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Hello, my name is Etienne. (YES, it is my actual name in real life.) ~

"I forgive you for being so insecure in your life and so frustrated for everything that you went through that you felt like you had to blame it on me because I was easier. I forgive you for trying to ruin my life. I forgive you for everything. I just don't want to have this with you anymore. I do love you despite everything you've done to me, I do. I wish you the best."
- Heidi Montag

Natalia Kills' son: "Mommy, when I'm older I wanna be like daddy!"
Natalia Kills: "As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you've copied my husband, from the hair, to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting, I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion. I’m gonna say it. It’s disgusting. You make me sick. It’s absolutely disgusting. You have no identity. I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed to be here."

"Why is Etienne such a disgusting human being?
Etienne will never make it far in life. His looks are fading, he is gaining weight, wrinkles are showing up and the only job he has is only because of his daddy. His future is honestly very nonexistent. One has to simply feel bad for him having absolutely nothing going for him.
you know you only talk to Etienne and defend him when hes insulted just because you want to have sex with him. if he was average looking or hideously ugly you wouldn't even give him the time of day. don't try to deny it either.
Why is Etienne one of the most overrated people on Tg? Everybody is obsessed with him and talks about him 24/7. His looks aren't that good and neither is his personality so what's all the hype about?
Etienne is ugly.‎"

- Anon.

Etienne you act like you're so good looking
obviously you fake your picture that isn't you at all it is something you got from Google Images you fake being French. And you sound like a broken record saying an offensive slang word that starts with R. You're not funny you're an asshole I know people don't like me but whoever hates you I am a big fan of. You're arrogant and act like you never make mistakes I hope your life falls apart to pieces and you will get karma for what you did to me. Etienne is not nice he is fake just so he can get stars support when he decides to join again. Also he fakes his sexual orientation for attention I believe Etienne. Screw you I am sick of you.
Feb 4, 2013 by drupayneis27
Random Stats About Me:
- 26TH person to reach TV STAR (after 283 games played)
- Most merges in a row: 10
- Highest rank in the HoF: 6th (Summer of 2011)
- Got ranked in the top 300 on September 15th 2010
- Got gifted for the 1st time by dools on December 9th 2010 as a gold level
- Made top 5 most mentioned people on the blogs page (trending) for the 1st time on November 14th 2011
- 236 Blogs Ranked in the Top 10
- 420 Blogs Ranked in the Top 20 (including the ones in the top 10)

HoF Stats About Me:
- ENTERED MONTHLY RANKERS for the 1st time on January 11th 2011 with 382 karma earned so far that month
- ENTERED TOP 20 in the HoF on May 16th 2011 and stayed in it for 7 months
- Entered most mentioned people in the HoF (trending) for the 1st time on November 19th 2011
- Most trends in the HoF: 2236
CREATED ON November 29th 2010 <3
My Best Scores:
DOND: 2 000 000
Match 3: 49 900
WoF: 73 050
Old numbers: 1630
New numbers: 660
Endurance: 2125
Guitar: Perfect
Maze: 526
Words: 1534
Starflakes: 234
Lineballs: 83900
(Joined Tengaged on March 24th 2010)
Yellow: March 27th 2010
Orange: April 9th 2010
Light Green: June 10th 2010
Dark Green: June 24th 2010
Blue: July 8th 2010
Purple: July 11th 2010
Red: July 12th 2010
Brown: July 18th 2010
Black: August 13th 2010
Silver: October 14th 2010
Gold: December 5th 2010
Sky: January 7th 2011
Blood: January 19th 2011
TV Star: February 25th 2011

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  1. i want Austin to spit in my mouth
  2. Austin's penis is America's player
  3. No title
  4. Timster
  5. i moved to my new apt a few days ago
  6. literally me on youtube
  7. Beyoncé is the true gay icon
  8. is it gay
  9. Brandon Hantz from Survivor
  10. LMFAOOOOOOOOO i need air
  11. i had a wet dream about my cousin last night
  12. Police in the US shoots black boys
  13. Canada has gay money <3
  15. FUCK being straight
  16. ur dad is so cheap
  17. that was probably the worst trolling attempt
  18. the USA
  19. i will keep
  20. Austin's penis must be so gigantic

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