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i'm not making a vlog.

4thDec 18, 2011 by snoofle
because it's 1 fucking am and i work in 4 hours.  but. just because i don't post a top blog for every day of the week, just because i'm not some sexy guy that everybody falls in love with, and just because i don't put on an act when i get into the stars house doesn't mean i haven't been playing this game with every ounce of fight i've had in me.  I can't make people agree with me no matter how hard I try.
But I'm never going to fake about who I am, no matter what the circumstances are. So I hope you can hear me out, I've tried so fucking hard.....and this is just so shitty.
but dino's been projected winner since day 1 and i'm just the girl who gets 19th and has to use their mom to get support.
so yeah.  I hope you can hear me out, but i kind of understand if you don't.


I don't believe your opponent has ever been considered "sexy"...
Sent by finklestein123,Dec 18, 2011
I love you so much snoofle. Good luck my dear friend
Sent by TopChef,Dec 18, 2011
That's why you get my vote. :)
Sent by somedevil55,Dec 18, 2011
19th lool S: Feel better girl.
Sent by Savcodushe,Dec 18, 2011
Because you arent like that is why id save you.
Sent by andychuck08,Dec 18, 2011
Lexi LordLost is one of the best Stars players I've ever encountered :(
Sent by puma,Dec 18, 2011
See, that's what is admirable. Everyone else is fake. +12, good luck
Sent by mahogany,Dec 18, 2011
Sent by Ribbons,Dec 18, 2011
Sent by doorknob94,Dec 18, 2011
gl snoofle keep your head up girll !
Sent by Lowwww,Dec 18, 2011
I guess you only make vlogs to fuck over your closest friends like Brendon
Sent by Ev32,Dec 18, 2011
I hope you win!!!
Sent by John_Berlac,Dec 18, 2011
saved ya cause you didnt spam me! good luck hun!
Sent by jess2129,Dec 18, 2011
ya your not the "sexy guy that everybody falls in love with" your the girl who takes your top off, has your mom get on and vlog for you, and campaigns against one of your 'bestfriends'.. then being fake about it that night until DC saying all this stuff making up etc, then removing me at DC....and trying to evict me in survivor right after. your garbage

and ev32 thanks for your comment haha.
Sent by BrendonByrne,Dec 18, 2011
you're also not a sexy girl, if that means anything
Sent by TheRealMessiah,Dec 18, 2011
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Dec 18, 2011

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