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Hello, my name is Nonya Bizness™


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Shows I Watch: Pretty Little Liars, Bates Motel, Teen Wolf, Survivor, The Voice, The 100, Big Brother! I'm also a WWE fan.

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Group Game History (F10 Finishes Only):
Libanz Big Brother 1: Winner
carlyjordan14's The Voice Season Two: Runner-Up
Big Ben's Survivor Palau: 3rd (Second Runner-Up)
Stardom! Season 10!: 3rd
WANJ Survivor Russia: 3rd
Matt's Survivor Cuba Redemption Island: 4th
Noah's Survivor Tortoise vs Hare: 5th
Lyon's Big Brother: 5th
WANJ's The Voice 1: 5th
Lyon's Big Brother Recharged: 6th
TTRS 32 Survivor Seychelles Second Chances: 6th
Andie's Big Brother: 6th
Stardom! Season 16: 7th
TTRS 30 The Duel 2: Eliminated In Episode 9 (Won a Mission and Two Duels)
Blake's Big Brother: 8th
LaurenJade's X Factor: 8th
Stardom! Season 15: 9th
Noah's Survivor Cambodia Second Chance: 9th
Max's Survivor New Zealand: 9th
Conjows Survivor: 10th

My Games 859 games played

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