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Hello, my name is Steven

The winner of TheHawk's Survivor season 1 with 7-1 votes :)

I love everybody here! Looking forward to making new friends so just message me if you need someone to talk to ^_^

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28 Apr, 17
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27 Apr, 17
23 Apr, 17
20 Apr, 17
14 Apr, 17
7 Apr, 17
1 Apr, 17

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  1. JesseM said: ..I'm feeling 4th @Steven999 :/ ..
  2. Latisha0987 said: ..tbf @Steven999 youre the one who brought up and compared Andrea to Amanda.... @Kaseyhope101 just stated a fact about her so dont..
  3. rory17 said: ..Comment literally anything..
  4. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Idc redemption island sucks..
  5. Kaseyhope101 said: ..Me : *doesnt bring up Andrea as i haven't even seen her original seasons*..
  6. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Get real both times her alliance was in charge, not her. And andrea won comps too??? If that's your only a..
  7. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Plus amanda actually got voted against, she just used an idol Check yourself before you wreck yourself ..
  8. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Also Courtney Yates didn't get a vote casted against her and she's no mastermind only cuz of Todd, sweetie..
  9. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 First female to return from redemption And amanda made it to the end twice and never won cuz she didn't do..
  10. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Haven't watched her slay once tho..
  11. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Said what I said and meant it..
  12. GentlemanG said: ..PYN..
  13. babiicakes said: ..PYN..
  14. Badboyy2699 said: ..@steven999 might go off on you, talk to someone who'd actually sane, im here for you..
  15. NicoleF said: ..PYN and I'll rank you..
  16. Kaseyhope101 said: ..PYN and I'll rank you..
  17. GoodKaren said: ..PYN..
  18. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 Well yeah cuz he got out first praise god ..
  19. Kaseyhope101 said: ..@steven999 So worse and worse every time?..
  20. PMMGuy said: ..My Tengaged ABC's..

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