Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Bryce

i am here to make friends, games are just a means of accomplishing that goal. I am competitive and like winning though.

Peak rank:191

Little do you know I've been holding back for the feel you might change your mind

I finally won stars .
ive won 3 hungers also.
13 payouts out of 34 games
1- xxx

Skype: bryce.williams63
snapchat: brycewill

let me know if you follow me!

My Games 427 games played

Day 13
15 Oct, 16
15 Oct, 16
11 Oct, 16
6 Oct, 16
5 Oct, 16
29 Sep, 16
25 Sep, 16

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  1. I've gone final 5 unnommed in starsvote
  2. tag who you are crushing on
  3. :(
  4. For every 30 points ill tag a tengager i looked up..15th
  5. cant wait to join le hunger
  6. Who else wants to be in my stars premade
  7. Joining stars
  8. Say something
  9. Oh cool just noticed
  10. taking another break (idk how long)11th
  11. should i become a professional dancer?4th
  12. Maybe coreyants phone wouldn't have been dead7th
  13. my irl friend is joining the site2nd
  14. PYN7th
  15. PYN for an opinion via mails17th
  16. HOLY CRAP I WON11th
  17. thank you guys so much :) 3rd
  18. Nominated for 7th3rd
  19. Nominated for 9th now (lol) 1st
  20. if7th

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  4. mathboy9 said: ..@bigbrotherlover7 shes dropping from shops maybe now she'll find a better use of her time than bullying people half her age..

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