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Hello, my name is Tara and I don't share stats!

Bad People
iYBF (little ass with a holier than thou attitude)
melindaMrskk (crazy, 2 year old cow, who sucks at life)
WannaBeeFriends (something bad happened to him as a kid, so he became an asshole)
astone929 (cry baby)
me2013 (jealous bitch)
Kelly0412 (needs to learn to sit down)
Dyna (and her multi Staceyxo)
AlyssaB (snotty bitch)
rollingderp (aka rollingjerk)
Crayadian (sore loser and just a plain asshole)
abrogated (evil child)

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23 Apr, 17
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22 Apr, 17
Day 7
22 Apr, 17
24 Apr, 17
22 Apr, 17
22 Apr, 17
21 Apr, 17

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  1. For Waianae ❤
  3. Is it going to be for 13 days
  4. How about we all STOP...
  5. COME ON!
  6. Who is feeling charitable!
  7. I had more eggs to give,
  8. Happy Easter
  9. Happy Easter
  10. Happy Easter
  11. Happy Easter
  12. Happy Easter
  13. Happy Easter
  14. Happy Easter
  15. Happy Easter
  16. Happy Easter
  17. Happy Easter
  18. Happy Easter
  19. SO, for the 2nd time in a row,
  20. Happy Birthday!

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