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  1. Yo baby have you ever hadvote
  2. This is a great Charity with no bets
  3. Anyone else triggered by
  4. That moment when someone schools themselves
  5. There used to be a time when
  6. Genetics determine what gender you are
  7. The difference between
  8. When someone is so uneducated
  9. Post your or another users username12th
  10. All you dumb fucks1st
  11. It would be so great to see9th
  12. For every 30 points17th
  13. I only filter fake 10th
  14. Me and Sprtsgy need5th
  15. Letting refugees in America15th
  16. Breaking News
  17. InterstellarWeed16th
  18. Stars 420 coming to a store19th
  19. Btw to all the gays10th
  20. If you think you are a woman 20th

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