Survivor Game

Tengaged is based on Survivor game format, you enter into a tribe and fight against another tribe, challenges, tasks, eviction votes and tribe merges. Are you ready?
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What's tengaged Survivor games about?

Once you enroll, you will enter into a tribe with other contestants, you need to do challenges and vote off other members from your tribe, survivors for both tribes will merge and start another game.

How are the challenges?

Every day, each tribe will have daily challenges. A Challenge may consist in a small games like Endurance or based on TV games Wheel of Fortune or music challenges based on Guitar Hero, etc. The better your score is, the more time you will have to do your challenge. The tribe with less points won in the challenges will be the loosing tribe.

What happen to the tribe loosing the challenge?

As it happens in the Survivor Game, the tribe with less points will start the elimination process, all tribe members will have to vote, the game will automatically eliminate the tribe member with less votes.

Tribe Merge

Once the 2 tribes have 10 participants only, the participants not previously evicted from both tribes will be merge and form one new tribe. This tribe will start a new game against another newly formed tribe or another recently merged tribe.

How survivor games and tribes are created?

All tribes and games are created automatically, you just need to enroll and you will automatically be asigned to a tribe. Once the tribe is ready the Survivor game will start.

Is is like CBS Survivor?

It's not exactly the same as CBS survivor, first you can play in your home and don't need to go to an island :), but we have some similarities with the Survivor show.



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Well here I am, nommed for 10th. The majority of this cast need to stop sheeping around. Seriously. Send me back in there and let me play my own game considering you cant trust what one person says in there.. GL Robin <3

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