break it down into small group polls and the top 16 will play!
Any who the game will work like this:
- 1 poll for public to vote between all in game players
- Each player will have a list of players in order of favourite
- They will save their favourite who will then save their highest unsaved favourite
- Etc until we reach the bottom 2 whom will go into a..


Shop Closing Blog !

10 Piddu, Jul 5, 2015

I owed Seemlyrough ombre hair and Jgoodies was being such a fucking bitch whenever I asked him to post it so I was like fuck it, I'll just spam for a shop myself. FUCK U GOODIES. Anyway 34/35 of the stock. Grats Jojo7784. HOPE YOU LIVE ALONE AND POOR BITCH!
Thank you to my designers: Malibu Gemma17 _Aria Iscotty Rhino Bulldoggy559 and to my fast gifters Gardenia IceBeast Fighterman Vixanu RobertGuajardo Bamold1999 EliOrtiz1234 Phenomanimal..



7 Answerable, Jul 4, 2015

Sorry for the delay, I was at work!

My last stars was 4 years ago on my old account Questionable, for anyone who is wondering why the heck I keep bringing up old games. Thank you tengaged and I really hope you vote for me to win the game. I have a finals curse and while I'm happy to be in finals, I would be devastated to not win this game that I've controlled behind the scenes the whole time. Thank you, and here is the link to the poll.


RoSu Major Change

20 Loopulle, Jul 4, 2015

Hello, fans of my game. I've been considering updating my game and making a major change to it. That is... Instead of the challenges just floating around, hosts will be able to go to a panel and they'll click a button and the challenge will pop up. This means that the floating challenges will be REMOVED (AKA they'll be relocated so they'll disappear and reappear). This has some advantages:
1) Probably less lag.
2) Glitched challenges (AKA the thing with the big ball) will be fixed.
3) Cleaner design.
Now, I know that the major concern is with the challenges that can be practiced currently. My solution to that problem is this:
Making a teleport to an area with those challenges..