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  1. it was a lot better
  2. attention
  3. one time
  4. i love new york
  5. I'm not allowed to share this picture
  6. yo
  7. Also
  8. wanna know the real reason i fked off tengaged
  9. Also
  10. You know it's been a long time
  11. look who I found at Magic Kingdom yesterday
  12. Dear tengaged
  13. i wish i could
  17. can somebody tell
  18. lesbian meetup
  19. PS Tengaged
  20. who do u think is going to die first
  21. Blondetourage out for a night
  22. I think
  24. post ur name
  25. Graduating tomorrow!
  26. i graduate in 30 days
  27. Sometimes I do miss this place
  28. Believe the tunnel can end
  29. Believe your body can mend
  30. I know you can make it through
  31. Because I believe in you.
  32. So let's go put up a fight
  33. Let's go make everything alright.
  34. Go on and take a shot
  35. Go give it all you got.
  36. I know its not easy.
  37. I know that its hard.
  38. Follow the lights to the city.
  39. Get up and go
  40. Take a chance and be strong

i won stars. xoxo

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it was a lot better Jul 12, 2015
when tmod was completely anon and they didnt post who was in the account...
what have u guys done to this site?
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attention Jul 11, 2015
is sassy003 still a person
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one time Jun 29, 2015
i was a loser and stayed up till 6 am with all my online friends and we saw the stars noms change and we all went into the pollbox and were like OMG SAVE EMMALEIGH even though she wasn't nominated and then Emmalegh was all like OMG THX FOR ALL THE SAVES IM SO SCARED! and we basically confused the whole site at 6 am because everybody thought their noms were broken
and thats the impact i left on tengaged
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i love new york Apr 27, 2015
aquamarine shayybayy
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I'm not allowed to share this picture Apr 25, 2015
imagebut whoops, I gotta tell people who care.  I met Evel Dick at Epcot yesterday while I was working and did everything I wasn't suppose to do and made a scene.  I even took a picture!!!! Here we are in Plaza de Los Amigos by the tequila!!!
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yo Jan 24, 2015
do you ever think about your stars game and how you fucking KILLED it and wanna tell somebody about it but realize nobody even remembers ur stars game or that you even won
tell me im famous still plz.
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