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  1. Ciara > Rihanna > Beyonce
  2. So many celebrities have died recently,
  3. What's wrong with a guy wearing make-up?
  4. It's hard making friends when you're gay
  5. I did a FaceSwap with Justin Bieber (photo)
  6. So, GMA posted about a gay wedding on FB
  7. Adam Lambert's concert was fire,
  8. I love Australian pop,
  9. Britney's new album is out in 4 weeks,
  10. America's Royal family are the Kardashians, right?
  11. A tip for people who are depressed,
  12. So Americans, about your election...
  13. Donald Trump is hilarious,
  14. Caitlyn Jenner is such a Goddess
  15. I find 'coming out' strange,
  16. Falling for a straight guy is the hardest thing,
  17. Adam Lambert just lost a fan,
  18. How to Get Away With Murder is awesome,
  19. I used to think a blow job
  20. I love Australians,
  21. Rihanna's ANTI was so disappointing,
  22. I am addicted to American Horror Story
  23. Hi Tengaged, it's been a while.
  24. So I decided to grow facial hair for the first..
  25. I have to declare my LOVE for Rachel Platten
  26. Scream Queens is so good,
  27. Saw the BEST Chritmas Tree EVER (PHOTO)
  28. Janet Jackson's NEW ALBUM gives me LIFE
  29. Why do people post pics of themselves
  30. I want to watch Scream Queens
  31. I met Carly Rae Jepsen ***EDITED***
  32. I met Amber Rose and Blac Chyna (PHOTO)
  33. Congrats to Queen Elizabeth!
  34. The best album released in my lifetime has to..
  35. The Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feud,
  36. Q: Is Ciara beautiful?
  37. Kim Kardashian is the modern Marilyn Monroe,
  38. I don't care who wins BBUK,
  39. My Animal Crossing town is pathetic,
  40. I love Ariana Grande even more,

Miss Piggy gonna pound dat ass!!

Mar 27, 2014 by 75937563748

This made me LOL!


Sent by blakejenkins14,Mar 27, 2014
omg lol
Sent by MileyTwerk,Mar 27, 2014
His behind will match her skin color when she is done with him
Sent by onemanarmy,Mar 27, 2014
that looks like me and owlb0ned
Sent by ajg31397,Mar 27, 2014
ajg31397 LOL SO TRUE
Sent by owlb0ned,Mar 27, 2014

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