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Hello, my name is Tara and I don't share stats!

Bad People
me2013 (jealous bitch)
Dyna (and her multi Staceyxo)
AlyssaB (snotty bitch)
rollingderp (aka rollingjerk)
Crayadian (sore loser)

Feb 8, 2016 by Jinxh
If the Purge was real I would drive a monster truck and ram into your fucking body :)
Sent by TaraG,Feb 8, 2016
....and then, if zombies were real, I'd be disappointed, cause you, Jinxh, have no brain! LMAO

an anonymous opinion - tarag - She is very energetic and has more personality in one eyelash than most people here have in their whole bodies. You won't find too many friends more loyal.

tonyalbright 2 hours 54 min ag0
Tara - Or TJ! Mama you were my ride or die for SEVENTY ONE DAYS. We joined that pitiful tribe together 13 merges ago and never looked back. You went from someone who I thought would come for my scalp, to one of my best friends and someone that I talk to every single day. Love you to the moon and back <3

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