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  2. I miss the Tengaged,
  3. Love the new Rihanna song,
  4. Proprietary estoppel
  5. Deirdre from Corrie is dead! :(
  6. He stole my username!!
  7. My dad asked if Alicia Douvall
  8. Iggy Azalea > Azealia Banks
  9. Poll: Would you date a vegetarian?
  10. On a dating show, one woman said
  11. The best way to get over someone...
  12. By the age of 18, 80% of people
  13. Male pride is a strange thing,
  14. Music to look forward to in 2015
  15. Goals for 2015
  16. Goals for 2015
  17. Completed 5 of my 6 aims for 2014
  18. So glad Ronnie survived in EastEnders,
  20. I used to like Madonna,
  21. Had the CRAZIEST day of my life yesterday...
  22. I received some amazing Xmas gifts
  23. I feel so sorry for Madonna,
  24. I believe in divine intervention,
  25. OMG, a new Britney album is coming!
  26. Which party outfit is better?!
  27. Just seen my ex comment on FB
  28. I got invited to a 'Swingers Party' too,
  29. My colleague offered me Viagra,
  30. When I first joined this site, I thought...
  31. I see a lot of blogs about sexuality,
  32. People remember my shop?
  33. Should I give this person a chance?
  34. Super stoked for JoJo's new album,
  35. Spent some time with my crush and...
  36. Madonna's leaked song 'Rebel Heart'
  37. My top 20 Avril Lavigne songs...
  38. I love my new job!
  39. Found quotes users have said about me,
  40. So, my crush sat next to me today...

Miss Piggy gonna pound dat ass!!

Mar 27, 2014 by 75937563748

This made me LOL!


Sent by blakejenkins14,Mar 27, 2014
omg lol
Sent by MileyTwerk,Mar 27, 2014
His behind will match her skin color when she is done with him
Sent by onemanarmy,Mar 27, 2014
that looks like me and owlb0ned
Sent by ajg31397,Mar 27, 2014
ajg31397 LOL SO TRUE
Sent by owlb0ned,Mar 27, 2014

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