High School Massacre

13 Days. 14 Suspects. 1 House. 1 Killer

A group of 14 high school students are headed to a huge mansion in the middle of no where. Thinking it will be the time of their life, there is a killer amoungst them. One by one, the students will fall victim to the killer. Terror, Blood, Guts.... only one will survive.

You will pick a character.
You have to try and figure out who the killer is. Only one can survive, will it be the killer or will it be one of the others. Can you pick up hints and crack down on the killer.

Hosted By: AlbieSweetHeart&choochoo

Dead -
14th: Clay Jetter - ChiChiLaLa
13th: John Hacker - jasoncutie7542
12th: Kristen Martin - Mitsuki
11th: Trish Scarrlett - EveBB
10th: Veronica Paine - MadisonBleu
9th: Jason Sean - NoHands
8th: Adam Tribeck - BBluver
7th: Sid Waller - chhsfreshman2009
6th: Amy Vanderbilt - iGoddess
5th: Casey Day - KathyBethTerry
4th: Phillip Sean - devinwithparasites
3rd: Harry Felch - XavierR83
2nd: Kelly Rise - Florina *KILLER*
1st: Jennifer Taylor - woahcourtney

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Morning Day 13
4 postsCreated by choochoo on 1331 days 23 hours ago
Last post by XavierR83
1330 days 16 hours ago
Night Day 12
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1332 days ago
Morning Day 12
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1333 days 3 hours ago
Night Day 11
2 postsCreated by choochoo on 1335 days 19 hours ago
Last post by devinwithparasites
1334 days 19 hours ago
Morning Day 11
1 postCreated by choochoo on 1340 days 7 hours ago
Last post by choochoo
1340 days 7 hours ago

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  1. Kelly Rise1351 days 10 hours ago
  2. Sid Waller1351 days 10 hours ago
  3. Harry Felch1351 days 10 hours ago
  4. Amy Vanderbilt1351 days 10 hours ago
  5. Phillip Sean1351 days 10 hours ago

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High School Massacre

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