Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Glinda

hi i'm the best thing since sliced bread also in this club with me is jenna Jeffery whom is someone I care about wiith my whole heart

my bestie on this site is coreyants

Owe me gifts
Jdog- 2

I owe gifts

are volcanco
and beautifulbones, jgoodie

people i really like on this site

and someone whom is my best friend on here we respect each other @j457

and those re just off the top of my head if i forgot you message me and i'll fix that

group games

suitman 3 out of 18
4th annual hunger games 1st blastic
8th annual hunger games 1st blastic
Yankeeman311 dynamic duos 6th
Yankeeman311 brains v.s brawns 7th
Cmack Idol island 5th
Cmack Mount Olympous 19th out of 52
Bluedudeman Survivor 10th place
JS21 2nd place
hotfox 4th place
benlinus 2nd place
mearl survivor idol island first place

these are just my best scores
I also do a lot of rpg
these are just the ones I remember I did good in

scream two played Glinda ( I was killed
scream played Alicia (I was also the killer)( sadly the show was cancelled before the end
once upon a time in wonderland played the Brianna the good witch of the north ( main character)( nominated for a best actress award)
hungar games hosted by flamergamer survived four games( character name Nessa upland
frozen, Brianna upland the boss cancelled
Huntington academy bubbles upland
Duchess Hamilton dotn status dead
Cordelia lancing dotn status alive

current rpg
dark days santa muere bubbles upland current status dead
walking dead, tiffany status deceased ,
walking dead Summer, Brianna upland status alive as of season 4 both were killed
walking dead brad status dead
the hills , nessarose token cancelled
final destination tiffany has status dead
witch coven of light, Lucinda jones
Witch coven of darkness, Briar rose status dead
New York , June Thomas cancelled
Gleeks 2 ,Marcy Medwelle
Sobe , Lucy jones cancelled
Dark days paradise cove analeigh ashford
Globetrotters analeigh ashford

here are some good things people have said about me
glinda - You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met, sadly tengaged doesnt like nice people, I hope you do really well on here! said by @mastropola who is one of my best friends

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