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Hello, my name is Have courage & be kind. Kindness is powerful. ツ

♡ A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile ♡

Me irl:

Message me anytime for anything! I love making new friends :)
✰✰✰ Skype: kavybear ✰✰✰

Njkoda1998 is my adopted son!

❀ my wonderful frat/family:

founder of Tenacious Tengagers - 10 awesome months, est 6.23.13


✰ TV Star #313 ✰
Highest rank ~ 63rd
Longest merge streak ~ 8 (ended 10.9.14)

✰ 2nd in Stars #254 ✰
✰ 2nd in Stars #271 ✰
✰ 5th in Stars #388 ✰ boo multis

Tengaged birthday: 2/8/13

light green level on 2.18.13
blue level 3.15.13
purple level 3.19.13
red level 4.16.13
brown level 5.16.13
black level 6.2.13
silver level 6.8.13
gold level 8.2.13
sky level 8.26.13
blood level 2.14.14
tv star 4.12.14

Group Game History:
1st in Njkoda's s8 gen2 survivor [5-1-0]
8th in justinv53's s1 mole
9th in cmack's s46 survivor [5-3-1] jury member
5th in kyledd's s1 bb [one sole vote to evict] jury member - America's Favorite
10th in libanz's s11 bb [3-3-0] jury member
6th in M&N's s4 survivor: zimbabwe [3-2-1] jury member - Hero of the Season
1st in Ozzy's s9 next all star top model
Cancelled at f10 - libanz's s12 all stars bb
14th in gaiaphage's s48 survivor [4-3]
1st in justinv53's s2 mole
16th in vlad's s1 survivor: tonga [4-1-1 including self vote/sick]
7th in riley & ashleys Sanctuary s1 [4-3]
? in Boneworks s1 survivor: arabian nights []
23rd in M&N's s7 survivor: caribbean all stars [quit] 1st time i earned an idol! (May 2017)

site info:


◘ [10/24/13 10:07:56 PM] David: kara, when we first met i thought you were just some really cool girl on tengaged that liked dogs, but since then i have found that you are one of the sweetest people that i have ever met. i really like talking to you and i love every minute we spend together

◘ k4r4k is the best person on this site tbh :)
Sent by woollybear98

◘ Whenever I talk to you I get butterflies, it's like falling in love 100 times over but with one perfect girl - Bengalboy

◘ [9/2/14 11:35:53 AM] Jeff Winger: youre an amazing person inside and out. Anyone who makes you feel different is not worth a damn thing to anyone who matters

◘ LittleBrother123 0 min ago
Dude where's my Kara?

◘ DropkickMurphysfan 1 min ago
ugh can also be hug?

◘ From Greatawesomedane
I am literally your number one fan!
Jan 4, 2017 14:57:21
To k4r4k
You are so kind to everyone! I really hope to be like you someday c:

◘ From LittleBrother123
The definition of perfection
Oct 12, 2014 01:01:04
to k4r4k
Kara K

◘ [12:22:00 AM] Quack Attack: You just became my favorite person within an hour

◘ KARA. Ugh. You are seriously one of the nicest, most genuine, most compassionate people I've met on this site. Those types of people are hard to find on Tengaged. We became friends instantly and I'm so glad because talking to you and having a converstation with you is just easy and laid back. Thank you x1,000,000 for joining for me when you never even met me, it shows what kind of person you are: a true friend. #NewFriendsAreGreatFriends - ohheydudeski

sahmosean 0 min ago
I love who you are

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k4r4k finished the challenge with 366 points 0 min

mikey_elite ~ :* by Sam 10.10.14 by Sam 01.17.15

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Thank you for the good times.

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