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Hello, my name is xexplosive

Loves drama till the day I die & you might be a bitch but I'm the HBIC
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"“At least, you know what, I might be a fucking bitch to the heart, but at least I don’t smile in all of these girls’ faces, because you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing… I’m not; I’m a fucking wolf. You see me coming!”


i honestly dont care
May 15, 2013 by realityfreek
if you're trying to speed up day change or trying for a shop or trying to design or trying anal sex for the first time or trying to post porn
i dont want to plus your spam cause it is 0 beneficial to me
so stop spamming me everytime i blog

I'm too complex for basic bitches :*

Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my mom and pa - not in the way that I do love you.

Dara4ever is my main fucking bitch <3 WERK THEM MAC COSMETICS GIRL! WERK!


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I have an Australian fetish - Snix, Foxox and HelenCoops (kate)

Sent by IamKingMac,Dec 20, 2012

Awkward iamkingmac this was not about you
Sent by BlueStar,Dec 20, 2012

lol sorry delete my blog
Sent by IamKingMac,Dec 20, 2012

Sent by IamKingMac,Dec 20, 2012
" Jan 22, 2013 by pok3rf4ce
Thanks playboyy for our chat. Even though you're trashy, you are a great friend and you helped me put things into perspective. Thanks, slut. xx "

"Playboyy - This promiscuous brazilian firecracker is currently very popular on this site due to the amount of vlogs he has posted of him being a promiscuous bitch. Many would go as far as to call him a "slut" but Playboyy does not care what anybody thinks of him.
Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I'm living in." - by WillyEx

yeah don't eat potato chips n' swallow a load after
Sent by andychuck08,Apr 11, 2013

fuck his ass real good. give him the treatment he deserves for being a good little bitchboy until now. make him scream of joy with your D and make him beg for more like the slutboy that he is
Sent by Etienne,Aug 7, 2013

[6:17:39 PM] Playboyy: lol dont trust him
[6:17:40 PM] Playboyy: hes a snake
[6:17:55 PM] Mac ♌: ur not in the gameeeeeeee
[6:18:22 PM] Playboyy: wow
[6:18:24 PM] Playboyy: i was just
[6:18:25 PM] Playboyy: tryna help
[6:18:44 PM] Mac ♌: hes hot thats all i care about

" Nov 19, 2012 by Lauryn
My dream personality is to have the sexual prowess of Playboyy without being as thirsty. "

"Playboyy. I'm so thankful I met your ratchet ass. I am so thankful that we can talk and such. You're an inspiration and one of the craziest mother fuckers I've met on this website. - Jogon "

This game has been Blondetouraged.

"i'm here to crush sluts.
i'm sick and tired of all the strippers on here shoving dollar bills down their g-strings, shamelessly jumping in bed with anyone and everyone as long as they are of the male gender, twerking their big bodies all around like a prostitute and being proud of it. it's so old. i'm talking about runaway , etienne , and playboyy the slut trio of tengaged.
Apr 1, 2013 by PicnicBunny"

"A snake is wounded on the side of the road and a woman takes it to care for. She feeds him, cleans him, and nurses him back to health.

While the woman is sleeping, the snake leaves his spot of rest. Slithering to her bedside in the darkness of the night the snakes bites the woman - injecting her with it's deadly venom.
As the woman lays there dying, she asks in bewilderment - "After all I've done for you, why would you do this to me?"

To which the snake replies with, "You knew good and well that I was a snake when you took me in". "

★★★ FAN MAIL ★★★

Playboyy It's funny how you're trying to make yourself out to be the voice of tengaged and how everyone is behind you and agrees with you, when really you're making yourself look like a huge fucking douche bag. Those insults ^^^ are really uncalled for, if you can get that angry or hateful towards somebody on an online site then you must be a really fucked up person irl.
Sent by daviewilly,Nov 15, 2012

playboyy is a complete idiot anyways. You shouldn't waste your time dealing with such trash and utter stupidity
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 15, 2012

Yup that is the Playboyy i know, making fun of me/my dead grandparents
Sent by jakehou97,Nov 15, 2012

if anyone is the Psycho bitch, it's you you fucking idiot, it's so funny how the haters and the dumbasses are the first to believe what others think they know Playboyy
Sent by STOKES2009,Nov 19, 2012

You're right, I don't know you. So I have to go by what you put on this site, which is basically x rated gay porn. Let's just say my first impression of you is a classless, good for nothing slut who is also an attention seeker.
Sent by LoganGage14,Jan 6, 2013

by MORKMINDY 2 min ago
yh w/e xexplosvive your just another of these horrible people on this site that makes eme want to be sick. im done wiht talkling ot you.

I don't suck at life. I have a job, I contribute to my community, help out at the local food kitchen, spread positive energy, and make a difference.
Sent by LaQuawnda, Mar 22, 2010

by @Aquamarine 0 min ago
The rest of you are just minions to kaffreya and explosive, two of the meanest people on Tengaged, ask around. ( AlexDegale)

ur such an asshole i assumer ur involved in everything evil. I blame you for many things natural disasters, death, disease, tragedy as being around u makes all those things feel like they are happening to me
Sent by crazy342, on September 12, 2009

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