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  1. will i ever win stars
  2. how has no1
  3. Tengaged, I need boy advice.
  4. daddy is online (;
  5. cornelia is fat
  6. im in love with smoothstalker12
  7. who do i date?
  8. Calvin is GAY
  9. plus me
  10. kill yourself mick jagger
  11. im dating smoothstalker12
  12. It's my fifth birthday! [PYN]
  13. at least he finally
  14. smoothstalker12 is fat
  15. i hope mick jagger kills himself
  16. i hate this fucking SITE
  17. juliet was robbed in lost
  18. if you've been dating
  19. negging me wont make u skinny
  20. wanna bite
  21. Post a question,
  22. SJDS is one of my fav seasons
  23. i am so fucking LIVID
  24. jacksonjoseph99
  25. you're all fucking retarded
  26. god
  27. Can you all stop being mean?
  28. it's not cheating
  29. i went on a shops binge :/
  30. drank half a bottle of wine
  31. biggest fear: black people
  32. racism is on tengaged
  33. college really makes me want to die
  34. God steel is so fucking annoying
  35. I can't wait for this site
  36. I keep rewatching
  38. :-)
  39. I really wish I was dead

"Little Kid, Big Dick"

Jun 18, 2013 by Florina
The story of #BlakeisBack a kid who had BIG dreams.
Written by Florina Wild, 8x Nobel Prize Winner.


i wrote this fuck off
Sent by chelss,Jun 18, 2013
big throbbing cock in my ass
Sent by Meth,Jun 18, 2013
you're not ACTUALLY funny
Sent by chelss,Jun 18, 2013
Sent by Velocity,Jun 18, 2013

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