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Hello, my name is Etienne. (YES, it is my actual name in real life.) ~

Natalia Kills' son: "Mommy, when I'm older I wanna be like daddy!"
Natalia Kills: "As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you've copied my husband, from the hair, to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting, I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion. I’m gonna say it. It’s disgusting. You make me sick. It’s absolutely disgusting. You have no identity. I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed to be here."

From Pookiie
Re: I didn't say I don't like communicating with you?!
Mar 4, 2014 17:23:03
to Etienne
You really have some major growing up to do, Etienne. You sit here on Tengaged and argue with teenagers all day long about issues and topics that are completely irrelevant to the real world and things that matter around you. Im not trying to put you down or slander you. Im just trying to put into perspective what you seem to come on here solely to do.
I dont quite know what your exact definition of "Freaking Out" or "Clingy" is.... But everything i did, was definitely neither of those. Even if i was "Clingy", i dont suppose i could expect a masculine emotionally unavailable guys guy like yourself to treat me with respect and care for me and be there for me when my clinginess called for it if we ever dated. Smh. Very very sad.
Last but not least, Etienne, idk what part of the Gay Male Community you are trying to represent and be a role Model for, but i can assure you, coming on Tengaged and continuing to spew countless blogs about how sexy you find twinks and how much you like to party with them, and (Im Sure) have sex with them and presenting yourself as a nonmonogamous sex and beauty fiend who doesnt care about a one on one relationship, definitely doesnt put you on a respectable side of it, and neither does bashing amazing singers like Katy Perry and bringing up hot button topics that you know are going to boil peoples blood.

From Pookiie
Re: I didn't say I don't like communicating with you?!
Mar 7, 2014 09:40:07
to Etienne
I literally am baffled by how immature you are Etienne. Its genuinely disgusting. You are 22 years old, and you act like youre 16? Thats really pathetic.
Do you really think igaf whether you put what i said on your profile or not? This just proves how much you thrive on drama...... Also, if you think what i said was a joke, why are you replying to it instead of ignoring something you find a joke like a mature adult?!?!?!?!
Really? Youre going sit there and pretend that you dont have arguments all day long with people like pogo and other 16 year olds? These young teenagers come online every single day, read your blogs, and comment purposely to piss you off, and you know what you do? You comment back and start a debacle. && what is the topic usually about? Oh, thats right. Its about sexuality, sex, and music, which is the very hyopcritical topics that you bashing and slandering me on in this very moment.
I actually wasnt freaking out before, because i was trying to have a nice, calm, normal conversation with a fellow ADULT, but NOW?! NOW IM FREAKING OUT! And i have every fucking right to, because you are literally only replying to me to be a Fire starting little drama queen, which is obvious since you just admitted to laughing at my fucking reply, instead of attempting to understand where im coming from and solve these issues LIKE A NORMAL FUNCTIONING ADULT!
Again, the amount of hypocrisy in your replies is SKY FUCKING HIGH! You tell me that im delusional and that im freaking out when youre doing the same fucking thing. Look at yourself in the mirror before you reply any further Etienne, because youre making yourself seem like a fool. I never said i was obsessed with you. I never said i wanted you, and i SURE AS HELL NEVER SAID ID COME TO FUCKING MONTREAL FOR YOU! WHAT ARE YOU ON?! Idk why you feel the need to misconstrue everything weve said to each other, but its annoying! Why in the fuck would i want to come to montreal for someone who would just act like a school boy the entire time we hung out and talk about other guys and how much you their pink, bleached, boyholes? NO THANK YOU! I will pass. I already passed that time in my life where i hung out with immature adolescents. (Back when i was one)
I also Never said that all gays had to strive to be in a relationship, but thanks for, again, misconstruing everything i fucking said! And thanks, too, for proving my point about you being on a non-Respectable side of the gay community and only wanting sex and proving to everyone why tying the knot in marriage is good for gay people since it keeps nasties like you from spreading diseases and causing stigmas and room for judgement!!!! WONDERFUL JOB, ETIENNE! YOU REALLY ARE DOING SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMUNITY! *Puke*

I think it's effing hilarious
Mar 8, 2014 by Pookiie
That Etienne copy and pastes all of these iconic messages that he gets from iconic people like Haiiderr and I all over his page. You actually start to realize that all of these things people say about him is 100% true.
I used to think he was a pretty great guy and a nice person to talk to when I first came onto the site. I thought he was a genuine believer of equality and fairness. I thought he was a different person than he is. Truth is, he's just a lost little 16 year old boy trapped in a 22 year olds body. Idc what kind of hate I recieve over this nonsense. I'm going to keep stating the truth until people get it through their thick skulls and understand what I'm saying. If you're already there though, congrats! Please join me in helping Etienne see how unhealthy it is to consistently argue with people over petty things and irrelevant topics that are unnecessary to discuss. I'm not bashing or slandering him with this. I'm just putting it out there.

