Design Rehab Group 1

Group game starts on 11.9.2011 at 7:30 P.M. EST. If you are caught with any designs on after this time you will be removed.

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3 postsCreated by konohavillage1 on 1622 days 11 hours ago
Last post by Soccerismylif3
1621 days 8 hours ago
2 postsCreated by XSaiX on 1632 days 11 hours ago
Last post by konohavillage1
1632 days 11 hours ago
We're almost done.
2 postsCreated by konohavillage1 on 1634 days ago
Last post by Nunley
1633 days 18 hours ago
I hope that
3 postsCreated by Darrel42 on 1635 days 2 hours ago
Last post by Soccerismylif3
1634 days 10 hours ago
did people already get put into the other groups?
3 postsCreated by Soccerismylif3 on 1635 days 4 hours ago
Last post by Darrel42
1635 days 3 hours ago

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  1. Group Finale1629 days 3 hours ago
  2. Group 1 - Who deserves a gift? 2 move on1631 days 7 hours ago

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Design Rehab Group 1

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