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  2. Ok this is a legit Q
  3. Its kinda funny
  4. How gay do you think you are
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  8. i know
  9. No title
  10. why
  11. me when we're matching
  12. Have a good read <3
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  14. Semajdude asked me
  15. i'm honestly dying
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  17. gl in 40 mins xoxo
  18. For older tengagers
  19. ~*~ buffoonery ~*~
  20. Hey
  21. I still fail to understand
  22. *cackles
  23. i mean
  24. #Kony2016
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  26. CRAIG
  27. i'm pretty sure
  28. i don't think this spambot
  29. But 4real though
  30. which survivor season
  31. its okay
  32. When i was watching surv last night
  33. Why do you all care so much
  34. ugh about time
  35. wait so like
  36. me being good
  37. look at carolyn
  38. theres still so much snow outside
  39. so in 20 days
  40. me playing survivor

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No title Apr 24, 2015
+2 pointsTigerTyrel2011 1 day 19 hours ago
Black level charity don't worry I have friends coming to help me out only join to help

#133759 Waiting for other 1 housemates to join...
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i know Apr 23, 2015
that this was prob blogged many times in the past
but i'm STILL appalled at how some people can religiously join HG every third one enrolling
like seriously, that's playing a 2-3-4 day game (for each), with only approx a week break between them, like don't you people get annoyed of playing a game waiting for corn arrows/pop ups and barely fighting (as the game was probably intended) and pissing off friends, because they can't all get payouts?

idk, i cannot even fathom joining that often, knowing i'd be concentrating so much on a game that probably wouldn't have much happening anyways...
Points: 104 2 comments
No title Apr 23, 2015
Jake once told me to throw my computer out the window and never use a computer again because I beat him in final POV in a frookies
Points: 112 6 comments
why Apr 22, 2015
is ashleybaby banned?
Points: 30 3 comments
me when we're matching Apr 22, 2015
i didnt even change my avi recently
Points: 40 2 comments
Have a good read <3 Apr 21, 2015
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