are seriously still commenting on my blogs like this? Who do you think you're fooling?
&& no. You actually cant take it when someone confronts you. I have tried to show you where you are wrong so many times, and what happens? You throw my advice back in my face and throw a tantrum like small child.
You literally are acting so immature and childish that you and for the past 3 days over mails havent even been able to meet eye to eye because youre constantly putting the blame on other people and making it seem like you have done nothing wrong. Part of being an adult Etienne is admitting where you were wrong and learning from your mistakes. You obviously cant do that by how often you blow up at me. Yes, i might have freaked out a little at you over Mails, but thats because youre spreading lies and making things up that never happened, like me sending you nudes and me wanting to come to montreal for you. Those are fucking lies and you know it.... But, would you ever make about THAT, to show people you were in the wrong and lying? No. You wouldnt, because you dont want people to know the truth and look at you differently. You have a TG reputation to protect obviously.
Just remember that you have lied about a lot of things about me and its not right. Its not mature. Its not decent, and its not classy. Youre losing your integrity over this and i hope you know that.
Sent by Pookiie,Mar 8, 2014

Etienne you obviously can't take anything that I'm saying to you because you're unloading all this bullshit drama on my blogs. Like I've said before, you THRIVE ON DRAMA! Which is the only reason why you even reply the way you do to anyone who states a different opinion from yours.
The only person throwing a tantrum is ME? Do you realize how long YOUR MAILS were?! Do you realize how long and dramatic YOUR COMMENTS are?! Don't even fucking come for me with that shit. ITS HYPOCRITICAL, ETIENNE! That is what it is. Plain and simple. You're a hypocrite. Just admit it.
THIS IS THE VERY REASON WHY I KEEP BRINGING UP YOUR MATURITY LEVEL.... It's because you can't just admit that you're wrong and move on, LIKE AN ADULT! I know that I am in the right on this particular topic which is why i have continued this conversation with you. If I was to stop replying, I'd be allowing you to go out in the world with your ignorant immaturity and thrust on more and more people WHO DONT FUCKING DESERVE IT! Just like you did with @Keonte by telling him he's foolish for being a teen parent. I'm TRYING to get you to see that you should take your nose out of other people's business where it doesn't belong!
AS FAR AS SNAPCHAT GOES; I will just say this... This whole argument we had in mails is basically SOLELY because you don't like that I like to send selfies and send them to people more often than you yourself would do...... So if you were so annoyed by selfies, and didn't want to see them, then why didn't you delete me off snapchat?! This whole issue could have been avoided had you just deleted me. Plain and simple.
Last but not least, I'm who I am, and I won't change for anyone, let alone an annoyed boy over snapchat.
Sent by Pookiie,Mar 8, 2014

Maybe you should continue
Mar 9, 2014 by Pookiie
Copy and pasting my mails in your stupid ass blogs some more, Etienne. That really goes to show how mature you are. LOL APPLAUSE APPLAUSE FOR YOU ACTUALLY ACTING 22! Oh fucking wait......... Lol!!!!!!

From Pookiie
Re: Why do you leave little comments on other blogs of mine
Sep 2, 2014 12:47:23
to Etienne
I can not believe how out of proportion you are making this. Comparing me posting a pic to rape?! Wtf is wrong with you?! Honestly....
When the fuck did I ever say I wanted you to read my mind and stop me from posting the pic before I did it? Are you thick?! When you ORIGINALLY send a pic of yourself to someone, you should automatically think of the possibilities of where that pic will end up before you even send it. That again, is common fucking sense. We are ADULTS here. NOT TEENAGERS. You should know by now not to send someone a pic thinking they will just delete it and not post it on Tengaged. I would think that you OF ALL PEOPLE should understand this concept considering you have a top blog of a dozen different snapchats of your straight crush. Please stop with all of this fake naïveté and innocence. It's not cute or funny. I'm not going to sit here and sympathize with you and pat you on the back and feed you Chicken Noodle soup like a 9 year old and tell you I'm sorry. You knew what you were doing when you sent the pic. Take responsibility for your actions, Etienne. I'm not going to ask you for permission to post your pics if you knew WHEN YOU SENT THEM TO ME that I might post them in a game on here. if you didn't want me to post them anywhere, you should've told me WHEN YOU ORIGINALLY SENT THEM TO ME, not to post them anywhere and/ or delete them. I'm a respectful person. I would've listened to you and deleted them. PERIOD. CASE CLOSED! (Idk how any of this is comparable to something as serious and disgusting as rape, but congrats on blowing everything out of proportion)
Now about Moderation, I just want to express to you how disappointing and sickening it is knowing that a 22 year old can't even handle a problem he himself started on his own and has to go get help from someone else to stop. Again, the maturity thing.... Clearly you don't have it. I get it, you are lonely in life or whatever and need attention and so you seek it from people on Tengaged, but creating senseless drama and fires like this, I can assure you, is not the kind of attention you want...
Now please stop trying to get me in trouble for no reason, it's not fair and it's immature. For the last time, Etienne, grow up. :)

