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  1. So I'm being made redundant,
  2. It has been a crazy week!
  3. Finding an apartment is SO TOUGH,
  4. I think guys become gay if...
  5. I really respect Hilary Duff,
  6. Got my A-Level Results: A*AA,
  8. My gold bling (PHOTO)
  9. Loving my bling (PHOTO)
  10. Poll: should guys shave armpits etc?
  11. Leaving home is tough!
  12. Don't insult me ElectraViv,
  13. So the US has bombed Iraq...
  14. Step 1: Go to your mail,
  15. Got a trial shift at a posh London bar!
  16. Modern day Lady Marmalade = Bang Bang
  17. Jessie J, Ariana & Nicki are VERY SMART,
  18. Why are mens clothes so ugly ATM?
  19. A career is what you're paid for,
  20. My motto in life (PHOTO)
  21. I went to the Playboy Club (PHOTO)
  22. Katy Perry makes music exciting,
  24. Callum Klein - week 2
  25. Some gay guy messaged my mum saying:
  26. I find sweat sexy,
  27. Loving this English weather! :D
  28. Mobile games are so addictive!
  29. I love New Look,
  30. Got 10 days to find a home,
  31. I find Lana Del Rey sexy,
  32. My Grandad brought me to the 21st Century,
  33. I need to get married (PHOTO)
  34. HELP! Setting up new laptop (PHOTO)
  35. Born This Way was so divided,
  36. Ranking Rihanna albums
  37. Ranking Britney albums:
  38. My career is booming!!!
  39. Lana Del Rey is the modern day...
  40. Britney Spears' 'Alien' leak,

Miss Piggy gonna pound dat ass!!

Mar 27, 2014 by 75937563748

This made me LOL!


Sent by blakejenkins14,Mar 27, 2014
omg lol
Sent by MileyTwerk,Mar 27, 2014
His behind will match her skin color when she is done with him
Sent by onemanarmy,Mar 27, 2014
that looks like me and owlb0ned
Sent by ajg31397,Mar 27, 2014
ajg31397 LOL SO TRUE
Sent by owlb0ned,Mar 27, 2014

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