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Hello, my name is Steven

The winner of TheHawk's Survivor season 1 with 7-1 votes :)

I love everybody here! Looking forward to making new friends so just message me if you need someone to talk to ^_^

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  1. Stop trying to make Addison happenvote
  2. I heard rumorsvote
  3. I'm Alex Drakevote
  4. PLL was stupidvote
  5. I think I'm psychicvote
  6. PYN and I'll predict your future:vote
  7. I'd like to punch himvote
  8. Overwatch stats not updatingvote
  9. Shower Harvey is
  10. Me @ Mr. Hastings being
  11. I hope A.D. is not Spencer's twin or some shitvote
  12. Hannah/Spencer > Emily > Ariavote
  13. Happy PLL Finale Day everyone vote
  14. Trust mevote
  15. Just received the worst news of my life
  16. Jennifer, you look like a clown.
  17. Morgan Willett returns
  18. I actually feel bad for
  19. Hi everyone
  20. You & I

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  1. captainzacsparrow said: ..@steven999 how about i choke and fall infront of a bus whilst choking :D..
  2. captainzacsparrow said: ..@steven999 i can only die one way which would you prefer bus or choke ? ..
  3. captainzacsparrow said: ..ill jump infront of a bus for you bb..
  4. lexibear said: ..@steven999 look at my last trends where katrianaducouteau tagged me..
  5. abrogated said: ..he is using celiajones..
  6. wwemrpeeps said: ..@steven999 thank you ..
  7. LeXXXy said: ..@steven999 the spencer and wren scene.... completely unnecessary and out of the blue. that was the twin. low and behold, wren is..
  8. 1001games said: ..PYN..
  9. FrenchMaid said: ..@Steven999 Well i was 1/2 right about my prediction (kate)..
  10. LeXXXy said: ..@steven999 i'm not saying the motive makes sense, cause obvs we don't know that yet (but i think once explained it will probs ..
  11. C00LDUDE1000 said: ..PYN for an unhonest opinion..
  12. abrogated said: ..bastards who are the trash of tengaged..
  13. Philip13 said: ..Queen @Steven999..
  14. Rocketokid13 said: ..PYN..
  15. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 I hate that bitch Ciera but I know I'd be like exactly like her (yikes) I feel like, I only saw Eliza on M..
  16. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 How diverse! I've been compared to Michaela on Game Changers only. Like my mom said I'm Michaela on game ..

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