I'm a transgender girl :/ I'm physically male IRL, but I feel 100% female. #IHateMyPenis
Sent by Pookiie,Sep 6, 2014

Hes a sneaky little fucking RAT! He thinks hes so sly, but hes a ficking FUCKER
Sent by Pookiie,Sep 30, 2014

Etienne Don't even act fucking dumb like you have no idea. You're a sly little jerk face and you pick fights with people on purpose and got me banned. don't even fucking address me. You make me physically fucking ill, you filthy putrid Scum.
Sent by Pookiie,Oct 1, 2014

Sent by Pookiie,Oct 2, 2014

Sent by Pookiie,Oct 2, 2014

Stop embarrassing yourself and calling the kettle black, you dirty nasty black pot. You're literally the most delusional, self-absorbed, ignorant, bag of manure that I have ever met. Not me, now run along, leave me alone and go google pics of cut penises and learn something about the world around you, you Uncircumcised Garbage Bin. :)
Sent by Pookiie,Oct 2, 2014

Since you clearly love to ignore everything I say and twist me words, I will repeat this ONE FINAL TIME, my penis is PLENTY SENSITIVE and actually keeps me from topping because I AM SO sensitive that I literally cum too fast and can't hold it in... THAT IS HOW SENSITIVE IT IS. so take your RIDICULOUS stereotypes of circumcised penises and throw them out the window. PLENTY of my circumcised friends are sensitive as fuck down there and don't need beaver petting, syrup gobbling Canadians like you attacking them for no reason.... Now..... PIPE. THE. FUCK. DOWN.... BITCH!
Sent by Pookiie,Oct 3, 2014

I'm saddened that so many people I like are on this, but yet Etienne isn't on this and is 20 times worse than these people.
Sent by Pookiie,Nov 4, 2014

Bitch Please!
Aug 31, 2015 by Pookiie
The reason I didn't tag you in my blog is because you don't fucking deserve one, Bitch! The only reason why I even added that in is because people love to hate on innocent people like Lymaw when they know she won't get defensive about it because she's too sweet to, but they will let people like you make your sexual conquests public and don't bat an eyelash because they know you are insane and will throw a fit! FOR YOUR INFORMATION, if a straight guy was to blog on here about how much he likes fucking girls, people call him chauvinistic and a woman hater but then if a slutty gay guy like you wants to blog about how much you like taking advantage of and fucking innocent young guys like you did, nobody fucking cares! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! ITS WRONG! I never even said that sex was disgusting. What I'm referring to as DISGUSTING is your lack of respect for your hook ups privacy. Do you think he would like to hear about you publicly conquesting him on here? I don't think so! People want to be respected and appreciated! Not looked at as a sex symbol or looked at as if their body is all that's good about them. That California boy is a PERSON. A HUMAN BEING. Learn some respect for your fellow human beings and keep your sexual conquests PRIVATE like they should be. BYE. Etienne

"Why is Etienne such a disgusting human being?
Etienne will never make it far in life. His looks are fading, he is gaining weight, wrinkles are showing up and the only job he has is only because of his daddy. His future is honestly very nonexistent. One has to simply feel bad for him having absolutely nothing going for him.
you know you only talk to Etienne and defend him when hes insulted just because you want to have sex with him. if he was average looking or hideously ugly you wouldn't even give him the time of day. don't try to deny it either.
Why is Etienne one of the most overrated people on Tg? Everybody is obsessed with him and talks about him 24/7. His looks aren't that good and neither is his personality so what's all the hype about?
Etienne is ugly.‎"

- Anon.

Etienne you act like you're so good looking
obviously you fake your picture that isn't you at all it is something you got from Google Images you fake being French. And you sound like a broken record saying an offensive slang word that starts with R. You're not funny you're an asshole I know people don't like me but whoever hates you I am a big fan of. You're arrogant and act like you never make mistakes I hope your life falls apart to pieces and you will get karma for what you did to me. Etienne is not nice he is fake just so he can get stars support when he decides to join again. Also he fakes his sexual orientation for attention I believe Etienne. Screw you I am sick of you.
Feb 4, 2013 by drupayneis27
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