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Aug 22, 2010 by zimdelinvasor
he called britney a cunt at least 3 times
he said he'd slit her throat if he was nominated
he called britney an inbred albino bitch
he asked hayden/brendon if they'd fuck britney, they all laughed and said no, enzo said he would "if she was wasted and wouldnt talk"
he talks about how ragan is trying to turn matt gay
he talks about how ragan and matt suck each other's dicks in the have-not room

what a likeable, classy fellow


LOL.. when was this?
Sent by lemon5029,Aug 22, 2010
various times throughout the season, however the ragan/matt ones were some time in the last few nights i'm not sure when, but he talks about them often. the hayden/brendon one was a few days ago, he's called her a cunt throughout the season and the throat-slitting one was the night she won hoh
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Aug 23, 2010
IN ENZO'S DEFENSE!!!! If Matt is going to make fun of his "showmance" with Ragan, then it should be fair play for the rest of the house, I mean come ON! He's having dreams with Ragan in them and Hayden with his shirt off. I hate all the things he said about Britney. But I'm starting to get the feeling Ragan is making Matt second guess his sexuality. But then again, that's just one man's opinion. Here's some free T$ for you ^_^
Sent by spongeboy541,Aug 23, 2010

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