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Nicole Nilsson Schaffrich (+/-) BB2

Feb 16, 2017 by Kaseyhope101
imageNicole Nilson Schaffrich was the runner-up of Big Brother 2.

•She is the first HouseGuest from Georgia.
•Nicole became the first HouseGuest to ever win the final HOH competition.
•Nicole was the second HouseGuest ever to win two HOHs in a single season.
•She is one of four houseguests, with the others being Porsche Briggs, Steve Moses and Paul Abrahamian, to be nominated in the first week and reach the Final 2.
•Minus Steve, the rest of the houseguests became runner-ups.
•Nicole was the first female finalist.
•She is the first female HouseGuest to be in the final 2.


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Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 16, 2017
Nicole staying week 1 was actually one of the best/most shocking moments in BB history for me.
Sent by __A__,Feb 17, 2017

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