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  1. this whole
  2. where can i watch
  3. wait is survivor canceled tonight
  4. cuz you know i love the players
  5. sos life
  6. Pretty sure bruno goes up??
  7. i had to fall
  8. who has a list of all the stars winners?
  9. also
  10. never 4get
  11. uh
  12. omg im revisiting
  13. hi friends
  14. me playing survivor
  15. i don't understand people
  16. wait
  17. give a cheeky plus
  18. Relay For Life Charity - Giveaway!!
  19. When you turn off the lights
  20. They should do
  21. idk why
  22. never 4get
  23. shall i make
  24. I have my
  25. lmao its just a game yall
  26. So this happened on Thursday...
  27. wait so like
  28. ugh i want to move
  29. Post someone
  30. omg
  31. now i wonder
  32. Am i the reason you breathe
  33. i have 2 midterms
  34. me following instructions
  35. i just emailed 2 profs
  36. I can
  38. I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
  39. it still baffles me
  40. this still kills me everytime

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Ohai, just realized you could change this

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i had to fall Mar 23, 2015
to lose it all
but in the end, it doesn't even matter
Points: 15 1 comments
who has a list of all the stars winners? Mar 23, 2015
Points: 12 1 comments
also Mar 23, 2015
i dont get when people are like
when their own scores are kinda sub-par??
like usually "supertribes" are typically a tribe with the majority of people being good (or great) at challenges
most people confuse supertribe with tribe-with-friends, imo anyways.
Points: 82 2 comments
never 4get Mar 23, 2015
eric781 2 min ago
Sorry guys my baby brother just caught on fire i need to go to the hospital
Points: 5 1 comments
uh Mar 22, 2015
why does everyone care so much about affinity
like idgi
Points: 17 1 comments
omg im revisiting Mar 21, 2015
all the good linkin park songs that i used to listen to like 4-5 years ago
omg these are still all so good
Points: 30 2 comments