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Hello, my name is iTy990 x2

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  1. I'm Crazy in a good
  2. Gift me Stars
  3. Gift me stars eyes maybe =$vote
  4. Name a realer person than
  5. Why is it so hard to get along?vote
  6. Be Honest with yourself vote
  7. For some reasonvote
  8. There's just some peoplevote
  9. I underestimated the manipulation JLF
  10. I love how I get accused of still cheating vote
  11. Vansreborn is the type of wiggavote
  13. I
  14. I basically hate the
  15. I haven't made 25 accounts about
  16. Problems shouldn't
  18. I know my reputation has been slanderedvote
  19. Im proud of the
  20. I love youvote

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