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Hello, my name is fake. Just call me Nin~

Hi there! Ny name is Ninja John or Ninjohn for short. I love chocolate and my guilty pleasure is Big Brother, which is what leads me here. It's been a pleasure playing so far and it's going to be fun seeing how much more fun I have! :)

Shelli Poole
"That is a LIE, and I'm not going to let you make me believe it."

"I'm so glad these girls see me as a threat."

Tasha Fox
"What's the beef?"

Abi-Maria Gomes
"That was a mistake."

Detox Icunt
"Obviously I want my friends to do really well…but obviously I want to do better than them."

Victor Arroyo
"I'm gonna do whatever it takes to win! Maybe take off my shirt, maybe use the Latin charm. Whatever it takes!"

Ariana Grande
"If you can't help me do what I need you to, goodbye. GOODBYE!"

Chi Chi DeVayne
"Cause I don't get ready, I STAY ready." (why yes i did search for the exact moment in a gif that she said this.)

Bronte D'Acquisto
"I don't need you to protect me, I need you to keep your mouth shut."

Naysha Lopez
"What am I supposed to do, mount this on my HEAD?!?"

Halloween was shot dead by ninjohn
colehausman271 was shot dead by ninjohn
colehausman271 was killed in a fight with ninjohn

I usually plus spam but I never reply :) I will ABSOLUTELY plus your spam if I have a blog out that you plus :)

WINNER of Yoshi's Stars
WINNER of Stering_Butter's Big Brother
WINNER of Survivor Gabon
WINNER of Fast Stars: Pandora's Box
WINNER of TotsTrashy's Big Brother
WINNER of Rage 11: Secret Assassin
WINNER of The Mole
WINNER of Ultimate Stars 9: Taking Chances
SURVIVOR of Scream Queens -Celestia "Celes" Ludenberg
SURVIVOR of Biltmore Academy: Season One -Naomi Marai
SURVIVOR of Dangan Ronpa 2: Once Upon a Paradise -Lemon Lime
SURVIVOR of Danganronpa: Imitation Despair: Bronte Sadayoshi
SURVIVOR of Dangan Ronpa 2: Temple of Four: Carson Rogers
SURVIVOR of Murder Files Case 1: SaraBella
Runner Up of Laura Melih's Survivor
Runner Up of Conjow's Stars
Runner Up of RAGE: Face Off
Runner Up Coach of Ultimate Stars 11: Coaches Collide
Finalist in Rawr's Whodunnit
Finalist of NJ's Survivor Canada
Finalist of Power Trip(twist gave me automatic third smh)
Finalist of Ghetto Survivor
Finalist of RAGE: The Duel

RP Characters:
Scream Queens: Celestia "Celes" Ludenberg
The Hotel: Sonia Nevermind
Biltmore Academy: Naomi Marai
Dangan Ronpa Tiny Town: Marshall Peices and Rory Chapel
Dangan Ronpa 2: Trouble in Paradise: Lemon Lime
Total Drama World Tour: Summer Showdown: Marcus aka PrincessTara -CURRENT-
Dangan Ronpa 3: Haunted Mansion/5: Despair Story: Xipan Zi Lin/Sugoii "Mikey" Mikanawa
Dangan Ronpa 1: Lyon Aulafin
Blood in the Night: Sacha "Sach" Hazeer
Danganronpa: Imitation Despair: Bronte Sadayoshi
Daganronpa 4: The Summertime Cruise: Kazumi Mishihara
Dangan Ronpa 2: Temple of Four/Dangan Ronpa 6: Kiri: Carson Rogers -CURRENT-
Dangan Ronpa: Resolve of a Martyr(Cancelled): Tafa Tsume
Elementalist Season Five: Tatum Aliato
DanganRonpa 3: Despair's Cross/Danganronpa 4: New World/Old World: Papa Pizza/Antonio Vincente
S.H.I.E.L.D: Beowulf Smithline -CURRENT-
Murder Files Case 1: Sara Bella
Danganronpa: Despair in Plastic: Blaire Fiddler -CURRENT-
Danganronpa Cheery Cheery Murder Time: Ryukashi Ikkitoro -CURRENT-
Danganronpa: Revenge of Tiny Town: Cal
Ultimates in Despairland: Chie Rinagashi -CURRENT-

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