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Hello, my name is Etienne. (YES, it is my actual name in real life.)

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You took a really good selfie ;)
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Apr 19, 2014

judging by your sociopathic personality now you could be a new Hitler in the future.
Sent by MakeThemDieSlowly,Feb 14, 2014

But I'm black
Sent by phillipA,Feb 14, 2014

So black people can't do bad things?
Sent by MakeThemDieSlowly,Feb 14, 2014

Hitler wasn't black @makethemdieskowly
Sent by phillipA,Feb 14, 2014

Dumvass I said hitter wasn't black and I am so I can't be hitler
Sent by phillipA,Feb 14, 2014
TogethA 4EvA gagaluv
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Apr 18, 2014

It's just weird..... Like you couldn't really hang out with your brother because he'd talk in the gay ass voice as most gays do....
He'd act gay.....
He thinks gay....
So it'd just be weird to even be around someone like that....
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Apr 16, 2014

I would just in my opinion stay my distance.... But everyone's different.... Like I'd not be cool with it, but if you would be then yeah listen to the people above, but a brother telling his brother he's gay is just weird and I wouldn't associate with him.....
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Apr 16, 2014

Stay your distance from him.... I would lol....
Eventually you'll be out of the house and won't have to be a part of his life anymore....
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Apr 16, 2014

From bobenozurno23
this is not homophobic right
Apr 15, 2014 10:52:23
to Etienne
Guillomouve i want to made sex with shemale not you you are ugly and you are male
you are travestite you are not ladyboy f you i hate you:for guillomouve:
im not homophobe man but i hate this guy maaan

You think you are hot but you are not etienne
You look like psycho killer. So you better stop posting pictures of yourself, you are disgusting. Nobody really wants to see your ugly face. Kty.
Apr 3, 2014 by Claudiya

I'VE FUCKED 20 PEOPLE LMAO BB5LOVER (chicks and dudes tho :S)
I've been HIV Tested in 2012 Etienne and have used a condom every time since then except once with a Marine Sniper (who gets kicked out if he has one), so I'm pretty sure I didn't get anything, but I've never been STD tested just HIV. Should I get HIV/STD it's free and no one will know about it here or I can wait until the summer and get tested with my bestie, but I am so fucking afraid of having something :S my bff told me she'd jump off a building if she had hiv-- no lie LOL
Sent by coreyants,Mar 31, 2014


"Why is Etienne such a disgusting human being?
Etienne will never make it far in life. His looks are fading, he is gaining weight, wrinkles are showing up and the only job he has is only because of his daddy. His future is honestly very nonexistent. One has to simply feel bad for him having absolutely nothing going for him.
you know you only talk to Etienne and defend him when hes insulted just because you want to have sex with him. if he was average looking or hideously ugly you wouldn't even give him the time of day. don't try to deny it either.
Why is Etienne one of the most overrated people on Tg? Everybody is obsessed with him and talks about him 24/7. His looks aren't that good and neither is his personality so what's all the hype about?
Etienne is ugly.‎"

- Anon.

From Pookiie
Re: I didn't say I don't like communicating with you?!
Mar 7, 2014 09:40:07
to Etienne
I literally am baffled by how immature you are Etienne. Its genuinely disgusting. You are 22 years old, and you act like youre 16? Thats really pathetic.
Do you really think igaf whether you put what i said on your profile or not? This just proves how much you thrive on drama...... Also, if you think what i said was a joke, why are you replying to it instead of ignoring something you find a joke like a mature adult?!?!?!?!
Really? Youre going sit there and pretend that you dont have arguments all day long with people like pogo and other 16 year olds? These young teenagers come online every single day, read your blogs, and comment purposely to piss you off, and you know what you do? You comment back and start a debacle. && what is the topic usually about? Oh, thats right. Its about sexuality, sex, and music, which is the very hyopcritical topics that you bashing and slandering me on in this very moment.
I actually wasnt freaking out before, because i was trying to have a nice, calm, normal conversation with a fellow ADULT, but NOW?! NOW IM FREAKING OUT! And i have every fucking right to, because you are literally only replying to me to be a Fire starting little drama queen, which is obvious since you just admitted to laughing at my fucking reply, instead of attempting to understand where im coming from and solve these issues LIKE A NORMAL FUNCTIONING ADULT!
Again, the amount of hypocrisy in your replies is SKY FUCKING HIGH! You tell me that im delusional and that im freaking out when youre doing the same fucking thing. Look at yourself in the mirror before you reply any further Etienne, because youre making yourself seem like a fool. I never said i was obsessed with you. I never said i wanted you, and i SURE AS HELL NEVER SAID ID COME TO FUCKING MONTREAL FOR YOU! WHAT ARE YOU ON?! Idk why you feel the need to misconstrue everything weve said to each other, but its annoying! Why in the fuck would i want to come to montreal for someone who would just act like a school boy the entire time we hung out and talk about other guys and how much you their pink, bleached, boyholes? NO THANK YOU! I will pass. I already passed that time in my life where i hung out with immature adolescents. (Back when i was one)
I also Never said that all gays had to strive to be in a relationship, but thanks for, again, misconstruing everything i fucking said! And thanks, too, for proving my point about you being on a non-Respectable side of the gay community and only wanting sex and proving to everyone why tying the knot in marriage is good for gay people since it keeps nasties like you from spreading diseases and causing stigmas and room for judgement!!!! WONDERFUL JOB, ETIENNE! YOU REALLY ARE DOING SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMUNITY! *Puke*

From Pookiie
Re: I didn't say I don't like communicating with you?!
Mar 4, 2014 17:23:03
to Etienne
You really have some major growing up to do, Etienne. You sit here on Tengaged and argue with teenagers all day long about issues and topics that are completely irrelevant to the real world and things that matter around you. Im not trying to put you down or slander you. Im just trying to put into perspective what you seem to come on here solely to do.
I dont quite know what your exact definition of "Freaking Out" or "Clingy" is.... But everything i did, was definitely neither of those. Even if i was "Clingy", i dont suppose i could expect a masculine emotionally unavailable guys guy like yourself to treat me with respect and care for me and be there for me when my clinginess called for it if we ever dated. Smh. Very very sad.
Last but not least, Etienne, idk what part of the Gay Male Community you are trying to represent and be a role Model for, but i can assure you, coming on Tengaged and continuing to spew countless blogs about how sexy you find twinks and how much you like to party with them, and (Im Sure) have sex with them and presenting yourself as a nonmonogamous sex and beauty fiend who doesnt care about a one on one relationship, definitely doesnt put you on a respectable side of it, and neither does bashing amazing singers like Katy Perry and bringing up hot button topics that you know are going to boil peoples blood.

he (Etienne) is a hypocrite, judgemental and rude quite often but I wouldn't take anything he says to heart, I would just ignore him. He is young and naive and but believes he is old and wise.
Sent by knixuk,Nov 23, 2013

Etienne you act like you're so good looking
obviously you fake your picture that isn't you at all it is something you got from Google Images you fake being French. And you sound like a broken record saying an offensive slang word that starts with R. You're not funny you're an asshole I know people don't like me but whoever hates you I am a big fan of. You're arrogant and act like you never make mistakes I hope your life falls apart to pieces and you will get karma for what you did to me. Etienne is not nice he is fake just so he can get stars support when he decides to join again. Also he fakes his sexual orientation for attention I believe Etienne. Screw you I am sick of you.
Feb 4, 2013 by drupayneis27

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