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  1. any1 keeping up with french open
  2. shattered my phone screen (-:
  3. boy you make me make
  4. buy Dangerous Woman on iTunes
  5. remember when Michele won 5-2-0
  6. wanna know what's annoying
  7. shut up aub-tards
  8. if you can't spell Michele's name right
  9. any1 excited for the French open
  10. say you love me
  11. seeing ellie goulding in 2.5 hours
  12. appreciate me
  13. this damn website
  14. 8th day of work
  15. who is going home in bbcan
  16. do people still play skype games
  17. I finished my first year of college!!!
  18. i want someone
  19. pegasus
  20. electraviv i hope u drown fatass
  21. does anyone remember me
  22. kk bye
  23. ok i hope u all literally die
  24. i said HEY
  25. byeeeee everyone
  26. wtf!!!!!
  27. this semester is gonna suck
  28. help
  29. currently hanging out with
  30. Reverse Racism isn't real
  31. me when i get 1595
  32. help me finish the sentence
  35. fuck fatties
  36. kill the fat people
  37. kill the fat people
  38. kill the fat people
  39. kill the fat people
  40. kill the fat people

"Little Kid, Big Dick"

Jun 18, 2013 by Florina
The story of #BlakeisBack a kid who had BIG dreams.
Written by Florina Wild, 8x Nobel Prize Winner.


i wrote this fuck off
Sent by chelss,Jun 18, 2013
big throbbing cock in my ass
Sent by Meth,Jun 18, 2013
you're not ACTUALLY funny
Sent by chelss,Jun 18, 2013
Sent by Velocity,Jun 18, 2013

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