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druhhbby2 50 days away i'll be fucking you 50 different ways a day feelin like we're 50 shades of grey
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 16, 2016

OMG i love you and ur voice so much you give me Mila Kunis vibes
Sent by jenzie,Jan 7, 2017

Received 5 gifts making a full avi in one day! ❤ 11/18/16

Considering she named herself after the noise she'd make if I was with her, it's only appropriate she end up on this list. Last I saw she was looking fine as f_ck plus she's pretty feisty like ;). -BengalBoy

"The first time I saw her was in the unicorn costume and I swear to god I drew wood." - BostonRob_

LOL i like you, i used to love making fun of you because you were just such a surreal person. LMAO but it was always just in fun and i've never actually disliked you. It seems like you've matured since you've been gone (as most of us have) and i think you're a positive addition back to the blog page among all the stupid shit thats always there!

*Alan posts pic*
[8:27:42 PM] Arek: your nose is giving me life < 3
[8:27:46 PM] Alanb1: Omg queen ty <3
[8:27:58 PM] Queen Elise: That's a penis not a nose
[8:27:59 PM] Alex ♥ (Druhhbby2): your nose looks like a dick

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