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  1. i fucking HATE COLLEGE
  2. Nat n meech :(
  3. I'm a nobody now
  4. hello bitches it is i
  5. hello bitches it is i
  7. Natalie knew
  8. Natalie is a LEGEND
  9. hey hey hey
  10. i miss balloono :(
  11. weed had me so slumped
  12. are there any real girls on here anymore
  13. how do people hate weed ....
  14. what is happening
  15. What's the T?
  16. Remember to thank god
  17. i need ur honest opinion
  18. i am SO EXCITED
  19. im really sad!!!!!!
  20. nattie isn't dead
  21. high
  22. im trying to make multis
  23. pre marital sex is against THE
  24. one time
  25. i honestly
  26. vroom vroom by Charli is iconic
  27. who wants to see my cock
  28. YAYYYY
  29. who wants to league
  30. ugh I LOVE AYTO
  31. plus me pyn
  32. pyn for an honest opinion
  33. pyn if u like me as a friend
  34. thx for the gift bff
  35. every year
  36. dog sitting
  38. I really hope
  39. someone buy me overwatch please
  40. Paul and jozea need to die

"Little Kid, Big Dick"

Jun 18, 2013 by Florina
The story of #BlakeisBack a kid who had BIG dreams.
Written by Florina Wild, 8x Nobel Prize Winner.


i wrote this fuck off
Sent by chelss,Jun 18, 2013
big throbbing cock in my ass
Sent by Meth,Jun 18, 2013
you're not ACTUALLY funny
Sent by chelss,Jun 18, 2013
Sent by Velocity,Jun 18, 2013

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