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  1. Rank these Big Brother Queens Best to WORST
  2. If you're a Zankie fan, then you're almost
  3. Seeing Jocasta on BB yesterday
  4. I loved Christine on last ep!
  5. Me when I heard Christine and Frankie constantly
  6. I feel like tengagers are jealous of my ass
  7. Is Utopia any good? Kinda
  8. CBS won't bring Frankie back lol...
  9. Do you know what's funny tho...
  10. I've been on this site for 5 years
  11. Some thot keeps -10'ng my blogs
  13. I guess I'm getting banned for
  14. If you compare homophobia to racism
  15. BB16// How are people still Frankie fans
  16. These BB16 people are so hateful.
  17. The only 1 who deserves boos from BB16
  18. I bet my social security number
  19. Why are they still doing Team America? LOL
  20. POV was rigged for Frankie... that's why
  21. This season already sucks... and we don't
  22. What's the poiint of backdooring?
  23. QUEEN V's gonna be safe...
  24. LOL... The next twist for BB
  25. OF COURSE Ari won't go to Double Eviction
  26. I hate Frankie, but I feel bad b/c
  27. LOL @ T_Mod removing my blog
  28. Guts Over Fear is so amazing...
  29. Where my fat ass, big bitches in the club!
  30. IM CRYING @ Queen Jocasta on the Soup
  31. What did Frankie do to get Grodner
  32. Is TV Nutters working for anybody?
  33. idk if I wanna watch BB now.
  34. I'm gonna cry when Jocasta leaves.
  35. My pussy stanks
  36. I hope whoever stays this week
  37. The two funniest BB16 houseguests
  38. I dont understand why ppl dislike BB8 Jen
  39. Somebody gifted me and idk who...
  40. Yaxha, If you have a full time job and still


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Rank these Big Brother Queens Best to WORSTvote Sep 15, 2014
Jocasta BB16
Amber BB16
Amanda BB15
Elissa BB15
Rachel Reilly BB12/13
Kalia BB13

Just so y'all know, these are my favorite girls from past few BB seasons:

In my opinion it goes:
1. Rachel
2. Jocasta
3. Amanda
4. Elissa
5. Amber
6. Kalia
Points: 36 6 comments
If you're a Zankie fan, then you're almostvote Sep 15, 2014
contradicting yourself because you can't honestly care about Zach if you ship Zankie.

Frankie's talked all shit about Zach and mocked him + of course was the main reason he got out of the house...

FRANKIE ALSO THREATENED Zach multiple times bc of his ties with production (I'm speculating this is why Zach was crying in the confessionals, but I haven't done my research lol).

IF Frankie got his way, Zach would've been the 2nd one evicted since he was the one who pushed the idea of putting Zach up. 

It just disgusts me... bc some people are kinda materializing Zach and putting his feelings aside just to see a superficial ass gay showmance. 

Zach shouldn't be with a thot anyways... He can do better.
Points: 35 1 comments
Seeing Jocasta on BB yesterdayvote Sep 15, 2014
really made me HAPPY AF...

LIKE Jocasta's always getting her ass eliminated by Nicole in these comps... -flashbacks to the buy back comp-

but her diary rooms and amount of house wreckage made my day and had me dying.

+ the fact that she got Christine out first was such karma

I honestly don't see why she's so disliked, when there's still people like Frankie and Cody in the house. lol
Points: 25 1 comments
I loved Christine on last ep! vote Sep 15, 2014
But I still can't get over how she called a random BB fan ugly during BB selfies, so I still dislike the girl.

For hurting somebody's feelings in the outside world, I almost hate her guts more than Frankie's... almost.
Points: 20 2 comments
Me when I heard Christine and Frankie constantlyvote Sep 15, 2014
bashing Donny #BB16
Points: 47 4 comments
I feel like tengagers are jealous of my assvote Sep 15, 2014
and afro!  Like it ain't my fault I DO ALL THEM SQUATS -in Nicki vc-
Points: 45 1 comments