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Hi. Bye.

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"You are the sweetest and nicest person of this site! I loveeeeeee talking to you because you easily brighten up my day no matter what the discussion is about haha.. You are also awesome at challenges and I hope we play more survivor games soon! Thankyou for always being there for me Sara! <3" - acyuta

"Sara you just make me smile so much, you literally have the greatest taste in Tv shows that from the moment we started talking I knew you were a genuinely sweet soul and I freaking adore you. There's just something about you that in my eyes puts you above so many people. I know we just met and I know all these things are sudden but I go with how I feel and from my heart and all of it tells me ur gorgeous and have a great personality and you can be my friend for as long as you want :)" - amills5

"One of the nicest people on tengaged,great spammer and very pretty :)" - lexibear

"Super genuine and lovely! I enjoy talking to you :)" - Lotus

"Very lovely! :)" - owlb0ned

"We haven't spoken at all but i see you around a lot and you're honestly one of the most gorgeous girls on tg! you're also pretty nice, we should talk sometime :)" - PureEssence

"You are a really great person. You have great qualities such as being friendly, kind and just a really happy person. I think you get sad very easily which is your downfall because people on here thrive on bringing people next time just stick up the middle finger and give them a kick in the balls.. but if all else fails you know where I am if you need to talk."
- Vindaloo

"You blog enough questions to put Yahoo Answers out of business." - BengalBoy

"You're the queen of tengaged and the queen of desserts." - broncman789

"sweet, honest, genuine and a sort!:P was nice talking to you on one occasion (talk 2 me more!) and your blogs usually interest me :)" - JamieAndre

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