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Hello, my name is Etienne. (YES, it is my actual name in real life.) ~

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SimplyObsessed When you stop blogging pretending to be straight, maybe I'll shut up. :) Maybe.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jan 20, 2016

Honestly etienne there are times when I see a good looking guy but since I love god I choose to not be attracted to them. Next time instead of jacking off just pray and remember how blessed you are to be able to have the satisfaction of sticking your penis into a vagina like adam did with eve etienne
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Jan 21, 2016

etienne is that gay bully i never knew could exist
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Dec 9, 2015

I don't support groups like lbgt cuz it's an example of reverse racism. Why can't straight white males band together especially since they aren't treated as well as queers are in this day of age
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Nov 20, 2015

Natalia Kills' son: "Mommy, when I'm older I wanna be like daddy!"
Natalia Kills: "As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you've copied my husband, from the hair, to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting, I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion. I’m gonna say it. It’s disgusting. You make me sick. It’s absolutely disgusting. You have no identity. I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed to be here."

From Pookiie
Re: I didn't say I don't like communicating with you?!
Mar 4, 2014 17:23:03
to Etienne
You really have some major growing up to do, Etienne. You sit here on Tengaged and argue with teenagers all day long about issues and topics that are completely irrelevant to the real world and things that matter around you. Im not trying to put you down or slander you. Im just trying to put into perspective what you seem to come on here solely to do.
I dont quite know what your exact definition of "Freaking Out" or "Clingy" is.... But everything i did, was definitely neither of those. Even if i was "Clingy", i dont suppose i could expect a masculine emotionally unavailable guys guy like yourself to treat me with respect and care for me and be there for me when my clinginess called for it if we ever dated. Smh. Very very sad.
Last but not least, Etienne, idk what part of the Gay Male Community you are trying to represent and be a role Model for, but i can assure you, coming on Tengaged and continuing to spew countless blogs about how sexy you find twinks and how much you like to party with them, and (Im Sure) have sex with them and presenting yourself as a nonmonogamous sex and beauty fiend who doesnt care about a one on one relationship, definitely doesnt put you on a respectable side of it, and neither does bashing amazing singers like Katy Perry and bringing up hot button topics that you know are going to boil peoples blood.

"Why is Etienne such a disgusting human being?
Etienne will never make it far in life. His looks are fading, he is gaining weight, wrinkles are showing up and the only job he has is only because of his daddy. His future is honestly very nonexistent. One has to simply feel bad for him having absolutely nothing going for him.
you know you only talk to Etienne and defend him when hes insulted just because you want to have sex with him. if he was average looking or hideously ugly you wouldn't even give him the time of day. don't try to deny it either.
Why is Etienne one of the most overrated people on Tg? Everybody is obsessed with him and talks about him 24/7. His looks aren't that good and neither is his personality so what's all the hype about?
Etienne is ugly.‎"

- Anon.

Etienne you act like you're so good looking
obviously you fake your picture that isn't you at all it is something you got from Google Images you fake being French. And you sound like a broken record saying an offensive slang word that starts with R. You're not funny you're an asshole I know people don't like me but whoever hates you I am a big fan of. You're arrogant and act like you never make mistakes I hope your life falls apart to pieces and you will get karma for what you did to me. Etienne is not nice he is fake just so he can get stars support when he decides to join again. Also he fakes his sexual orientation for attention I believe Etienne. Screw you I am sick of you.
Feb 4, 2013 by drupayneis27
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Survived 9th against aaronstevens4444 with 55.8%.

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Survived 9th against LucyX3Jean with 56.6%.
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