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---------------------GROUP GAMES-----------------------

-------Suitman's Survivor 1st Gen-----------------
Survivor Amazon 10th place 1st jury member
Survivor Marquesas- Second Chances 2nd place (4-3) 3 immunites P.O.S.
Survivor Fiji - 8th place 3rd Jury member
Survivor Nicaragua - 16th place
-------Suitman's Survivor 2nd Gen-----------------
Survivor Mongolia - 13th place
--------Bingo21's Survivor----------------------------
Survivor Scandinavia- 11th place
Survivor Second Chances- 11th place 1st Jury Member
--------Smiley20's Survivor---------------------------
Survivor Peru - 2nd place (Tied 1 vote)
Survivor Greece- All Stars - 3rd place- no votes to win
Survivor Roman Empire- Heroes Vs Villains- 7th place 6th Jury member
---------Sergeants Survivor--------------------------
Survivor Philippines- 1st place 4/7 votes to win P.O.S.
Survivor El Dorado- All Stars 13th place 1st jury member
---------Janelle's Survivor-----------------------------
Survivor Maldives - 14th place
Survivor New Zealand- 9th place 4th Jury Member
---------BestHeroD's Survivor-------------------------
Survivor Jamaica- 6th place 6th Jury Member V.O.S.
Survivor Fiji- 12th place 1st Jury Member
Survivor All Stars - 5th place 7th Jury Member P.O.S.
Survivor Icons vs. Unknowns- 14th place
Survivor Heroes vs Villains- 20th place (inactive oops)
----------Jman's Survivor--------------------------------
Survivor Borneo- 2nd place No votes to win (4 Immunities) P.O.S.
Survivor Africa - 11th place (Had to leave for a trip)
----------LoganWorm's Survivor-------------------------
Survivor Brazil- 11th place (Had to leave for trip)
-----------KidA's Survivor 1st Gen------------------------
Survivor Greece- 13th place (idoled out)
Survivor Tuvalu- 13th place (idoled out)
-----------Dono Survivor 1st Gen------------------------
Survivor BT-The Shifting Islands- 10th out of 40 (Merged Seasons with Link's Survivor)
-----------Colby's Survivor-------------------------------
Survivor Philippines- 5th place 5th Jury Member
------------ZJ11's BB-----------------------------------
Big Brother 1- 4th place 6th Jury Member
-------------CK11's Survivor------------------------------
Survivor Corsica - 15th place
---------------Link's Survivor----------------------------
Survivor Cape Three Points (All Stars) - 11th place 1st jury member
Survivor Tristan de Cunhan- 17th place/32 All Stars
----------------Mana's Survivor--------------------------
Survivor Nicaragua- 2nd place (5-4) V.O.S.
----------------Leli's Survivor---------------------------
Survivor Carribean- 19th place
Survivor Second Chances- 9th place 4th jury member
---------------BENLINUS' Survivor 1st Gen-----------
Survivor Egypt- 17th place
---------------BENLINUS' Survivor 2nd Gen-----------
Survivor Marquesas- 8th 2nd Jury Member
---------------Gaiaphage's Survivor 1st Gen---------
Survivor Return To Bouvet Island- 83rd/91 (Embarassed)
---------------Esquiff's Survivor-----------------------
Survivor Amazon- 5th place 5th jury member
Survivor All Stars- 6th place 4th jury member
----------------Gaiaphage's Survivor 2nd Gen--------
Survivor Tunsia- 13th place
----------------- Laurenjade's Platinum Big Brother-----------
Platinum Big Brother 2- 6th place 4th jury member
Platinum Big Brother All Stars- 13th place
-----------------Cole' Survivor---------------------------
Survivor Dominica- 13th place
-----------------Ryan (Wangifold)'s Survivor-------------
Survivor Ireland- 3rd place 7th and final jury member 3 immunities
Survivor All Stars- 2nd voted out/6th Eliminated 17th place.
------------------TTJ's Survivor---------------------------
Survivor Peru-Exile Island - 1st place 5-1 vote and 5 immunities in a row
Survivor All-Stars: 6th place 7th jury member 1 immunity
------------------Dono's Survivor 2nd Gen------------------
Survivor Roraima: Plateau of Fears- 10th place 2nd Jury Member
------------------Survivor's Survivor Series------------------
Survivor Turkey: 12th place 1st jury member
------------------KidA's Survivor Series-----------------------
Survivor Korea- TBA
------------------Chastain's Survivor Series------------------
Survivor Lebanon: TBA

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