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  1. please plus and comment on my friend's blog
  2. No title
  3. plz stop whoring urself out
  4. 1-866-KLJ-0199
  6. ooooooooo the baby was a GIRL
  7. denise hemfield tho
  8. my body is ready
  9. wait who had
  10. i'm starting the pilot
  11. real life question
  12. Apply to be the next NANA
  13. this is pretty much me
  14. who wants to join survivor?
  15. he's so tall, and handsome as hell
  16. this is still accurate
  17. will i be waking up early tomorrow?
  18. when someone asks me
  19. when someone asks you
  20. oooo sue girl
  21. woah i missed this
  22. This is serious and it isnt a joke.
  23. who the FUCK
  24. so like
  25. what food do i get tonight
  26. when u get 13th in frooks
  27. when u pop into frookies
  28. hi friends!!!
  29. when this is pretty much
  30. He toss my salad
  31. And your favorite dish?
  32. Plz comment which quick game
  34. the bed's getting cold
  35. who owns my heart
  36. i dont know about you
  37. i got mcdonalds
  38. should i get mcdonalds
  39. O r e o | o r e O
  40. do you ever feel like

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Ohai, just realized you could change this

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denise hemfield thovote Oct 6, 2015
Points: 30 1 comments
my body is readyvote Oct 6, 2015
for scream queens
Points: 45 3 comments
wait who had Oct 6, 2015
a theory about scream queens as a top blog
that just expired
i watched all 3 episodes just now and i want to read that, and see if that makes sense??????
Points: 38 5 comments
i'm starting the pilot Oct 5, 2015
of scream queens
gl my life
Points: 0 1 comments
real life question Oct 5, 2015
do i go get subway
or do i find food around my house to eat, and be "healthier"
i dont know what to tengaged hELP
Points: 49 6 comments
Apply to be the next NANA Oct 5, 2015

THE SEARCH IS ON! We are an active alliance
Pretty much just a fun group of people that laugh at each other
And have fun harassing lemonface about the collage
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