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  1. Rihanna's new album - LEAKED INFO (PHOTO)
  2. University is not what I expected it to be...
  3. I met Nicole Scherzinger (PHOTO)
  4. Favourite singles of 2014 so far!
  5. So my parents are on holiday,
  6. I watched Lindsay Lohan on stage yesterday,
  7. Jessie J is the best British artist,
  8. Do you like bad boys/girls?!
  9. Gang bang into the room,
  10. #1 on Stardom Hollywood. :D
  11. I'm #8 on Stardom. :D
  12. The Simpsons killed off...
  13. Rihanna's new album,
  14. Uni is a strange environment,
  15. Damn, university is expensive!
  16. Is it right that T_Mod commented on this blog
  17. G.R.L's Natasha will be a star,
  18. Can't believe Oscar Pistorius was found NOT..
  19. What does it mean when your hairdresser
  20. I hate writing R.I.P blogs
  21. OMG, R.I.P. Simone Battle
  22. RIP Joan Rivers,
  23. I've been offered a £25,000 scholarship
  24. Do I look like Justin Bieber?! (PIC)
  25. The majority of Americans I meet,
  26. I'm in NYC - 1st impressions...
  27. Interesting story about sexuality:
  28. James Jordan FTW!
  29. CBBUK is great this time,
  30. The only way to beat something
  31. if u like BB5lover/her music
  32. OMG, Jessie J's new album is out...
  33. So I'm being made redundant,
  34. It has been a crazy week!
  35. Finding an apartment is SO TOUGH,
  36. I think guys become gay if...
  37. I really respect Hilary Duff,
  38. Got my A-Level Results: A*AA,
  40. My gold bling (PHOTO)

Miss Piggy gonna pound dat ass!!

Mar 27, 2014 by 75937563748

This made me LOL!


Sent by blakejenkins14,Mar 27, 2014
omg lol
Sent by MileyTwerk,Mar 27, 2014
His behind will match her skin color when she is done with him
Sent by onemanarmy,Mar 27, 2014
that looks like me and owlb0ned
Sent by ajg31397,Mar 27, 2014
ajg31397 LOL SO TRUE
Sent by owlb0ned,Mar 27, 2014

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